How did Marxism get tied up into intersectional feminist theory?

How did Marxism get tied up into intersectional feminist theory?
Who did this to us and why?

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The alt-right has too much power on the internet.

The Irsih

What's so wrong with that?

Gender has a lot of value as a frame of reference for the studying of materialism, and intersectionality also takes class into account, so it's pretty logical that many of them would make use of Marxism

Does it fuck. Caitlyn Jenner scores shitloads of oppression points according to "intersectional feminist theory". Anyone who thinks that person is oppressed is a lying ideologue or a literal retard.

Does the far left not?
Intersectional feminist theory isn't bad by itself, except when taken to the extreme by batshit crazy people.

Intersectional feminism is bourgeoisie. Class is ultimately what sets people apart, aside from ideology. Racism and sexism are used to make proles fight each other. I wouldn't doubt it's being used, along with purposefully dumbing down other forms of education to create more useful idiots.

American liberal academics cannibalized European philosophy and made up shit like muh privilege.

Its obviously this happened because there is real race oppression in the US, so they thought up this form identity politics to fight white hetero man, in other words they are completely ineffectual liberals that in some ways even benefit porky.




Daily Reminder:

Engels is being a dumbass as usual.

leave muh boi alone fam. Sure he made some dumb mistakes but he still a cool boi.

The problem with intersectionality is that throws class in with a huge oppression pile and is completely incompatible with marixsm. In intersectionality there any many types of hierarchy and class is just one of them. This is contrary to Marxism where ones relationship to the means of production is the main source of all other oppression. Intersectionality obscures ones relationship to the means of production and gets people to focus on the other instead of the actual source of their oppression. It is a worthless, meaningless ideology that only serves the interest of the capitalist system. I can't believe that they're people on leftypol that actually support intersectionality now.

Camille "Foucault had it coming" Paglia explains it best here:

Not at all. In the US, capitalism is deeply tied with slavery (i.e, race) and imperialism. They have a synergistic effect. Likewise, capitalism has managed to co-opt feminist movements in order to have them fight to defend the very system that oppresses them, but this doesn't mean that gender doesn't hold its own unique influence within the system of capital. You can still appreciate the complexity and thus respect the real experiences of people and what they have to deal with and still point out the fundamental problem: the economic system.

Black radicals understand this very well, but they understand it (rightfully so) within their own sphere of experience, and the US capitalist experience is indeed unique. The left gains no benefit from denying these subjectivities, as people who are actually involved with it will naturally and tacitly understand the root of the problem. I recommend you listen to some lectures by Dr. Cornel West. Please don't conflate tumblrettes with the actual left. They are neither liberal nor leftists.

you have to understand that Engels was a product of his time. The entire reason homosexuals in modern countries aren't discriminated against is because there is empirical, scientific evidence that they do not have a mental illness but a hormone imbalance.

Human consciousness stems from matter, henceforth the material conditions surrounding a person will shape him and his mind. At the time homosexuality was viewed as an illness.

Liberals, for whatever reason

Yes, tell me, how is the intersectionalist campaign of Hillary Clinton working out for the left? If anything, intersectionality is used to dilute and disrupt the working-class movement, not strengthen it.

Even with "scientific evidence" they still are discriminated against.

really depends on the country, and you can't expect people to be warming up to the idea when capitalism is antagonizing the working class against homosexuals by using mass propaganda to cover up the contradictions of their system, which is why we have idpol. And this is still a relatively new discovery, it will take the old generation that grew up to homosexuality being a mental illness for people to calm down on the subject.

But people never will calm down on the subject if the working class keeps getting antagonized by identity politics. In fact, it is pushing the workers to the right.

*it will take the old generation that grew up to homosexuality being a mental illness to die*

Smart porkies.

To subvert the left with idpol bullshit.

Indeed, Mustache man.

The right will be saved by engaging in the populist tactic (like Le Pen, and so on.) of defending the common' man rights.

He's spoken at my university before. He never said anything mind blowing. I'm well aware of the link between capitalism and slavery. Racism was necessary to justify the exploitation of people. It's not like he's the first to say it.

Sure but one causes the other. Racism and imperialism are the byproduct of the capitalist need for expansion and profit. Capitalism is the base that enables the superstructure which is constantly shifting. Imperialism and racism suddenly got in the way of the accumulation of capital, the capitalists would have no problem adapting anti-imperialist and and anti racist stances. Thats one the major problems with idpol it's usually inflexible and poorly suited to the constantly evolving material conditions.

