So a god has snatched from me my all
In the curse and rack of Destiny.
All his worlds are gone beyond recall!
Nothing but revenge is left to me!
On myself revenge I'll proudly wreak,
On that being, that enthroned Lord,
Make my strength a patchwork of what's weak,
Leave my better self without reward!
I shall build my throne high overhead,
Cold, tremendous shall its summit be.
For its bulwark– superstitious dread,
For its Marshall–blackest agony.
Who looks on it with a healthy eye,
Shall turn back, struck deathly pale and dumb;
Clutched by blind and chill Mortality
May his happiness prepare its tomb.
And the Almighty's lightning shall rebound
From that massive iron giant.
If he bring my walls and towers down,
Eternity shall raise them up, defiant.


Fiddler, with scorn you rend your heart.
A radiant God lent you your art,
    To dazzle with waves of melody,
    To soar to the star-dance in the sky."
"How so! I plunge, plunge wihout fail
My blood-black sabre into your soul.
    That art God neither wants nor wists,
    It leaps to the brain from Hell's black mists.
"Till heart's bewitched, till senses reel:
With Satan I have struck my deal. 
He chalks the signs, beats time for me,
I play the death march fast and free.


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Who is satan nazi and why do people care about her tits? can I see them*?

because this board is full of redditors who believe tits without timestamp

She's a crazy satanic nazi (literally hears voices and stuff) that we trolled into flashing her tits by saying it was the will of Behelit or whatever because of Satan trips.

They were great tits too

An insane Nazi who worships Satan, claimed to have zex with demons, and believes the Roman Empire and Third Reich Germany were socialism in action.

Satannazi is a grill who thinks Christianity = Atheism = Communism, talks about fucking demons on the astral plane, casts magic missile on us regularly, and showed her tits after someone got a satan get.

She's bonkers, but it would have been impossible to get a timestamp.
The pic looks pretty much like a home shot camwhore pic and does not yield matches on a reverse google-image search.

Knowing how absurdly crazy she is, I'd say chances are 50/50

It wasn't her it was someone false flagging and everyone believed it even after real SatanNazi said it wasn't her.

I was the one claiming to be the "real" satan-nazi later in that thread just to fuck with people though. I even used a shitty trip.

Also Marx went full retard by doing this. Stirner confirmed only logical choice for socialists as Marx was spooked into believing he could beat his creator.

I was the one pretending to be her by tripfagging though, just to get people confused and arguing just for the keks. If you think that the real SatanNazi was in that thread, it certainly wasn't the tripfag.


Was this marx in his angsty teenage mallgoth phase?

He was about 19 when he wrote this, so I think we can cut him some slack. I said and wrote some pretty dumb shit at that age too (inb4 you're still saying dumb shit).

Where can I find this exchange?

I'm interested to know what caused him to become so edgy. What happened in his early life? Wasn't he baptized?

It was a 200+ reply thread that got archived (aka deleted).

That's a shame, it sounds hilarious

I didn't know making a deal was expressing rage…

I am using sex magic on you right now, making you want me as I tug along on my commie wiener

Satan isn't real. Now show some tits.

I don't know if you realize this SatanNazi, but since Marx was baptised and raised in a Christian home, "Almighty" refers to none other than God/the holy trinity.

Show us your pussy. Satan wills it.

Man, you really get me all bothered and hot when you talk crazy to me

I command you show the commies your ass.

feels… good man

pics pls

I have no idea what a Beltane ritual is, but it sounds fascinating.

Care to enlighten me?

Stream pls

how do i join

Would love to meet the fella. Sounds like a real chap who's just too legit to quit

Can you, specifically, tell us more about the "pair off into the woods for some all night sex" bit?

Having a hard time trying to imagine this tbh

I'm no mouthbreather you individualist bitch, take your ayn rand with rituals pseudo ideology and dance around some fucking maypoles.

Ohhh look at me I've got tits so I can tempt the internet.

Nah mate, even if I was such a mouthbreather, which I am not, you do realize pictures of tits can be googled. Pictures of Tits aren't special.

But I guess an ideology driven by the ego and some mystified idea of 'nature' would lead you to believe that you were somehow special.

You think you aren't a dumb fucking fedora lord because you have a hole instead of a pole? Nope.

Ooh look at me i'm so kinky, you think I haven't fucked girls like you? I bet you're all edgy ideologies but then at the same time are an insanely jealous and possessive person who needs constant attention. That big ego takes probably takes ALOT of maintenance, which is funny for what is supposed to be radical independence.

The whole beltane thing just kinda seals it. 'I'm some brand of satanic pseudo pagan who kind of just appropriates random NOT CHRISTIAN ideology.' Girls like you are ten a penny. The proper term for you is mystical reactionaries

You sound like a virgin desperately trying to brag about imaginary girlfriends.

Nope, I just happen to end up in relationships with batshit women. It is as you say, more kinky.

Literally liquid pseudo pagananism in modern form.

Is this what Satanism is? Just paganism? Lmao.

Darling, I have too great a gf to get upset over a larping snowflake who thinks fingering her pussy is getting fucked on the astral plane.

