Anyone else #falseflagging for Hillary?

Anyone else #falseflagging for Hillary?

Fuck dis bitch man if she wants to pander to minorities so be it. I'll pander HARD to them for her.

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Too obvious? should I pull it back a bit?

This will bit us in the ass one day.
Good for keks though. Keep on going.

Let's not sink to her level please.

Although you are one funny motherfucker so keep that shit up.

You play a pseudo-reactionary well.

To us, but not to them.
If anything go harder. You have a high bar to hit for tone-deafness.


Hillary fags already very boring people. Roleplaying as them will give more attention to Hillary, because you never be as bad as hillary supporter.

I would not do that.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You should be alienating her black supporters. Start praising her for her support for welfare reform and the crime bill.


Second this. Better strategy. Focus on her worst aspects and spin them as poorly as possible as being good for blacks. Talk about how bringing "superpredators" to heel was really a positive for the black community by removing uppity undesirables.

Fucking hell, go for it OP

Someone's going to see this shit, you know right?
Then we will never hear the end of Bernie Bros attacking the Shillaries

I dont think anyone cares

It's so pathetic that the '90s is now looked at as some time of prosperity. Sure, it was better than today but it was still pretty bad for most people.

Theres like one other black dude on here I think

I'm a British Panjabi.

There are girls here too, supposedly.

I don't get the reference, what's a pajeet?

It's a may may. Half/int/ had a blast when they found out about India's sanitation standards.

It's a may may. Half/int/ had a blast when they found out about India's sanitation standards.

fix site, fragileman

Holy shit, for real. Fix your site. It ate my pics.

Everyone here is Jewish.
Even you.

"White women like Hillary Clinton have always stood up for black people. You people should recognize who's fighting for you and support Hillary."
how bout that

Too subtle by several miles. It needs to be more like "Black people's problems ARE women's problems. If we lift up women, we lift up blacks." Even that is probably still too subtle.

Whoops I meant "white women" instead of just "women".

it sounds pretty patronizing to me

that might be too overt tho

That part is ok, I meant the first part. Most people (let alone American blacks) don't know enough about history to get mad at "white women like Hillary Clinton have always stood up for black people."

It seems overtly patronizing to me but ok

Oh, well I thought you were tying it to lynching, which was often at the behest of white women crying rape.

OP here. I think you might be misunderstanding my strategy. My strategy isn't to bring facts. It's to bring CRINGE. What you have to understand is that most Hill supporters let alone undecided voters don't care about statistics. Younger and more educated people already hate Hilldawg, however she has a lot of support among 35-60 year old women and minorities who remember the 90s fondly (mostly because Reagan just sucked more) and are voting for the Clintons based on a vibe. I'm here to kill that vibe.

This is what I'm kind of banking on here, it's about the feels. I'm sure if your parents watched the Breakfast Club interview she did there would at least be a part of them that would be like "…the fuck is this bitch doing?" What I'm trying to do is bring that CRINGE factor to the people who might not know it exists.

I call it #Hillsplaining and it consists of three elements.

1. cringeworthy and transparent attempts to connect to contemporary pop culture, particularly black culture.

2.An overall patronizing tone that assumes the target audience "does not know what they are doing"

3.An undercurrent and I stress, an UNDERcurrent of casual racism. It's important that this is as subtle as possible, not "I'm with Hillary nigger nigger nigger nigger!" but acts as a dogwhistle to those who view it, kind of like those KFC commercials where the family sits down to eat a bucket of chicken and there is no dad there.


So the Nazis were Jews?


This is funny as hell. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that there are people that are stupid enough to fall for it. Clinton already has the mere-exposure effect ( going for her hardcore as this is the only reason I can make sense of so many people voting for her based on her record and platform. Doing this might just sensitize the effect.

I think you'd have to really tone up the uncomfortable nature of these to maybe disconcert their current familiarity with her name. Well I'd say you're doing a good job so far, but that's coming from a Bernie supporter so who knows; subtlety is not the Shillary campaign's strong suit.

hmm you have a point. make it uncomfortable.

Not bad OP. But I guarentee you 99% of those reading it will see nothing but sincerity here and will agree with you. Yes they are that fucking stupid. All it took for Clinton to suck up all the minority votes was to suck up Obama's ass and paint herself as his natural successor.

IQ testing should be fucking mandatory for voting.

You don't say.

better too subtle than too obvious

Why not just be direct and quiz people on who's running and their positions?

Honestly at this point it really doesn't matter to me though. If Hilldawg wins, at least Trump loses. If Trump wins, at least Hillary loses. Either way the next 4 years are going to suck ass, so I'm going to get some keks out of it at least.

hi reddit

I kind of like the Cruz one. Could do a proper medieval fantasy LARP there.

trump one could also use some work tbh.