Is the Jewish conspiracy meme real? Are there any good vids or books debunking it hardcore?

Is the Jewish conspiracy meme real? Are there any good vids or books debunking it hardcore?

To be perfectly honest I read a bit about it and it's bugging me. I know it's stupid but I don't really know how to disprove it empirically, it actually sort of makes sense, and now I'm worried Holla Forums is actually right about this

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Well they're right that a majority of the bourgeoisie have Jewish blood, even a little bit. But the problem is they (Holla Forums) want to kill just the Jewish ones, and not the White ones. (Asian and Blacks I'm not sure but probably too.) White ones will still continue to exploit workers and continue to have the problems.

And not to add that they want to kill not just the rich, but also the Jewish workers (and other non-white workers) too. They want to wipe out/enslave most of the proletariat.

They're right, but they only want to focus on one part of the wider problem, and take down people who have nothing to do with it.

Good meme, Sassanach

It's to cover up the Emerald Empire

By the same token, you have jewish communist fighting jewish capitalist.
It seems this would go against their whole conspiracy, but the cognitive dissonance doesn't seem to bother them much.

yes and no.
Yes, many Jews own huge parts of the media and Israel loby is strong. But it's not a conspiracy to destroy the white race.
Jews are a culture, not a religion or a race.
Jews are people that study a lot.
Jews are people that culturally are drawn to power, because if you are poor, you are useless.
etc etc.
Also Jews help other jews and that creates good networking for them so they can easier climb in power.

If you are honestly capable believing the Jews can simultaneously be capitalist and communist at the same time you're beyond hope.

The whole jewish conspiracy is a way to distract people from the reality that Finland isn't real.

this is zesty af

Well according to a source, most of the world's riches are Christians followed by Muslims. Jews don't even come close at last place, but this is obviously based on their small population. With news outlets and media, it couldn't at all be said that Jews own it. MSNBC for example is owned by a Catholic and so on.

We on Holla Forums believe that the jews are "attacking" capitalism as a means to a greater goal. Or to gain something on the short-term.

It does not matter if Communism or Capitalism wins in the end for them, they'll still be pulling most of the strings.

Attacking Capitalism won't take away their influence, it will only shift it. (Agreed Capitalism is not sustainable in the long run, thus should be eliminated or at least reduced, but our opinions differ when it comes to the solution after capitalism)

The 'fight' can also be used to gain popularity and spread Marx-like ideas (that in our opinion are also harmful to the goyim)

is a fucking joke since Communism was created by mostly jews as a means of control over the masses (just like quite some other ideologies)

To answer your question from my point of view, Yes but it is not the whole story.
It is not "all" the Jews that are in this 'conspiracy', it's more like an observation of what is happening now and why Jews mostly promote ideas that are harmful for Europe. Other people are involved as well that have either been persuaded by jews or gain something/are affiliated with jewish interests.

There are enough non-goyim that don't know what is going on and shouldn't be deported with those that are (willfully) trying to harm Europe with social-engineering techniques.

Giving that the same was more or less going on before the rise of Hitler also encourages people to become Nazi's (not necesseraly those who think gassings actually happened).

Yes, just type 'jewish conspiracy' into youtube, that will give you credible answers

They did lending at interest a lot so they got rich.

They were a different religion so it was easy to kick them out when 'christian' kings didn't want to pay back loans.

They managed to establish themselves somewhat in some places, namely Frankfurt and later London.

They use their political influence to prop up Israel, just like the USA used their political influence to prop up Pinochet and The saudis use their political influence to prop up all sorts of shit. Its no great conspiracy, capitalism and the accumulation of wealth allows concentrated small groups of weak minded people to play high stakes games with whole nations full of people and great stores of resources. Based off of pure ego or pure idpol …( is there a difference?) every group tries to accumulate as much capital as it can. Everyone is a cunt under capitalism because they have to be to survive.

Daily reminder

It's not because some king didn't want to pay back a loan (that followed a semitic religion) that it discredits the whole argument.

Them getting rich like that rhymes a lot with their other practices to twist things up. (even to the point of tricking/jewing their own religious rules and their kinsmen, how innocent is that?)

perhaps, but the effect is the one one of an elaborated conspiracy.
It is not the intend that counts, but the result. And we are witnessing them right now as it has been witnessed in the past before several times.

Look into the Nash-theorem, the Nash equilibrum and please reflect on your statement. Also it's not Capitalism's fault (although Capitalism heavily encourages it) that people have an egocentric part in them that might be useful for survival someday, with or without capitalism.

Lots of cunts out there indeed, but as far as historical records go, jews are always suspiciously prominently involved, more than any other.

read a book

any recommendations?

Didn't say that, reductionist. Just, you have to look at bad shit jews have done in the context of everybody doing bad shit.

You can name just as much white man bad shit as jewish bad shit or black man bad shit or asian bad shit

even if others did more bad things than jews, that is not the point.

Except the shit coming from some of those jews will have a lasting effect on the gene pool of the future.
That's where all the outrage is coming from.

Agreed we can look at it in the bigger picture of people being mischievious, but since it seems to be organized and with a permanent effect if nothing is done about it, I count it as a conspiracy that is relevant to us.

enjoy being cucked by the Papal oligarchy

it's pretty easy to be "right" when they have less than a one-drop rule for Jewishness. I've even seen someone having a Jewish wife as proof of LeCraftyJew.jpg

I'm from Holla Forums and want to see how correct my perspective on things is, by trying to see what the 'opposite' side thinks.

Any recommendations or references to a list of recommendations are welcome, don't mean to derail the thread.

What has a list of the richest people to do with jews? I think the theory goes that jews have exploiting power, this is not 100% related with who has the msot money.

More money does not equals more power.

can't go wrong with the Manifesto, it's short and to the point

I have opinion very close to what you are saying, but lets agree with Karl Marx on this subject, and stop dividing our views. Marx wrote a book called "On the Jewish Question", and here are quotes from that book:

I don't believe that all jews are fundamentally evil as Holla Forums says, but jewish porkies were noticed since Marx, and that particular jewish elite never gave up on globalism and exploitation of workers. People like Rothschild, Rockefellers and Soros need to be strongly judged before the law for all their crimes against humanity and be executed before the public, so people will fear to do what they did again. And of course that includes getting rid of non jewish capitalist exploiters too. Race isn't the case. The case is their crimes.

It may not be 100% related but I'd say it's pretty strongly related. The fact that there's only one Jew and five Catholics has to mean something.


True they are strongly related, since many things can be bought with with money or get corrupted ith it.

feel like that too but I can't point my finger on what exactly (you don't need to be jewish to be one of the richest persons in the world?).

Also I still fail to see how this relates to the jewish conspiracy other than shutting up the purple-pilled autist who scream that everything bad in their eyes is because of the jewish boogeyman (like blacks blaming whites for their so-called oppression).

The times we live in yearn for more efficiënt measures m8