Literally Islamic Communism

I found some videos of a Muslim guy converting a Socialist worker to Islam.


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I approve this message.


I bet they socialize all the nine year olds in that system

Good shitpost.

""""""""Muslim""""""""" socialist here, and I want muslamig communism threads to stop. Perhaps Islam can help in aiding the cause, but I will never claim that it's inherently socialist. That's just dishonest

Who else is convinced this is porky infiltration of the worker's movement?

That's retarded

It's just a meme.

There is nothing wrong with Islamig Gommunism

Aren't Kurds Ahamidiyya and Sufi Muslims?

Ahmadiyya is a Punjabi sect.

There's a decent number of sunnis too

From what I gather, they are just very secular and moderate.

More like this

Muslim gommies rather than islamig gommunism.

Exactly. There's no such things as a static "Islamic" values. Even in Shi'ism there is a process by which you interpret Islamic laws to fit within the current era. The catch is, only the ayatollahs can do it.

This is also used in sufiism. If you've ever read Rumi, you'll see that he talks about it as "reaching Allah through one's own ways."

Religion thread is here:

I think the point of the entire thread was to discuss the Socialist guy being converted to Islam, rather than a general discussion about religion.

Religion is a tool of mind control, it enslaves people into false believes and exploit their feelings to make them obedient slaves for upper class of religious leaders and false prophets. It must be abolished, because it only leads to bloodshed, inequality based on faiths you enslaved yourself into and making people do what their religious leaders asking from them without questioning their authority.

And islam specifically makes people into bloodlusty mindless puppets of higher religious leaders, by placing rules adoring bloodshed of unbelievers. Ideology of a puppet with a sword.

They are subverting left into their religion when they realized they can't do it with right and their strong christian religious groups. Especially by making liberals feel that muslims are being treated "unequal", when in reality they cover up all crimes they done in their countries to do them in their countries. All class repressions based on religion they done in their countries can't be counted on paper.

We see through their lies. We aren't your kind of people, muslim shitposters need to get out. Real communist doesn't have anything with religion and fights against it. No more ISIS puppets. I am really disappointed with such puny socialists, who allow themselves to be enslaved by religious exploiters.

OK, then explain to me why 99% of the Zapatistas and their supporters are Catholics or practice indigenous folk religions, or a mixture of both

Why the fuck should i care about some divided special snowflake, who can't follow the general rules of how communism is built? I recommend reading Lenin on the subject of religion, its always inspiring.

At very least don't give religious folks control over minds of workers. They can practice any bullshit inside their homes, but don't give them power and authority over country. Forbid building religious buildings or teaching religion at public. Or else they will subvert your youths into being mentally enslaved by priesthood. To the point when they can came up with conservative views inside their religious movements and rise against your communism union.

Tripfaggotry is porky infiltration of the worker's movement

Religions are not political ideologies, even when they have political elements. They are not an accurate indicator of the personal motivations and goals of their adherents, because they are not based on empirical reasoning. It is impossible to accurately understand the Islamist movement solely from a theological perspective instead of a historical and geopolitical one. Terrorism in particular has little appeal to the pious: most people who join up are young idiots that know they'll be in history books if they blow themselves up for the cause.

You speak of liberals being useful idiots, but assuming badly of people based on religious affiliation is a tenant of liberal retardation. It is genetic determinism for progressives.

I agree that the pro-religious "liberation theology" arguments are basically shitposting, but all you are doing is making up tinfoil hat accusations of people.

Pick one.

this vid killed my hope for America

lets do it islamo gommunist :DDD

Despook yourself with a rope.

what about the sunnies they shunned the concept of " the man of god "

I approve of this. Only good commie is a dead commie. Islam make Russia great again!