Where do I find retards

Where do all the alt right crazies hang out? I want to laugh at them. What's their tumblr equivalent?

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You're on the website dumb ass. Just go to >>Holla Forums and take a look.

Nah, they're Nazis, not alt rights.

>>>Holla Forums

4chin Holla Forums in such case

It's the same thing, dumbass

Go to a Trump rally

Try lurking people who are subscribed to a guy named "ramzpaul". Only alt right fags are subscribed to him, because he officially "flipped off" white nationalism in one of his videos.

Saying that alt right is the same thing as white nationalists, is like saying that communism is the same as liberalism.

It isn't.

At least don't lower yourself to opponents standards of accusations. No point in being retarded in answer to retarded shouting.


Because the best argument of all right groups against all leftist groups is the fact that stupid liberals always accuse them of being racist nazis, even when they respect other cultures or diversity.

By doing that to them you are lowering their opinion about yourself.

Yes Prole, go after those silly Nazis, yes, yes, good… Remember to vote in the next election too, for Hillary, Sanders, even Trump… Good wage slave…


Ramzpaul seems pretty open-minded when it comes to economics. He went from being a Ron Paul libertarian, to a monarchist, to a guaranteed income supporter. I partly agree with him with respect to the issue of mass immigration, not because of any "White identity" nonsense, but because it doesn't make sense to take gobs of poorly educated, criminally-prone groups of people from one country and ship them to a country like Sweden hoping they'll assimilate with no problems.

Just follow the trail of cucks. Anywhere there is cuckoldry, there are alt right creatures to be found.

You haven't been sitting on Holla Forums enough. I am happy for you.

What do you define as alt-Right?

I think it's more complex than that, most of the criminal migrants were or would have been thought of as lumpens in their home nations. Note that this is even a problem when the original and receiving nations are culturally similar, mainly when the former is an ex-colony of the latter.
This puts the idea of UBI in jeopardy because it means the developed nations are relieving the developing nations of their lumpen underclass, broken people with unchecked psychological pathologies. People from developed nations have a much easier time dealing with these problems


Please stop abusing the term lumpenproletariat.

They're working class and lack revolutionary potential. I'm not implying it means "niggers".

[citation needed]

My mistake, I thought you were classifying all migrants as criminals in their home countries.

The lumpenproletariat does not mean "working class but lacks revolutionary potential". You can't define classes politically.

no they are trump minions aka alt-right.
Holla Forumsacs are only roleplaying as nazis, they are edgy libertarians irl.


4pol has some alt-right.


Not sure of their forum, but here is a blog roll


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Just check out the comment section, it's just fool of rednecks blaming everything on Obama and Shillery
Alex Jones YouTube channel is also a goldmine of alt-right nut jobs
Oh yeah and Vladimir Jaffe's channel, place is literally a cancer zone