Has the free built in vpn made opera more relevant?

Has the free built in vpn made opera more relevant?

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Tell me more of this VPN honeypot.

I don't know much. It just works™, has a small number of locations to choose from. Pandora hasn't whitelisted the US one yet, which is nice.

It's a decent browser, I don't know if the VPN is really that important to most users. The sites people want a VPN for block them anyway.

Opera also own SurfEasy


They built the VPN service into their browser.

Depends. Can I use it without being the product?



Any VPN servicing Americans saying they don't log is lying.

Fuck off back to reddit or whatever shithole you crawled out of

RIP Opera 12

Yeah, I know opera is supposed to be botnet, but you know what they say - old habits, they die hard.

I don't even feel like VPNs are relevant anymore

Still a Chrome clone. Still shit. Still full of bugs that even Chrome doesn't have anymore.

and Chrome is the best browser.

How so?

On a technical basis, Chrome is the best browser, and almost certainly the most secure. The corporate incentives and whatever other 'directives' Google has however, must void it from consideration.

Evercookies and UA probing are far more reliable identifiers than the client IP. What are you gonna do with geolocation of some faggot spamming a website, launch a nuke at them?

Most sites don't go that deep.

Like on 8ch if a hot pocket wants to check my post history they'll just see the posts made with the VPN ip I'm using at the time.



It's fine for general use.

You shouldn't be using a vpn alone if you're doing something you think the NSA will go after you for.

And that thing with you being able to be tracked through passwords?


And if Jim wants to check your post history you give him a unique identifier anyway:

Easy to do for people who can directly query the database, i.e. Codemonkey, but not for anyone else. Local or global hotpocketeers can't do that.

every site on the internet has cookies/local storage, it's easy to delete.

Nothing will make Opera relevant again since they killed Presto. A rendering engine that went for standards compliance instead of Webkit-esque feature creep was the one reason to use it.

librechan and vichan-devel (8ch.pl) branches encrypt the post passwords. jim's branch doesn't. tfw git hell

go tell codemonkey about it?

I honestly can't tell whether posts like these are stupidity or ironic shitposting. You realize that encryption doesn't actually do anything against tracking because for post passwords to work, the server must be able to identify the one who chose them, right?

Alex Jones made a living telling people that 9/11 was holograms.

Just another summerfag who knows jack shit about crypto.
scrypt(post-id ~ blinded-password)


Alex Jones IS a hologram.

If the post-id and the nonce for blinding are known to the server (which they must be, otherwise the system doesn't work), you can easily check whether two posts were made by the same person because the scrypt outputs will agree for EVERY password. Holla Forums has somewhat of an upper bound on currently stored posts because there are only a few popular boards which have an upper limit on threads and posts per thread, so checking all pairs won't even become very expensive.
Reading Wikipedia summaries doesn't make you a crypto expert, mate. Brain use is mandatory.

Note: This is assuming that the server doesn't just secretly store the plain password in the first place. Come to think of it, since when is the old Github proof of anything? I thought Jim made Holla Forums all closed-source and shit. Can you faggots at least stay consistent in your complaints?

by encrypted i meant hashed with scrypt with a random salt

i got bored of talking to him about working with community. the patches are public. it's him who doesn't supply the security fixes back.

comparing 2 password-hashes in our scheme is cryptographically infeasible unless you know the plaintext

You are right, the part where scrypt outputs agree is nonsense, semantic nonsense even. So much for the theoretical part.

The practical part still holds. The real solution to this would be a script that changes passwords after every post and remembers which post was made with which password client-side. Could be a userscript fwiw.

yes, it's useful here where porn is blocked.