No it was always mostly shit. The feminist concept of patriarchy has absolutely no basis in reality and is about the equivalent of the Jewish world order conspiracy of nationalist. Certain branches are just more cancerous then others are but none of them are very good.

Why would you ever be the under impression that I, a communist, would consider tumblrinas to be part of the left wing? In my post, I was stating that internationality was incompatible with leftist not that is leftism. Pic related explains the inherent problems with intersectionality better then I could myself.

Do you have copy of that book fam ?

Forgot the picture I wanted to use.

Can you post a large version of the second meme?

I'm afriad I don't have it. I didn't make the screen shot in the first place. Some one posted it in a thread asking for critiques of identity several months ago.

Well "oppression points" aren't an actual thing with mainstream sociologists

If they were being a rich trans person doesn't give you that many these days

Fuck no, outside of this board the the only none SJW cultural consciousness is that of all these alt right man children. The fact that the OP had to use one of their memes is evidence of this

No work on intersectionality I've ever read unless it was specifically anti-Marxist


Homosexuality may be scientifically harmless but the campaign against taking it out of DSM and decriminalization all stem from LGBT activism.

They most certainly are anything. What do you think they literally use the term "oppression points"?

When someone talks about different kinds of oppressions and makes class part of some larger equation instead of the source of the problem they're obscuring class struggle.

It is a fucking riot, complete nonsense that utilizes all the reasoning of a paranoid schizophrenic.

women are not oppressed and they have enver been oppressed
it's as simple as that


There are like 3-4 posts itt showing relative approval of this liberal shit

Old leftypol fag here. I have no idea where these assholes came from. Intersectionality has always been extremely unpopular on here. I hope this just some of your buddies false flagging polyp.

You're not alone.
I don't know what's been going on lately.
I think it's an influx of new people, which is good, but we're gonna have some work to do.

This might be the golden horde comrade. I've never seen this many people that supported intersectionality on here before. I'm worried. I don't want this place turning into r/socialism. This is the only idpol free leftist forum on the internet.


seriously, either its polyp false flagging or some cult got word of a den of pagans here and some missionaries came to convert the sinners


Be honest, user, you're just dying for an excuse to screencap some """""evidence""""" so you and your torture chamber fam don't have to listen to different opinions.

Crypto-fascism on the rise again.

May be both. Holla Forums realized how dangerous Holla Forums became,
we are now top 5 on the board list
after all.

So Holla Forums started to shill Holla Forums in reddit communities, false flagging there and inviting sjw perverts.

Best way to destroy Holla Forums is for it to became modern liberal shithole, and they know it.

nigga just spit some truth in those bars

How crudely speculative and devoid of substance.


Well. 1 Holla Forums user for 5 Holla Forums users. A person who considers that all jews are his biological enemies would be already terrifying.

Just hundred more uips, and we already beat Holla Forums.

Because Feminism has always been a part of Socialist theory and Marxism.

Because orthodox Base-Superstructure is a load of bullshit which Marxists have realized since the early-mid 20th century. Even Lenin conceded this.

Because you watch a Sargon of Akkad video, doesn't actually mean you know anything about the Social Sciences or theory.

Because all this "Anti-Idpol' shit has largely sided Holla Forums with the alt-right on social issues.

I wish gulags were still in use.

One we don't like Sargon of Akkad. Two we don't have very much of anything in common with the alt-right. They're idpolers just like you are. Look at them getting triggered by them putting a black women on a fucking 20 dollar bill. I keep seeing you make the same baseless accusation over and over again. Seemingly because you can't comprehend a group of people that don't support idpol.

Maybe there seems to be a load of alt-right shit articles being posted.
There are people autistic enough on Holla Forums to be triggered by that.

Yet everyone here still regurgitates his ridiculous arguments and people here have tried to "convert" him to leftypol numerous times.

"Two we don't have very much of anything in common with the alt-right"

Except most users here extreme hate for feminism and feminists. Spouting alt-right strawman arguments against the social sciences, siding with the alt-right against the social sciences.

Oh, you're the fuck that argues that Social sciences are false because there aren't enough right wing voices in it are you?

Anybody with eyes can see Holla Forums is completely and utterly reactionary when it comes to the social sciences, not only that, completely hypocritical and very cherry picky of Marxist theory.

I still love here how I've had "anarchists" argue that Marx is 100% right and infallible when it comes to Base-Superstructure… despite Marx himself didn't like anarchists and thought their theory was utopian bullshit.

