Tfw continuing to be NEET basically means betraying my fellow comrades and not being a comrade at all

Should I just put a bullet in my head

Do it.

No. Where did you get these stupid ideas. You are my comrade

Because by not working I'm alienated from the working class which I'm supposed to be raising consciousness in thus perpetuating their struggle longer than need be and at the same time exploiting their labor so that I can personally live comfortably

it's really even worse than the normal porky model


Unemploiment is just another tool of Capitalism to blackmail the proletariat.

You are not "NEET". You are a victim of capitalism. You are a potential prol, there to threaten others that "unless they work hard, you're gonna take their place with lower wages".

Your problem is guilt more than anything.

At worst you're living off your family who supports you and some small number of social services that somehow still exist.

When you start getting rich from outsourcing, exploiting entire Vietnamese villages, and pushing Chinese workers to suicide I promise I'll come back and insult you personally.

No no no. Working if you don't need to work to survive is plain idioticy. Instead, spend your time spreading class consciousness. No one here would alienate themselves if they did not have to. I wouldn't, that's just acting in your self interest.

Seriously, the job you'll get will be a shitty minimum wage job. Better being a neet than that, many.

why shouldn't i be guilty tho
I only survive because others are willing to work hard and give me a part of their substience
i am guitly

that just seems like a cop out

Its called "material self interest".

Dude you have anxiety problems. Get some anti anxiety meds and a good psychologist. Talk to friends more. Do a bit of exercise. I used the same (still am a bit)

how can I do this without just feeling like the State is giving me "happy pills" to make me a good worker again, It's not that I entirely disbelive in psychoterapy but there's so much evidence to show that docotrs don't give a shit about you and just want to make you a good producer again for money

isn't that just greed

No. Its the idea that people will always do the materially beneficial thing.

You should spent more of that neet free time reading theory fam

but everyone on Holla Forums tells me otherwise and they are right

how am i supposed to feel a revolutionary solidarity with the working class if i don't work

Am not gonna repeat

Marx never said "only the workers shall inherit the kingdom of Socialism".

He said what I said in .


so what if marx never said it

i'm still exploiting you by not working

If you wanna be a victim, be a victim. You're the faggot here.

You are not exploiting anyone, cause, if there is no work to be done, or noone want's to pay more in order for the work to be done by more people, and more people have more free time, then how are YOU exploiting ME?

If there is no work, WHO GIVES A FUCK?
If you don't give me more free time, by taking part of my work, then it's CAPITALISM! IT'S THE BOURGIES! NOT YOU!

But, go on and be a faggot. It's your IDEOLOGY

i don't want to be a victim but it's just mathematical

if i dont work and you do i am exploiting you by depening upon your labor to not have to labor

pls read theory

sounds like the porky is in your head

how is it not

even if it is, you really think you're a better person for enriching porky?

Just do it

no i'm worse

that's why i want to kill myself

we live in a world of exploitation. trying to find moral purity as an individual is bourgeois moralism, and bound to fail anyway. capitalism makes us all into prostitutes.

Sartre, Dirty Hands

Why would you think that? Just look at it scientifically, these pills will help you manage some of your more sever symptoms. If you have a genuine anxiety disorder, your body is dysfunctional and you might need a bit of help getting it back on track.

Sure, its giving money to big pharma but its for your survival. Its no different than buying food from a big name supermarket. You NEED it to survive

On note:
Limit Chan use
Read entertaining books (remeber what Hume said about philosophising too much?)
Eat healthy
Take up a hobby, put your mind to something even if its jus a sport or writing
Volunteer (great for a resume btw, low stress work that will put your head in the game. Might even meet new people)
See your friends more often than you do now

Exploitation is a rate of unpaid labor that becomes profit. Unless you're using the liberal definition of exploitation, which is either subjectively low wages or not selling/alienating yourself for the profit of others

If you want a low waged job, just get one. It's not difficult. If you don't work a day in your life living off whatever you live off of I give as much of a fuck.

so why not just shoot myself then

They will help me exist to perpetuate a system i hate and that's it

Also all those are useless under capitalism cuz it just makes it all a part of continuing capitlaism

i'm just useless tbh

Look, you are like the black guy in They Live.

But I am not John Nada, nor am I your friend, so, am not gonna beat you till you wear the glasses.

Keep living with your Ideology.

Autism, the post


Well yeah but at least you'll survive slightly happier until the revolution comes

Or have the personal agency to help the revolution trigger

Can't tell if OP is either a troll, satirist, or deluded by that final, revealing statement.

It's always convenient for right-wing zealots, who are deluded victims of the system just like everyone else, to scapegoat the most vulnerable and powerless of society.

There's not point in being "slightly happier" that's just reformism

I'm not any of those I'm just really suicidal and confused

No its not, its just to make your life less stressful

Or are you saying being an autistic NEET is a form of accelerationism?

I'm saying that if i was a real Leftist instead of taking the easy way out i would go get a job somewhere, start a union or worker's council, and help kickstart the revolution

instead i'm doing this and in turn should just kill myself

yeah so? we will win over the masses not by telling them to be moral selfless heroes, but by appealing to their SELFISHNESS and material self interest. this is the entire point of our movement and should be the primary reason anyone is a leftist. socialism will give you free shit, free time, freedom in general from the bullshit you have to put up with under the bourgeoisie's dictatorship. leftism is the logical conclusion to realizing one's self interest (unless you're the ruling class of course).

shill for the left and spread class consciousness. anyone with an internet connection can do this. killing yourself is the cop out, it will do nothing to help the left fam, it will ensure that you will never contribute to the left's growth and rise. dont do it fam, you'll earn marx's wrath.

I have a job. Started it today.

After half an hour of orientation, I stood around and did nothing until I clocked out.

I wasn't being lazy, there just was nothing for me to do.

Having a job =/= contributing to society.

Having a job and "contributing to society" means contributing to the capitalist system and funding the bourgeois state. You're morally better than us actually.

People have jobs not because they're "immoral" but because they want to survive in this system. You cannot escape the system, so the only option is to try to change it by reaching a critical mass of people over time, and act in civil disobedience together.

If you feel you need to, do it. Life is short so its okay if you need to end it all.

Increased resources has eliminated the valididity of OPs implicit argument