Satannazis probably the only girl around so she seems cool to him. I've been in a similar situation, although she was a scene lolbertarian and not a satanic nazi.

Satanism IS paganism

That's like, the entire fucking point. Paganism was deemed "evil" by the Jewish powers that took over Europe, and they regarded Enki as "Satan", the enemy. Therefor, these religions became Satanism.

pagan is just a christian word for none christians. Including Judaism and Islam. It isn't a Jewish word. The Jewish word for that is Goy.

Wait, so your religion is what the "JEWS" determined it to be?

But that's the thing, all humans, at least those of Aryan descent, worshiped the same gods, just under different names. Thoth, for example, was known as Hermes in Greece and Queztalqoatl in Mexico and so on. The higher ranking Jews recognized this, which is why they were quick to organize the various different beliefs under the label of "Satanism". "Goyim" is a slang for non-Jews, meaning cattle, because that's how those monsters view us.

We choose to call ourselves "Satanists", because as the religion of humanity, our arch enemy is the Jews and their alien masters. Kind of out of spite. Also, "Satanus", the cuneiform word that "Satan" was derived from, means "Absolute Truth", and was a title frequently attributed to Enki/Satan. It's rather fitting that the Jews regard truth as their enemy

I am all ears. I too understand that THEY LIVE

sweet lord you are a goldmine

Reptilians are an extraterrestrial species that are working to destroy humanity. They felt threatened and endangered with the idea of humanity evolving and becoming Gods. Their goal is to enslave and keep us from advancing into higher beings. By doing this they generated a parasitic race with a purpose to enslave, manipulate, and control us humans––that is the Jews. Reptilian genes were passed on to the Jew and their DNA remains within them. There is obvious proof that Jews can relate to reptilians just by seeing their purpose in zionism and world domination.

Many of you are familiar with stories that mention reptilians coming to earth and stealing genes of individuals in order to shape shift. You'll mainly hear this kind of garbage from a public speaker named David Icke who promotes 'conspiracy theories'. THIS IS A MYTH! They use these kind of scare tactics in order to distract you from seeing that Jews are the actual reptilian hybrids. The shapeshifting videos you see on you see on youtube such as the lizard eyes and face changing can be easily photoshopped. David Ick had a purpose to make it appear that whites were the reptilian hybrids, when it's the Jews.

Jews DO have reptilian genetics and this is obvious if one recognizes the features of a Jew. Their facial features such as nose, eyes, ears, etc can relate to reptilians. There were reptilian statues found in graves by the Ubaid people in Iraq which dates back to 4,000 BCE. ; this is about the time when Jews claim their beginnings. Gentiles go back much further than that.

Everything the Jews do can relate to reptilians such as animal mutilation, blood drinking, and human sacrifices that are involved in their cultural rituals. Other enemy ET's such who work with the reptilians such as Grey's do the same activities. Cattle mutilation, abduction, sacrifices are proven to be responsibilities of Grey and reptilians. You see Jews having the same intentions and pursuit. Even in the Jewish made religions include sacrifices that symbolize canniblism such as 'eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ'. And in the bible it talks nothing but gore, blood, an violence that are fed to little children. The truth is that it's in their nature to do such, they were created for this purpose.

Jews, even on a unconscious level, will naturally feed off your vital energy and life force. They were born what is called a "psychic vampire" with the ability to drain Gentiles, even without knowing they are doing so. This is how they survive and regain their energy. Like vampires, they attach to their victim with the need to feed on a daily basis. This comes natural to them. Remember that they are programmed and designed for this purpose, as it's in their subconscious to do such.

Jews have reptilian genes and they're created to remove knowledge and fool us. Their so called masters (what we know as reptilians) have helped these parasites and gave them the knowledge to defeat us. Jews are NOT of the human race and most definitely not of the white race! And this is obvious if one will open their eyes and keep aware of whats going on. And since we whites are descendants of the Nordic gods (Satan and the Demons), this gives them more of a reason to demolish us.

I mean, this isn't the only sentence that needs citation, but citation is most definitely needed here, seeing as you use the word 'proven'

We be aliens and shiz


tfw the satanism thread has nothing to do with the Church of Satan, started by Anton LaVey

JoS is one hell of a drug

LaVeyanism is not Satanism. Hell, LaVey himself was a Jew who confessed that he believed in Jewhovah on his deathbed

Can't believe you didn't mention the Demiurge, which the gnostics believe is the evil god of the Old Testament.

But, seriously… all Jews have reptilian intentions and are planning world domination? Even the ones in poverty who have no intention of controlling or manipulating anything?

This is why David Icke made the distinction between Zionists and Jews. Most Jews don't do shit. It's crazy to say there is a conspiracy of "Jews". It's like saying there is somehow a conspiracy of the "Irish" just because they have some them have a lot of money and hang out with other rich Irish people.

Yep. Our spiritual workings, as well as my personal experiences, confirm the Jews to be a hivemind. Even if they aren't aware of it, they are all working towards Communism. They're basically evil incarnate

If they aren't aware they aren't in a hivemind.

because people who started an ideaology and then going against it disproves that idealogy?

It may be an ideology, but it has nothing to do with Satanism. It is impossible for a Jew to be a Satanist, they are diametrically opposed