Sargon of Akkad v. Kristi Winters debate

I'm really surprised that no one on Holla Forums hasn't posted this

Now Sargon fans are heavily damage controlling due to his poor performance after getting his ass handed to him by a neoliberal.

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which one's which, lol


He put up another video about LSR that's pure cancer too

I all ways knew he was a cunt.

Nah, Carl the Cuck is a classical liberal. I'm listening to him and his friends laughing at Libertarian Socialist Rants and it's hilarious how they spent 2.5 hours laughing at how stupid socialism is, and when they finally get to the part of the video where he mentions that socialism is worker control of the means of production they all go "yeah that's a pretty good idea tbh."

So a neoliberal.

How about no

Didn't Sargon repeatedly admit to being Marxist though?

Both of these people are terrible.
Even Libertarian Socialist Rants did a better job conveying his points than she did. All she does is hand wave.

He said in a livestream that he disliked marxism, communism, and socialism, but was for people owning the means of production.
Nigga doesn't know what he is.

A fucking idiot, that's what.

Why was this debate hosted by an ayylmao

God I can't even bring myself to watch all of it. Highlights? Everyone in the video is so goofy looking.

Is there anything worse then a debate between two idiots?

Stopped watching right there.

I saw that too and laughed my ass off.
How can be such an obtuse cunt?

yo his face is fucked UP

Earlier in the video he demands that people use mainstream definitions so everyone can understand them. They even opened the video where LSR explains what Libertarian Socialism means, and they closed it as soon as he said the mainstream definition is wrong. His argument was that people using their own definitions are just playing word games to trick people. The most ridiculous part is that he knows that words get corrupted to mean different things than they originally did (liberalism for example).

ok, so i just finished watching Sargon's autistic stream and i just
Sargon and co. are so bad i think they retroactively made we sympathize with feminists.


I feel the exact same way.

can we all agree that positivism is pure cancer?

All that matters

Fix your priorities

I didn't even watch it but let me guess: "hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on now! hang on! why aren't you answering my question!? let me focus on the fact that you didn't answer my question instead of addressing any of your points and essentially doing the same thing you are! no I'm not going to address any of your points until you address the question I asked 15 minutes ago! why won't you answer my question!?"

Am i right?

such is the ideology confusion of anti-SJWism

what a surprise!


People who pretend to know what they're yalking about are pure fucking cancer and you and the people you are complaining about both fall into that category.

what's the deal with this sargon guy?

I was just on youtube and saw all his videos are an hour long so came here instead

He was originally a GGer who was one of a few who weren't totally mouthbreathing retards. After GG more or less became irrelevant he became increasingly more reactionary(probably to keep his viewers who are largely alt-right dumbfucks who give him money)

He is the usual right winger, who is right wnger, cause that's all he has.

Also, he is exploiting polack by feeding them ideology.

He made it big by being anti-sjw during gamergate.

So you're telling us that he convinced a bunch of alt-right dumbfucks that worker control of the means of production is thinkable?

Sargon is the classic Centrist fellating himself over how neutral he is.


this he's just left of center on social issues and just right of center on economics


Time stamp?

boy you know that's not how normies think