"A white man didn't use xir, when refering to me."
"Race is more important that class"

Also, I managed to get an answer out of sargon on a coment, in hist "marxism in magic the gathering" video. It was an Appeal to Authority answer. "The person who claimed to be marxist has a phd in sociology, therefor marxism is SJWism."

Sargon is shit and gets more shit everyday, cause he has a demografic and needs to get da mony. Same as Anita and so on.


oh, such lovely symbolic efficiency

Also, Anarchists' theory is utopian. That doesn't mean that we cannot agree on basic stuff.

Define "social sciences" too please. Not, what they are. How "leftypol is reactionary to them.

You mean what you right now call "feminism"?

Quotes from Communism Manifesto part 2. Feminists have different outlook at that part, man became instruments of production for women in modern capitalist society. And they marry solely for benefits from marriage and to get half of husbands shit by divorce.


Marxists and Feminists because dialectic synthesis.

We tired to have a debate with him before he became a full on reactionary. Sargon of Akkad is not the authority on identity politics. We do not hate identity politics because we've been brainwashed by Sargon of Akkad. Who seems to be your boogyman. Get a grip.

I've never argued with you about the social sciences. You're a cancerous fuck lots of people argue with you about different things. I think I've argued with you about gamergate and intersectionality before. All I see as you shitposting on here and bunkerchan calling us "brocalists" and accusing us of watching Sargon of Akkad. You can't bully us into accepting idpol. fuck off already. There are plenty of other places for you to spew your nonsense.

Racial issues are incredibly important, issues of sexism are incredibly important, if you are not going to concede that issues that the majority of the working class face every day in their lives are not "real issues" then how can you call youself a Socialist?

Also this coming from a board that unironically circlejerks over Bernie Sanders.

Sociology, Psychology, Mass Communication, Media Analysis.

Rejection of almost all Social theory post Marx himself. Claiming that essentially the Social Sciences have been overtaken by evil feminazi cultural marxists who lie to put down men. That basically most statistics relating to race and gender issues from the social sciences are "bias bullshit". I've seen numerous threads here that defend the MRA movement and actually side with MRA's in the idea that we live in a matriarchy.
The fact that people here post anti-"idpol" threads non stop. The fact people here go to feminist websites, find articles and then post them here then engage in crazy anti-feminist circlejerks even though if jacobin says the exact same thing, nobody gives a fucking shit or even concedes it's a good point, repeating alt-right lies about the social sciences and studies, repeating Gamergate bullshit, having a hate boner for "idpol" more than Fascists and the alt-right, blaming "idpol" for all the issues of the left despite Socialists have self sabotaged for decades, ahistorical bullshit in regards to activism blaming idpol once more for the problems of the left instead of say, the collapse of the labour movement, strawfeminism out the ass, talking down and hating on BLM far beyond all reasonable criticism.

It was the bourgie feminist nomenclature, though.


Yet it happens.

Oh, you mean like, not having enough money to educate their children, healthcare, too much workhours, no life and so on?

Oh, no! You mean what middle class faggots, with bourgie class consiousness who pretend to care, because starbucks consumerism (>read zizek), think are "MAJOR ISSUES OF THE WORKING CLASS" (in 'murica and other colonial superpowers).


BS invented for academic nomenclature.

MRA is same BS as modern feminism. Sectarism that deals with symptoms of the desease.

Well, that's the point of leftypol, though. If you want moar, go to bunkermag

Or rather.. Go >>>/gulag/ (or back to plebit).

As a parent what kind of cereal is I get is important. I will will not purchase anything that has genetically modified ingredients(because of the amount of pesticide used) or high fructose corn syrup(because of how poisonous that kind of sugar is).

The kid in your pic is gonna get poisoned against his will with that attitude. And it will be all your fault. My kids, however, will not.


What if your kids don't give a fuck about your cereal tariffs?

Or how about black people being thrown in prison for the profit of white people, black people being murdered by police for petty crimes and then covered up, social views that paint all black people as criminals and stupid that effect their job oppertunities, education, social and material relations (which includes pay)

Or how about division of labour between men and women which results in wage discrepancies, how female dominated fields all pay like complete shit, how women find it hard to move up in their careers, how women are punished for having children, sexist views that mean if women try negotiate for better pay they often hurt their chance of even getting a raise, the crazy levels of sexual assault and rape that exist, how domestic violence has been largely swept under the rug for decades despite it's insanely huge number of victims.

Okay, then, please never complain about discrimination or bias in the media then, or how the media replicates ideology and "spooks" or how us Socialists have been completely sidelined out of the media.

because people here are reactionary when it comes to social sciences.


