Post liberals being awful

Post liberals being awful

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I doubt she even understands the "concept of socialism," anyway.

Also, Bernie is a Jew. I mean, he's white-presenting… certainly muh privileged… but definitely not white.


Jews are some of the whitest people in the US, by any possible definition of whiteness

She's black afaik

Black anti-socialism isn't any less awful than white anti-socialism, but it's more understandable. Black people saw their own socialist heroes be crushed, so they've been brainwashed harder than white people.

In addition, black people deal with oppression that they perceive to be non-capitalist. A poor black person has a harder time seeing the effects of capital than a poor white person.

what a weird fucking post

so brogressive :DDDD 2015 :DDDD

bastard child of Holla Forums and tumblr

aren't black people more positive on "socialism" in opinion polls? historically they've relied on the federal government, which didn't discriminate as much as state governments or private employers for jobs.

That was a century ago, in another country, under radically different political circumstances. check your ultra-leftism. A $15 dollar minimum wage did not kill Rosa Luxemburg.

This. This so called social democracy
"socialism" being pushed in the west is porky cancer of the highest order, it's 100% capitalism except with double the oppression.


God I hope this is b8

Just head over to /r/enoughsandersspam

Maybe I'll post some specific links

How about instead about bitching that Bernie isn't a tankie, be happy that he's reversing some Cold war propaganda on communism by making socialism less scary.


A poorest Jew you'll ever meet


Liberal Zionism justified with postmodernism.


Here's a rant from our friends at /r/ess/
(Probably the most sympathetic post I've seen there tbh):

A more bizarre rant praising free trade as a "progressive value," among other things:

I'm not sure what planet these people live on:

Cringey "Cuck" Insult:

"Sanders is literally Hitler!":

And finally, "Why are they so mean? :(":


Just watch anything by Sargon

Only if you think "Whiteness" = $$$$$$$ (my primary definition actually). There are plenty of non-"White passing" Jewish people though in terms of both skin-color and social standing. That they're still hated on by other White people (ZOG conspiracy Holla Forums shits) should tell you something about how "White" they are. I'd say they're really only allowed representation in White spaces because they have the economic leverage to do so. If you're a brown, poor Jew, however, you're not represented at all.

"White" is a really shitty catch-all term and no one should really be using it seriously other than to point out how silly it is to be using it seriously and qualifying it with a more substantial sociocultural meaning. The last thing people should be doing is using to to mean """""""""""""""white"""""""""""""" skin.

No it's not. It's New Dealism that is highly conducive to the socialist and communist ethos. I recommend you listen to some of Wolff's lectures on the matter; there's a reason he supports Bernie. For one, Bernie is working to undo decades worth of neoliberal fuckery that has destroyed almost any chance of political leftism in the US. I think he's the only candidate against free trade and general imperialism both economic and military. Be glad that a significant portion of people (mostly young people) are now open to the idea of "socialism" and even "communism" in a country still haunted by McCarthyism.

I'm getting quite tired of these "no true socialist" folks on here that don't see how this is movement in the right (left) direction. I also never see them suggest alternatives.

Holy shit, I am fucking triggered. Who let this happen?

You're really bad at this falseflagging stuff, Holla Forums


I hate his stupid af cunt face.

He is literally a more annoying Tony Blair.

Oh wow, Muslims literally believe their sectarian genocidal regressive empires had the moral high-ground.

That's why Franklin Roosevelt cooked it up on behalf of big corporations at the expense of the workers, especially at first, right? That's why it busted up the class indignation by conceding certain things right? Because it's so revolutionary and conducive to Socialism? That's why Liberals today call FDR the best president for "balancing" Socialism and Capitalism right, because he was such a socialist who totally was just interested in "rescuing Capitalism from itself".

What the fuck did I just read? These mothers were awful people, just a bit less than the governor.

Ahh, I see you come from the "Neville Chamberlain" school of fighting evil

I agree. The moral thing to do would have been to just accept Islam, at least publicly.


