Can anyone make a short meme pic that explains why venezuela isnt socialist? pretty tired of explaining it

can anyone make a short meme pic that explains why venezuela isnt socialist? pretty tired of explaining it

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Stop pulling the old "this isn't real socialism" card. We're still talking about a planned economy (socialist or not) and most people believe that just can't work.
So rather just explain to them how an economy based solely on oil is bound to get fucked when the US decides to bring down oil prices.

Venezuala is one of the cases where 'this isn't real socialism' is totally warranted. Why should we have to make any concessions to the right just because they're uneducated? And any rate there's nothing there that even resembles a planned economy. That is, unless you define planning as anything a government does, which is wrong.

You can't make a short meme to explain extremely complex (from a normie point of view) economics and philosophy. Sharing one of these badly, quickly made JPEG the text isn't even bordered and doesn't contrast with the background ffs is doable in what, 20 seconds?
Meanwhile debunking it requires a whole Internet debate against a tard who suffers from Dunning-Kruger.

opinion disarded


Stalinism = ideology = worth judging an opinion on

Tripfag = arbitrary = not worth judging an opinion on.


Tripfagism is also an ideology

tbh stalinists are the ultimate cancer

everything has been privatized, it doesn't matter what kind of government they have

... hoarding&src=typd

oh god this is golden

Funny thing, we should've expected this. Not only it's not the first time, it's practically a law at this point.

USSR would be most noticeable case: it is constantly being presented via post-Soviet pictures.

but there are still hundreds of more pictures like this that are in fact from venezuela

This is your economy under socialism.

We don't have many empty shelves anymore.

Now we just have entire shelves filled with one product, and that have only one row of that product. (at least that's what they do in farmatodo)

The problem is that planned economies do work, but only if they are capitalist because international companies bend over backward to sustain them.

To the Millennial, this looks opressive as fuck because of how quaint it is.

But the whole world was like that just a few decades ago, so it's nothing to be shocked about.

Actually, the poor don't have access to supermarkets and have access to cheap junk food instead of real food.

Sounds like America. All the poor people are fat and have health problems because they can't afford anything but toxin-filled junk food.

haha! we have the freedom to choose between 25-50 kinds of tooth paste

all more or less the same thing.

They are not the same thing. Only one of the products will actually help your oral hygiene.

you think nasa just happened by chance?

the most expensive one?




People can easily go to a supermarket, by foot or by bus, what are you talking about?

What do you mean by the "cheap junk food" that they have and "real food" that they don't? I don't think that arepas and bread are junk food.


Try living on bread, alone.

During Nazi occupation, Greece had "food". Yet people still died in the streets.


why does that have so many tweets sharing old shit

i'm dumb, i clicked on something else.

That is propaganda you retard.
you look like an average retarded Holla Forumsack.

I saw actual footage once, a family just picking up a couple of huge boxes full of packets of what looked like soviet cheetos and putting them on a trolley

Cheap junk food, ie Doritos instead of cheese and bread, working for $7.50 /hr over a decent standard of living.

You have to be one of the sorriest sacks of shit if you think it's feasible to have to take groceries home when you are paying more in rent and utilities in an apartment that keeps going up in price (no rent control) while thinking that's all peaches and cream simply because you have a car.

And certainly that footage wasn't propaganda, right?

Also, if it's from Moscow it doesn't count either. Being the capital, Moscow tended to be the most well-stocked city in the USSR, whereas everyone else could fuck off and starve.

Oh please, things weren't great but the USSR didn't have starvation after the 50s

Really? Just make the meme about how the Venezuelan government is basically filled with porkies, and the fact that relying on oil so much will fuck over an economy. See the petrol dollar in Canada.

You fully buying into the propaganda.

KYS as soon as possible.

I think you mean this?


That's exactly how every socialist Utopia ends up looking like.

note: i didn't watch the video


how do you think that the cuban doctors got here?

Good point. I need to stop reading these cancerous youtube comments.

hell, even telesur (very pro-government) says it:

Currently some 46,000 Cubans work in Venezuela’s health programs. Not only do Cuban doctors go to Venezuela, but Venezuelan patients travel to Cuba to its world-class hospitals for treatment of chronic or life-threatening conditions, with everything — the treatment, hotels, hospitals, food, doctors, nurses, and in-country transportation — covered by Cuba.

What the fuck are you talking about?

The government just became conservative so they've worked to undermine Tele-sur nowadays.

What the fuck are you talking about? This is Venezuela, not Argentina.

The argentinian government just stopped financing telesur and then everything followed their normal procedure.

Fuck off

How is that not normal?

Also, what the hell are you trying to say with "media becomes anti government"? Are you lost? At least tell me which country you're talking about.

Actually, the "breadlines and gulags" steriotype was largely Western propaganda.

Now, the USSR had serious problems, but they were exaggerated to hell and back in Western media.

There must be a reason why the USSR is no more don't you think?

The USSR does not exist because of stagnation in its late period. Previous boosting of the USSR growth rate caused disillusion when the USSR went from growing faster then the west to having next to no growth at all. This is why the leadership was able to buy off the workers in early uprisings.