Hey man as a genuine Holla Forumsyp who has lurked and posted here from the very beginning I have to say that I agree with you. Intesectionality has no place here. I have always respected Holla Forums even when I have been in disagreement with you all.

Retards gonna retard.

For someone who said that that the "base-superstucture" was a "load of bulshit", you sure rely on it to show how people are explored.

Just read Zizek, faggot.

this sir hast seen the birth of marx

Capitalism in 'murica is more shit for segregated communities than other communities.
It's still neoliberal capitalism.
"No, it's about black people". KEK.



I don't. Neither do I expect capitalists to turn against their own class.
But am glad Bioshock, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Deus X, exist. Yet I don't expect every game to be about "how mario is a lumben prol".
(gotta make more Pervert's guide to vidya, damn it).

I'll wear that accusation with pride. Right next to my "Communist" accusation.|

Go back to plebit.

Explain, please.


No, we really don't. Most of us read Max Stirner and laugh at him. Hell, I even subscribe to LSR and find him more amusing, even though I disagree with him on feminism.


lmao XD the right has won with a smug deadlock

Except it is not. Men's rights activists are actually addressing real instances of gender based discrimination on a systemic level. The actual activists that is. The angry young men/trolls on the internet are another matter though.

Same as the "real" feminists. (second wave).

Yet it's still sectarian BS.


You have only a casual relationship with facts, don't you? Because I've watched those threads and this simply isn't occuring with any appreciable frequency or numbers. The majority conclusion in those threads is pretty much always "mens rights is as valid as feminism" and what constitutes valid ranges from "a few reasonable points" to "not at all because it's idpol bullshit".

Really, the problem with how the social sciences are conducted - quite apart from the pervasive replicability problems that make the 'science' part of that title mostly decorative - is largely the same as the problem you demonstrate whenever you post. You come here with a conclusion in mind - in our case, that people here are all crypto-alt-righters - and then look for data to confirm your conclusion, ignoring, 'creatively interpreting' or cherry picking outliers for anything that doesn't fit your pre-defined idea.

I'm just not sure why you keep coming back - you must have realised by now that the prevailing attitude on this board is that identity-obsessed alt-righters and identity-obsessed liberal left like yourself are basically the same. Is it masochism? Is it paranoia? Is it that you can't stand the idea that there might be a group of people who don't like to play your game so you obsessively return until you can comfortably place them in a "side" in your simplistic political dualism? Do you even know? You might make for interesting psychological case study.

How is gender "sectarian" when to be a human is to be of one of two genders?.

It was Bourgeois bullshit from the very beginning. Or would you deny that the first suffragettes were the daughters of the wealthy and muh privileged? Would you deny that the Fascist advocated for universal suffrage before all other political movements in Europe?

I was right about Holla Forums false flagging as Holla Forums, they larping us and act retarded:

This is their tactic of discrediting us.

To be human, is to have a human brain.
And even that can be chalenged by sci fi.

Being one of two genders is being a man or a woman. Not human or proletariat.

Ye. (though that was first wave). Suffrageettes were bourgie as fuck.
But originaly, it was about proletariat women wanted to be equals in labor. AKA class consiouss.

And then the bourgies took over, as always.


But being a human means being of a dimorphic species where each individual is dependant on the other gender for the continuation of said species. This is undisputable and to be "sectarian" as in not reproducing is to be genocidal.

No it was not. It was never about working class women. How exactly have the working class women ever benefited from feminism? For every "liberated upper class woman" how many working class women have suffered? How many working class families have to be sacrificed for feminism? All of them? How does that benefit the working class woman?

Some women don't want children.


An image macro is not a meme. The idea thev image macrop conveys, however, can be a meme but only if it is worthy of self propagation.

Humans are not plants. Trying to frame humans as non sentient, immobile, unthinking biological organisms not only should come of as stupid or dishonest but is irrelevant to the discussion of the human conditions as humans are by their very definition not plants not non sentient.

You're a walking meme.

Uhmm you do know that dialectical materialism is the basis of Marxism, right? Base/Superstructure distinction is just another way to say that all causes are material, and arise out of material needs.
In other words, Reals>Feels, and no, the 500 invented genders are not real, and the patriarchy is bullshit.