If they are going to mass murder babies otherwise then yes it would be. If it is your own life you are sacrificing for your believes then fine, but if you let them murder your babies because you won't publicly accept the dominant ideology then you are not much better than those who do the killing.


Two things which shouldn't exist.


i get this is said about SJWs a lot but #4 and #6 pretty much confirm this is satire

Where is the source of your third picture, you liar?

— trans. Yusuf Ali, Quran 2:256


Typical liberal trotskyite thinking. Nothing in the world is so important that it should stall the rise of socialism. Take a quote from the master.


You might want to look up the commentary on that verse.

Does she realize her methodology here isn't Jewish but actually stems from a PoMo reading of Nietzsche, someone who was no friend of the Jews or Judaism?


What does this have to do with liberalism?
You look like a buttmad Holla Forumsack tbh

Not him, but I'm genderqueer and most trans politics is terrible.

You are either too old according to liberals ("goddam old white man")
Too young according to the neo cons ("haha college student politics!")
Too not white according to pol/ ("muh hertiage")

Like, what is the ideal political human?

Here we go

I'd still be a liberal if not for SJWs.

16 at 16 is pretty bad, however you cut it.

Nah, social democracy is a really helpful stepping stone. Obviously, a Freikorps and Rosa situation is possible, but what we have now is WORSE than Germany in 1918, because socialists have essentially no platform.

Social democracy, with its critique of capitalism (even if capitalism is masked by language like "corporatism") is pretty helpful, because it raises consciousness and legitimizes actual anti-capitalist thought. This is really good.

That whole sub is disgusting and bizarre. It's a place where liberals and the alt-right gather to express their love for capitalism.

I think promiscuity is awful, but banging over 30 people by age 21 is almost impressive. Even a hot girl would have to work to rack up that count.

I think this is bait

But it might not be

Greenpill transhuman

And now I'm thinking about little girls whoring themselves out to a bunch of random men and it's making my ding dong feel funny…

I'm tempted to think they just inflated the number for cool kids points.


I was about to I was really disappointed to hear that crap coming from Volokh, but thankfully that was written by someone else.




You can't make this shit up people








Reminds me way too much of the white kids who fetishize Islam and Muslims.

As the token tumblrite, I can confirm this is 100% fake.

No one actually says "sinner", Maybe they did in the early days, but not anymore. Jokesters posting shit like this and then other "anti-SJW's" who either just don't know it's fake or feign ignorance, then go apeshit over it and it's all a good time. For people not familiar with the site, the posts exported to those who couldn't possibly understand the context (eg: Holla Forums) to know it's not real.

I really like the "decolonize their minds" touch, though. I thought "decolonize your mind" was an obscure enough phrase that an actual outsider wouldn't know it. Impressive tbh

Literally not much different from now. Their just more annoying cult like.



holy fuck lol.

Jesus christ.

I got that reference





jesus fucking christ that post

This makes me very upset.

Israelis are some of the stupidest people on the planet, confirmed.

Ohhhhhhhh boyyyyyeeeeee.

Quick, someone make memes of this girl.

Yes goy.. I mean guys Jews are totally white.. And totally a monolithic homogeneous racial group ;^)


Yeah, it's not like Marxism had any role in anti-colonial struggles.

What an ignoramous.

She seems to believe that any kind of change to the indigenous lifestyle is colonial in nature

there's nothing wrong w any of that m8

anyways charles fucking clymer is the epitome of liberal trash. he blocked me on twitter and I forgot his user. : (

Not a liberal but definitely gulag-bound.

i think that those stickers are there to make people avoid honking

Nietzsche didn't hate jews. He not only had good things to say about them but was vehemently opposed to anti-semitism. Read more.

Nietzsche himself said antisemitic things but also said things critical of antisemites. He was a contrarian.

Beat me to it. Wasn't this posted on the Facebook page like a day ago?

This bit about Mao is genuinely too weird and mental gymnastics-y for me to even begin to understand. Do we just.. ignore the fact that Marxist-Leninism and communism are the overwhelmingly dominant political strains in third-world, colonial states? Is Bolivia not overwhelmingly indigenous?



