Tomorrow is


Watcha gonna do?

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Go to work.

fight some nazis

I'm gonna go to work, and then I'll come home to watch any footage I can find of Anarcho-Syndicalists fighting riot police I can find from the day. I'm expecting good things from Germany, maybe Greece, definetly France with #Nuitdebout happening and whatnot, probably Montreal, and perhaps Oakland.

Called in sick and will read theory the whole day, starting with abolition of work by Bob black

Start a revolution.

Some of you guys are alright, stay away from the houses of parliament tomorrow.

I will try to find the May Day riot dowtown and do what I can.

well in my country IWD coincidentally is on the same day as the day ''Christ ressurected from le tomb xDDD".So the whole damn country will be drinking and impale lambs.Pretty cool tradition i have to say

Play Metal gear and cry that no one gets the political message


If someone puts footage on Vimeo or some shit, post it here pls.

Top porky or top 15yo, I can't decide.


Better fucking deliver

Stay inside and maybe work on prototypes for some applications.

Why are you even here?

The point is challenging the power of the corporate occupied state. The Montreal student riots in 2012 gained political concessions by overwhelming the police budget, forcing the state to realize that it was cheaper to give them enough of what they wanted to make them shut up for a while was cheaper than policing their protests.

This is what May Day riots are about. The remind our seated politicians and greedy CEOs that real power is in the streets with the people. The radical left in Germany has occupied the Rote Flora in Germany since the 80s through effective street tactics. The power of the corporate state can and must be challenged by the people.

Oops. I would have benefited from a pass at proofreading, there. didn't mean to throw "was cheaper" in on both ends of that.


Make a happy video

I actually wanted to go to Zurich and attend the manifestation for shits & giggles but I got nobody who could come with me :(

wear a red shirt while I'm sitting alone in my room like any day

Same. At least I can wear a red shirt.


I live in the most classcucked part of the US so I'm just gonna lurk leftypol as usual.

why are you guys going to work on sunday

do people really not have may 1st free every year?

It's ok, comrade Yui.
Am gonna come back to work too, tomorow.

After all, it's just a spook nowadays.
Like national holidays, or 4th of July.

It's to "honor the memory". Even the people that "take the streets" only do it in ceremonial fashion.

I am going to work EVERY DAY! (every night).
I work at a hotel. And have no day offs.

… Am not gonna be eating the lamp .. am gonna be sleeping .. … If only we went bunkrupt… I'd be free.. (no I wouldn't).

Yes yes. On the day of praxis you will sit in your room reading books about how important practice is.

Good job.

Live in the worst country when it comes to Identitarianism.

No, Canada.

Nothing, a snowstorm ruined the rally we had planned.

There are proposed changes to their labor laws to extend the work week, extend hours worked per day, and cut overtime pay, as well as a bunch of other austerity measures which hurt the lower and middle class despite the continued rise in wages to the CEOs and corporate management. So a bunch of people gathered to take over Paris's main public square, like Occupy Wallstreet, but with a bit more throwing explosives at the police… so like Occupy Oakland, but way bigger.

Study for the two tests I have on Tuesday.

I worked too.

polite sage for off-topic





I'm at work.

good luck comrade!

That's my day.

you work both on sunday and on workers' day?

i work 2 shifts in one day, and i guess yes.

Apparently they know, but choose not to listen.

Been there, why didn't you post yesterday, we could have gone together, comrade.

Come on workers! Let's break down some barriers!

Proposal to turn may day into victims of communism day ::::))))

I've been protesting in my town. The police blocked protesters and even attacked the streets medics, but people seems to only care about a few broken urban furniture because "muh violent rioters".

Same here. They tried to cut the parade in half, so they could ambush student unions and beat them as the piggies always do, but seemed to have failed. When we arrived at the destination, which was a huge round place, they let the parade go out from the place. The last ones were the CNT and FA (NCL and AF in english) with whom I was, and they throwed grenades to disperse the crowd just before we could leave so many people were trapped in the place which was encircled. The youth faced the riot cops but we didn't have much to defend ourselves besides rocks. I had a medikit with me and I was distributing serums against teargas for people, before they started to charge the whole place. Luckily the metro was near and most of us escaped.

tl:dr the pigs trapped ancoms and anars and tried to block them and beat them.

The day of the true internationalism. Pics from all over the world related

who /unemployed/ here

technically doing some editing, but that's not work that's P A S S I O N

I saw it too, I had to take refuge in a building with other people since I didn't bring anything to protect me from gas. Well, see you at the next protest comrade.

that looks like one happy pepe

never forget :(


That guy has the most punchable face I have ever seen

Also anyone whining about "Victims of Communism" deserves to be shot, because they're clearly pushing an agenda

What about the countless innocent clergy shot in the Bolshevik rev?

what, so communism has to apologize for everyone ever killed by communists? do you expect liberals to apologize for the royalists killed in the American Revolution?

Uh, didn't they promulgate the Tsar and oppression?

Sit at home and watch the bourgie unions talk about refugees, progressive values, class collaboration and basically anything else they can think of that isn't class struggle

is that armchair comfy enough for ya?

read books

Rather sit on my armchair than stand with liberal capitalist progressives

Rather sit on my armchair than stand with liberal capitalist progressives shedding crocodile tears

They got us, guise

Keep fighting, comrade.

Worked today, but I put in my two weeks notice because going to see my SO soon, and I refuse to have obligations from porky keeping me down.

Actually go to the rally. The people they put on TV are not representative of who is actually there.


welp… i passed out as soon as i went to bed and missed the mayday march. Fuck.

tfw when fucking NONE OF THIS in bumbfuck kentucky


The anarkiddies are playing some good music today.

They usually have the best music tbh


You mean, like the ones they stole from USSR to use in spanish civil war?

They're not Commies, man.

Those with Straßerist tendencies should come our way.

Oh hi pol

this is sad, and it makes me sad

says the tankie


What's up with the increase in Holla Forums's false flag attempts and shitposting the past few days?
Did we do something to trigger their fee fees?

Mist folks are off hiding in the shade, but yeah, it has been pretty quiet, which is odd after last year. The cops, on the other hand, are out in force. They were smart this year. They spread them all over the city.

it's like this constantly, nothing's new about them.

I challenge you to a music competition. We each post the top 5 example of our ideological music. After we post them, we have a straw poll and see who the winner is. Deal?

I think the cops have the crowd outnumbered now.

Seattleites are all hiding in the shade. It's fucking over 27° out here!


this is exactly what we need

Now my wife is telling me that there are hundreds of protesters in Pioneer Square. Is anyone out there?