Intersectional feminism arose out of Foucault's, Spivak's, and Butlers theories, and unfortunately don't have anything in common with a class based left. The proliferation of idpol is because, the post-structuralist crowd begun to analyze systems of power and oppression, but rather than explain real material connection of the oppressed with the master (as the second wave feminists did) they went with an already established predisposition that their understanding of gender, or homosexuality was 100% right, and everyone less was wrong or "essentialist". So every human being should be tabula rasa special snowflake, while white hetero men and western civilization were relegated by post-colonial bullshit literature to the "oppressors" and the "oppressive structures"

You poor thing! I bet they didn´t even use a Rated PG Parental Guidance!

Being this insecure is quite telling user.

Agreed, without a proper equality of races the divide and conquer is going to keep being used easily by the Bourgeois.
No. Not in the fucking west.

If course not and I'm not saying he is. It's just that it's an important point that the two coincide like that.

This is where I think you're reducing it too much. I say it's an interaction and that this interaction results in markedly different experiences for people of different backgrounds. Yes, the superstructure is enabled by the economic foundation, but acknowledging people's experiences are important in getting them to realize this and their role within it. It's hard to get people on your side when you reject their subjectivity.

Can idpol be stupid and insular? Of course, I personally hate it. But I would not have had my eyes opened to class if I wasn't first introduced to issues of race and colonialism and modernity/postmodernity. It was only after going through those things that I really "saw" capitalism. That I could put a name to the alienation I felt. Likewise, a friend (female) needed to go through feminism to get to Marxist feminism to get to Marxism. So I think making capitalism "real" in people's experience sometimes requires that we allow it to adequately reflect people's experiences–as a complex rather than as just "capitalism." They don't teach this shit in schools, so I think it's a good avenue of conversion. This is why I don't think it's "incompatible"; instead, I think it facilitates it. I corrected someone the other day on what "neoliberal" meant in the context of Clinton–that it wasn't about people appropriating "liberal" ideology but instead about porky fucking up your life with terrible economic policies. I hope I opened some eyes. But that "neoliberalism" came up because of "liberalism" says something, I think.

Unfortunately, arrogant, loud-mouthed people who are just looking to "be right" are a waste of time (e.g., "liberal" idpol tumblr etc.). That can't be helped. That doesn't make intersectionality meaningless.

I'd say it comes from the gender-segregation of work, starting with women caring for domestic/private spheres and men working in professional/public. Capitalism pushing women to enter the public/professional sphere while still wanting them to remain in the domestic creates these contradictions of "Patriarchy." I would say giving this dynamic a name is not a bad thing so long as you underline the cause of it. That women shouldn't be angry at men and that the cause of their alienation, that they call "Patriarchy" is created, fundamentally, by Capitalism.

Anarchists vs Leninists round 2 when?

Good prole, evolved plants are a stupid conspiracy just like bourgeoisie, now eat your Monsanto. We have your best interests in mind.

Your flag fits your ideolochy.

dumb fucking rightwing faggots who don't understand marxism at all. they think its spooky and assume everything they don't like is working together

same concept as "islamic gommunism"


No I think its an acceptance of the individuality , self centered nonsense that capitalists push. When someone only learns that capitalism is a problem through there subjective experiences instead of analytically through scientific socialism. It just makes it easier for capitalists to subvert them by satisfying superficial causes of their special interest group of choice because their understanding of the system isn't rooted in a critique of capitalism but instead in a protest of certain pieces of the system that disadvantage their identity group.

I just want them to be friends ;_;

Read Marx, nigger! They can't be friends.

Because of what is, now, a vague connection to the original frankfurt school academics. Then it got mixed in with the liberal civil rights movement and third way new democrat shit and intersectionalism before that, and then major news corporations realized they could shill shit with it and now you have buzzfeed, salon, jezebel, etc. publishing articles about brocialists and generally being neoliberal shills.

To say there is anything marxist about shit like cultural misappropriation is offensive.

pic unrelated



100% correct


Could Leninists set a time line along side anarchist for dissolving the state?
Why couldn't that be possible?


Homosexuals are indeed are against nature. Why do you think nature betrayed them and created HIV and AIDS from fucking into each other's arseholes? Why they don't bring children? Why they become emasculate and stop being men, but act like women and become unable to withstand male tasks?

Well, Engels was rights, and you are just bunch of faggots using class struggling to achieve freedom for your perverted fantasies. Most of them exploit younger men and children to get fuck them like women, and ruin their lives forever, he was right to compare homos to greek pedophiles. When you leave homos to openly promote their ideology, more people get into it, and more people get aids and less children get born, people stop marrying, and become more focused on the gay sex just like you are.

You have to abolish homosexual perversions of yours for socialism to stand out and not die instantly because of savages.