I've always assumed Maoism-Third World was basically anarcho-primitivism + Marx + Fanon.

I wasn't referring to explicit third worldism, just generally to the fact that communist movements and revolutions have taken place pretty much to exclusion in the 'third world'.

The illinois license plate is the worst thing there.

i fucking hate this state.

That's not the Black Panthers, it's Beyonce cosplaying as the Black Panthers

Come on over to Iowa, fam. You can live in my corn shed :)


Atleast she uses a condom?


Blame Stalin

At least Lenin said the Vanguard was supposed to transition into Russia into an actual marxist state

The spectacle has reached full mass. SOMEONE CALL DEBORD, RIGHT NOW!


The ultimate result of Liberalism is Fascism, not because of any stupid Fox news-style "hurrr hitler was a left winger" rhetoric or something along those lines but dialectically this is what occurs; a Liberal society is so focused on creating a status quo based on tolerance and acceptance which even means if you are a capitalist you should be allowed to do as you wish so long as it doesn't fuck up the rights of minorities and the environment and so on.

Well eventually you end up with a moment where you get some true absurdity like Charles Koch calling himself "socially liberal" while donating money to conservatives for years to make sure his tax breaks, deregulation and privatization efforts can make it through. On the one hand being Liberal allows you to get away with, if you are a bourgeois/ruling class elite, the most horrendous and exploitative acts (see Obama's perpetuation of the surveillance state and continued genocide of the Middle East and all the higher-ups in support of this). However, there is a MASSIVE contradiction, because the liberal society, particularly in the modern sense and especially the American, creates a tolerance and permissiveness which allows for people to go to the end of things formally taboo/explore society in whatever way they wish which ultimately leads them to realizing the large amount of spooks in the world AND how unfufilling and stupid most shit is under Capitalism. Whether they turn into Social Democrats (as with the Sanders campaign) or genuine Socialists, they begin to do what they can and begin the process of trying to dismantle Capitalism.

Thus a figure comes along useful to elites who will stomp out this perceived "degeneracy" and a Fascist State results, to glue together society just as it was beginning to deteriorate. Liberals of course denounce this but they resist/infiltrate every genuine Socialist or Communist alternative which comes along to challenge it, and thus create the demise of anything resembling, as Popper put it, "The Open Society".

Liberals are ultimately awful because they create the conditions for a full Fascism to take hold and destroy anything at all which resembles "individual autonomy and liberty" or "freedom".

This is should be the root of any hatred of Liberalism, not a mere cringing at their naivete

Muslims have to be the most evil people on the planet bar none.

Holla Forums pls go

Who else fucking cuts open babies and throws the guts on it's mother?

Anyone else a /polyp/ imagines doing that, really.

If you are denying this happened don't pitch a fit when /pollacks deny the Holocaust.

Hell, the Indians themselves are guilty of perpetuating sati for a millennium. Family, including her own children, forcing a widow to literally be burned alive against her will as a demonstration of subservient devotion to the husband.

The mongols killed hundreds of thousands of settled peoples, men, women, and children.

Romans threw elderly men into pits of bloodthirsty lions for practicing Christianity.

Medieval Europeans have been recorded as committing all sorts of crimes during war, especially the rape of villagers which was so common that it was essentially considered the bounty of war and encouraged along with looting.

Vikings were guilty of similar acts, the pillage of monasteries and the rape and murder of defenseless clergy.

Native Americans were recorded as often killing the babies of white settlers or capturing them and forcing them into the tribe as lessers.

And do I even need to talk about the type of shit done by modern states? The Native American genocide, japanese war crimes , all the shit pulled during the Cold War?

Remember, comrade, it isn't so nebulous a subject as "culture" which drives violent crime: that is a Holla Forums excuse for modernized "acceptable" racism. Our environment creates monsters where once there were men. Ideology as a whole is to blame, not just the one.

This thread

OP made very clear that he is indian and that he prefers the term indian over native american yet the thread is full of liberals overcorrecting him, at least they didn't accuse him of having internalized racism. there also some Holla Forumses that have never seen an indian in their lives so they makes jokes about (asian) indians.