The evolution of 'Normie' arguements

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For those wondering where I got this from.

stopped reading there, he has no actual idea what it's like in Norway any more than any other American

He seems to have forgotten the ethnic tensions that existed between different types of Swedes in the 40s when the entire welfare state was created, I mean - we where still ethnically cleansing sami and romani at that point.

Welfare is not something that comes out of ethnocentrism, but rather lack of economic hardships lessens ethnic tensions.

Just look at Yugoslavia, things where fine until neoliberalism came along.

i got this from a history book thats surprisingly pro-marxist, just gonna sum it up because the chapter is like 30 pages long:

the parts he said about liberals and SJ, its totally correct. but the part where he said america is more divisive than the civil shows just how much of a fedora wearer he actually is. i guarantee you this guy has no knowledge whatsoever and is just a lite Holla Forumsfag.

"muh diversity of culture doesnt work" no of course it doesnt because it doesnt matter what matters is that people see they can make some goddamn money. thats what the land of opportunity is all about, if you stopped being a slave and working in my factory to make profits for me then its a good thing. if you're willing to risk it and work hard labor to make profits for me then its a good thing. empathy and love doesnt fucking matter, its all economically driven, as long as the rich porkie can gain something from it, it will happen under capitalism.

how come? i see a lot of national pride when you fat fucks landed in the middle east and when you watch the super bowl? i see a whole lot of it when you went to war with the axis after the corporations sold weapons to them. national pride and "empathy and understanding" CAN happen and WILL happen if porkie gains something from it.



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Sides in orbit and so on and so on.

So liberals "HATE" other opinions but Christians calmly disagree with them?

I feel like every right wing person should google "hypocracy" and "psychological projection" at least once in their lives

Oh really? Awesome! So can we stop saying the national anthem during school and sports games? Can we stop indoctrinating children with this obvious tribalism?

I'm sure the Sami really appreciate that

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don't start with appeals to 'the european way' like a dumbass revisionist

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