Again it's true, and anyone saying read Zizek as if he isn't a feminist and doesn't support the death penalty against rape is an idiot.

Imo you are right about that.

but the rest of your post is like WTF.

hahaha holy shit do you think that HIV came from gay men? And I suppose white people have been punished for invading the Americas through syphillis, and women are punished for trying to bring children through labor pains and the high risk of death during birth?
shoot yourself

Is this a joke or do people on leftypol actually think like this?

I just speak for myself.

I said orthodox base-superstructure is bullshit, which it is. The idea that literally everything in the superstructure sphere and culture exists from interaction with the economic sphere is a complete and utter load of bullshit. Also orthodox base-superstrucutre is way too reductionist of base, while ignoring the superstructure and culture itself.

Read Frankfurt, Gramsci faggot.

your entire post is just rambling, incoherent nonsense.,_Private_Property_and_the_State

It's reductionist.

People in this thread are literally repeating alt-right strawmen of the social sciences and alt-right memes and you don't understand how you side with the alt-right on social issues?

This is the most delusional load of fucking horseshit in existence.

The MRA movement exists entirely to attack gender analysis. Literally every MRA forum I'm looking at right now is just complaining about feminists.
MRA's have zero functional theory or studies backing up their rambling incoherent reactionary bullshit aside from CHS misinformation and bullshit statistics from AVFM.

That's funny, because it was the Feminists and Gender Studies people who worked with the fathers rights movement to bring in a landmark laws in family justice in the UK. I remember looking at the MRA forums when this happened, not a single post on it.

Wow a strawman image.

"We don't watch Sargon of Akkad, but we'll repeat his claims".

Please tell me the difference between second and third wave feminists.
I love this one, because in reality, Second wave feminists would murder you MRA morons. Oh wait let me guess, because christina hoff sommers said she was second wave and that "third wave feminism is crazy!!!!" despite third wave feminism actually decides to address class.

Which is completely wrong.

Cool reacitonary meme bro.

Cool anti-transgender bullshit bro.

Funny, because Engels says the opposite, along with pretty much all of academia. Though please explain how society is not actually patriarchical, actually please explain what patriarchy even is first. Explain how there is zero division of labour between men and women, explain how there are no negative connotations with women in society, please explain why roles of leadership and power are associated with and are considered male traits, explain how women make up the majority of the population yet only make up roughly 18% of positions of power, explain why women in the media still mostly exist for the sole purpose of sexual titillation and nothing else, explain why despite being the majority of the population women make up once again only roughly 18% of roles in film.

Oh look, a meme image DIRECTLY from Holla Forums!

actually I don't even need to go on, you idiots are ridiculous.

Read Althusser, faggot.


Read Foucault, fags.

You really should

Oh look, the cultist is repeating an argument that has been already debunked multiple times.


Or kill yourself. Either is fine.

You almost had me.

fucking kill me now holy shit we're all the fucking same stop this fucking segregation by individualism right now please.
The more we make terms to split each other up, and make us more unique than each other, the more we fucking get rid of our sense of unity. Which means revolution is impossible with all these identity politics in the system, why don't 'New Age Marxists' get this shit?

Critical theory depends on new oppressed classes. It's only going to get worse.


I actually don't watch Sargon or much opinionstube at all, but you seem to have a list of boogeymen that you make sure to mention as often as possible. Not sure what you think it achieves though.

Literally every feminist forum I'm looking at right now is just complaining about the price of makeup and how men sit on trains.



Yeah, it's not as if reality can only be interacted with physically or anything. Oh, wait…

I wonder what he could have been thinking sitting there in 19th Century Victorian England.

Humanities professors line up behind feelz>reelz identitarianism? Color me shocked.


Where and in what mode of production?

Unlike men, right? Nobody thinks anything negative about them. Please, everyone has some negative stigma attached to them. It is a non-issue.

You are bitching about what people might think on a subconscious level while they are electing a female president. This is why no one takes you seriously. You are whining about the imaginary while reality is clearly telling a different story.

Where are the female CEOs?

Sex sells. Welcome to capitalism.

Wow, there is the major issue of our time. Hollywood does not produce enough movies with female leads! Revolution now!


I'm not sure that book says what you think it does.
What part of it do you think incorporates feminism into Marxist theory?

I kind of see what you're trying to get at, but I believe most people here have a more complex view of the base-superstructure than that. Do you believe that dialectical materialism is reductionist?

Base-Super Structure is a social science idea, right? Do you think the alt-right agrees with that?

which ones?

I don't personally, no.
I agree with the social liberals on too many things, albeit for different reasons. The alt-right would hate me.

I think political correctness was important until some 20 years ago, but now it's useless in the west. But I still think a small degree of IdPol is not bad, it's only when it gets too far it messes up everything.


If only you understood.

This is getting ridiculus.


That poster is a retard, but

If mental illness is real then

It's one of those things where you have to choose one way or the other

It's like saying, lactose intolerance is the same as being vegan!

Never said they were the same, said they were both disorders. Thier both things where people think they are something they aren't, and are mentally prepared to do almost anything to make that reality.
You're telling me that's normal?
So does that mean if someone thinks anime is real it is real?

Great post, totally underrated. Have people forgotten that someone cut her own legs for liberal values?

People are getting retarded lately, and some of posters here support it like its normal behavior.

IMO, we are all crazy.
It's all about being socially functional.

If person X becomes a woman from a man, does it make her socially dysfunctional, or does is let her be more functional?

If person X thinks his waifu is real, as long as it doesn't mess with reality of others that much, should we allow him?

In the end, isn't that why we have psychologists and psychiatrists for?

Ye, ok, it's ideology + disorder, but again .. .. DON'T BE A FAGGOT!

Thank god, i'm not the only normal person here.
Also, to quote a friend of mine


Have you seen the number of people who have cosmetic surgery? Normal people DO want to carve out their own innards.

Careful there, that can apply to


Perhaps they're mentally ill

Polite sage

Cosmetics are a spook.

Ok. Let's have half your face scared and then tell me more about how spooky it is.

Honestly i'd prefer having a scarred face to having a porky modify my face in anyway.
also scars are p. cool tbh.
I'd be fine with body modification if it wasn't done by Porkies, and if it wasn't done with taxpayer money that could be used for plenty of other shit.

It's funny, that those on the right think it's the gubbermands fault, when it's really capitalism in action. It's a nuance free set of ideas that are easy to digest, of course it sells, especially since people have been dumbed down so much.

There's literally a victim currency these people have. Tell me that isn't some kind of capitalism.

So basically the liberals fucked us


It's almost as if hyperpromiscuous people are more likely to catch - and spread - STDs

No you dumb polyp it is idpol but getting triggerd by them putting some black women on a piece of paper is also idpol. Its no different then tumblrinas being triggered by whites straight males in the media. Fuck off back to your garbage board. You aren't fooling anyone.
>>>Holla Forums

Because we've been driven into a ditch.

Prior to the Cold War, the left had been making slow but steady victories in areas such as labor rights, social safety nets, taxation, public infrastructure, and quality of life, culminating in tremendous prosperity for the working class by the end of FDR's administration. In this environment of relative comfort, plus an ideological crackdown due to a new red scare, the old alliance between poor workers and the leftist intellectuals in academia and politics where Marxism is promulgated began to crumble through the 1950s.

By the 1960s, a new generation from the "victorious" laborers' baby boom had grown up coddled and isolated from their forebears' economic activist past, and instead turned their rebellious urges to other, social and political, issues that had until then lain dormant. Leftist intellectuals embraced these causes, massively pivoting from economic to social appeals, incidentally severing what ties remained with the working class in the process. Many great and celebrated legislative victories were won in areas such as desegregation, environmentalism, pacifism, decolonization, womens' lib, atheism, and freedom of speech. These victories came fast, numerous, and with overwhelming approval, giving leftist intellectuals a heady rush of tunnel vision from the inertia.

Then, by the 1970s, something terrible happened. Practically every oppressive or exploitative law of any significance that was purely social in nature had been repealed, young dilettante activists with nothing but time on their hands were growing into jobholders and parents, and the working class more distant from leftist intellectuals more than ever before. All that were left among the leftist intellectuals were people focused on social issues that didn't exist anymore, and heaps of badly misunderstood post-Marxist literature that had been written in the previous period.

Most remaining radical energy blasted itself into any nook or cranny it could, the leftist trajectory careening into absurdities like black nationalism, misandry, anti-intellectual new age mysticism, and Luddite postmodernism. Sincere leftist intellectuals walked out the door into the wasteland that the neglected working class presented, and lunatics took the throne unopposed in the resulting power vacuum.

Since then, the demented leadership of the organized left has grown madder and madder chasing their dead phantasms, while the working class has grown ever more indifferent or annoyed toward their antics, aided in no small part by the New Deal unravelling like an old sweater due to a total lack of protection.

Amazing post comrade. I think it sums up the situation well. I think what you posted is the major problem with social democracy in general. A middle class eventually forms from the under class that can be distracted, subverted and tricked into helping to undo the social programs that ensure their existence in the first place. I think that that is the biggest hurdle to a peaceful revolution.

Yes, yes, you can trust your benevolent corporate overlords to always act in the best interest of the public. They would never make scientists sign NDAs which prevent them from publishing inconvenient results, nor would they ever bribe governments to weaken regulations. There is nothing to worry about citizen.

Leftypol is such a disappointment

Idpol has tainted Marx's message.

in reality the left not focused on liberal wankery is nearly powerless

I generally agree with you, and I've had similar arguments on this board before. It's a waste of time. Holla Forums is now (or perhaps always was) just lefty/pol/, with the same memes and the same social mindset packed in a different ideological form. Holla Forums essentially comprises the degenerated and deformed remnants of the former radical left, replete with a reactionary and counterrevolutionary approach to contemporary politics and economics.

The members of this board are essentially the irradiated mutant freaks of the ideological fallout that was the Cold War era who appropriated the torn banner of the old vanguard under the delusion that they represent anything more than the long-dead husk of the former far-left. Many of them probably either came from Holla Forums or have spent so much time in virtual proximity with them that they've grown to approach identity politics and recent developments in social sciences in much the same way as their fascist counterparts. They are essentially behavioral and social Holla Forumsacks with far-left terminology and ideological predilections, with the rest largely comprising cryptofascistic manchildren who fantasize about gulags and the USSR and who roleplay as armchair revolutionaries.

If you keep this sort of antagonism up, you'll be permabanned like I was and have to post through Tor in order to get any messages through. I simply wouldn't bother with this board. Its only utility to contemporary radical leftists is as an occasional forum for discovering news. Seeking to actually discuss issues outside of pre-21st century Marxian analysis and other done-to-death rehearsals here is an exercise in maddening futility, since they are politically incorrect by Holla Forums's standards. Don't believe me? Continue your crusade and let me know, via Tor, when a moderator permabans you with a message stating simply "get out" or "fuck off redditor".

This is why nobody likes you, plebbit.


Then why do you insist coming here? If it is so shit and so trigggering to you, why not choose one of the millions of other leftist communities where you can indulge in idpol circlejerk to your hears content?

Are you literally retarded? We would probably have a laugh if a bunch of Trump brownshirts got massacred.

The ironic thing is their "muh race struggle" bullshit has a lot more in common with the alt-right than with those of us who don't play along.

That's why idpol is shit, it makes people who are ideologically identical see one another as enemies.

Holla Forums's ideal society is basically Saudi Arabia

Yet another example of what I mean. Just like Holla Forums, you have to have a scapegoat and bogeyman to blame when fellow board members behave in a way that does not conform to the political correctness of Holla Forums. Instead of consider that perhaps I'm merely a disgruntled user who also frequents this board, you automatically assume I'm from x outgroup you don't like, whether it's Holla Forums or reddit (or some subreddit therein).

You're predictable because you're nothing more than an uncritical drone slavishly sycophantic to the perverse orthodoxy that this board has demanded of its members, lest they be harassed and bullied and insulted until they no longer feel welcomed here. You don't engage in independent though, just rehearsals in your prejudice and repetitions in the dogma of this board.

Do the radical left a favor and kill yourself. It'll save the actual leftists time during the revolution, since we won't have to line you up alongside all the other lumpen and pigs.

Nice meme, what's next? Telling me that I'm butthurt? Calling me a "SJW"? Which demonstration in puerility will you choose to perform next?

Contrary to your petty delusion, the discussions which contemporary leftists have are not merely "idpol circlejerks", though it's understandable for you to label them as such, for the fact that your approach is obsolete may be too disturbing for you to face. Contemporary leftists discuss matters, and plan actions, which are relevant and conducive to contemporary conditions. We don't waste our time virtue signaling to anonymous lumpen on an imageboard that we're more politically correct than the occasional dissident, like you're doing now. Contemporary leftists don't focus on whether something is politically "correct" or "incorrect" because we have more important matters to discuss than parsing which is which and choosing one over the other to impress our fellow roleplayers.

I come here, like I said, to occasionally check for interesting news which might not be mentioned elsewhere. Sorry, does my presence "trigger" you? Don't worry, I won't be here for long. I'm not interested in wasting copious amounts of time on this circlejerk of a board; that's for RP fans like you.

Just as Holla Forums would laugh if thousands died in a Sanders or Sawant rally. Q.E.D.