New low for Jason Untrue

In his most recent video, Unruhe declares "the Kurds" to be Zionists and puppets of imperialism due to the dubious "fact" that they're turning to Israel for recognition after Turkey, Syria, and Iran have all given them the cold shoulder.

I hope everyone is as tired of this clown as I am.

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The weird thing is that he has demonstrated that he's perfectly capable of not being an edgy retard.

Not as many views in that though.

5-6 years ago his videos were decent. Now he's merely a tankie version of The Young Jerks.

So, support Assad?

Unless you want to see the YPG bombed to bits by an Israeli-armed Kurdish government.

How do we know the YPG isn't in bed with Israel also?

They probably are, but even if they aren't they're definitely being used to weaken Assad.

The truth is that the Kurds have started to claim lands they never occupied, even land that is majority Assyrian and Arab.


Turd worldists and tankies:

I fucking can't.

Not to mention most "Kurdish" territory in eastern Turkey was originally Armenian, and that the Kurds played a huge role in the Armenian Genocide.

What I basically think will happen is that the Peshmerga will roll in when the SAA and the YPG are too busy fighting each other, and they'll annex everything their side of the Euphrates.

full pic please

Okay so, which Kurdish factions are the reactionaries again?

These are the ruling parties in the Iraqi Kurdish government:

Peshmerga is their military. They're basically Neo-Liberals.

Shit. I assumed the Kurds were something close to anarcho-syndicalist since Ocalan was so heavily influenced by Bookchin.

Ocalan's Kurds are the Syrian Kurds.

The Iraqi Kurdish tribes are established reactionaries with NATO support. They want hegemony over Kurds so will kill the YPG Anarcho-Syndicalists.

At least he has good taste in booze.

I make my bottles last a lot longer tho

Whose side do the Turkish Kurds take?

hasn't WSWS been promoting this line already?

you forgot Hamas

What's wrong with Hamas? Sure they're not the PLO or PFLP, but they're better than Israel

5-6 years ago all the content in his videos was plagiarized from Trotskyist news sites like WSWS.

Hamas are entirely reactionary. Palestinian communists despise Hamas.

Supporting Hamas for being less shitty than Israel is completely retarded.

I'm sorry, just look at the comments being left by Jason Caden's fanboys:

they're theocratic fascists acting in self-defense against an imperialist power. nothing more, nothing less. you might as well support the BJP in India. and terrorism is a stupid tactic anyway, everytime a Palestinian blew up an Israeli pizza shop, Netanyahu got another hundred votes.


This says otherwise:

This is literally tailism on the PFLP's part. They stopped being useful 30 years ago.

Give me your source that they hate Hamas.


I was stating the opposite idiot. The article makes it sound as if the PFLP is more than willing to tail Hamas, nearly identical to the way Marxists in the Iranian Revolution agreed to follow the line of the clerics. Hmmmm, how did that work out I wonder?

where does that say they're not fascists?

trips confirm, that's where "critical support" leads you

All ya niggaz need some OAKKE mautism!

Is this legit?

Saudi Arabia are worse imperialists than Israel at this point. Sure, Israel supported apartheid South Africa back in the day, but it's not like they're engaged in a handful of proxy wars like the Saudis are. Plus, Israel is nothing but a lapdog of the US. Take away US support and Israel wouldn't be able to do anything except defend itself with the technology it already has. Saudi can function entirely on its own due to the influx of oil money.

Look this is coming from a Helenophile/Byzantinophile, you've got to let it go, I know it's ironic and it's like karma biting them in the ass for their past collaborations.

But given that they've come so far in their enlightenment in a region otherwise known for savagery and barbarity, I am willing to let it slide.

It exists.
If that's what you're asking.

And yes, they are maoists.

Are you Greek?

If so, how is the current situation?

The situation is stale.
Nothing really happens.
Everything is stable.

We might go bankrupt in July (according to wikileaks of the IMF)

But in general, the opposition (that has now gone full neoliberal) wants elections, cause it has to be asking elections, or what would be it's point.
SYRIZA is "negotiating".
The people are whining without knowing what they want. (Greeks don't have class consciousness or are KKE and the rest 3% of the left. 8% in total).
We have a load of refugees, that are being manipulated for political reasons and don't leave the borders.

Eeeer… what else? Nah. The usual. Neoliberalism goes forth, but at least not as severely as it would otherwise, and that's why people are not protesting as much.

Unless.. the IMF is so stupid that it wants severe application of neoliberalism (Merkel has stepped down, cause she doesn't want the debt not to be paid), and cause reaction from the people…. or even we go bankrupt and the domino begins.

But for now.. Stability.


What's up with this, might I ask?

They take the side of the PKK, which means Ocalan's side.

So, they're anti-Zionist/anti-Israel? Good.

I'm not going to even bother opening the video, but I'm going to guess, is he conflating Iraqi Kurdistan with Rojava?

He says in the video that "Syrian Kurds" are reaching out to Israel for recognition.

another greekfag here, not the same you were talking with

currently there are 50.000+ refugees in greece
the borders have been closed so they are trapped here. A deal between turkey and the eu has been signed that is illegal and ignores the human and refugee rights by forcing them to return to Turkey without really concedering if they are in danger. So far very few returns have actually happened. The NATO is patrolling greek and turking waters using the pretext of stoping the traffickers.
Most of the refugees have been taken to concentration camps builted by the army where conditions in most of them are terrible.
ngos funded by unhcr and europe found the chance due to the state been useless and are making profit and it has been documented that they also abuse the refugees.
Many quats for refugees and solidarity movements have arised over the past year but the media and the political sphere try to blame them for everything and once again they are blowing the fire of golden dawn but i don't think they have much of an impact anymore.


Why is everyone here so in love with the kurds anyway?


I watched one video from this guy about 5 years ago and forgot about him.

Nice to know he's followed the typical steps of youtubers and succumbed to conspiracy theory in an effort to remain relevant to retain viewers i mean income

They were genuinely persecuted under Saddam/Turks/etc

Christ, I can't stand that he's one of the more prominent communist youtubers.
We really need to build our presence on there.

Since when do we support someone on the basis that they've had it bad?
Not to mention we're talking about a whole bunch of million people.

it's funny that some faggots manage to attack that fucking moron the only very few times he actually gets something right

OP is a faggot

The point is that they are only nationalistic because they're desperate because of their oppression

because they are quite lefty

He doesn't even put ads on his vids anymore. He just asks his 16-year old buddies to donate to his Patreon account.

t. henry makow


Why were the Irish turned into a meme, then?

oh come on, this is just political positioning. Israel is a very powerful lobby and they can use Israel's history as leverage to garner their support, due to how Israeli jews claim that they were granted their rightful clay/fatherland, and Kurds are a misplaced people themselves that never had a nation.

If they can get the Israel lobby to support them that will pressure other countries to support them. Unruhue is a retard that can't into politics.
If he wasn't deluded that he was a marxist-leninist (where any ML in his mind would denounce him) he'd be the kind of person saying the USSR allied with Nazi Germany during WWII

I've seen tankies defend the Armenian Genocide as "anti-imperialist" too.

Anyone got that "sex trafficker" pic he posted? I want to laugh at what a sleazy shit Xirxist Memes looks.

This sassanach hasn't been greenpilled!

Nope but I have the aftermath.

ISRAEL REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! THere is no excuse for EVER siding with Israel EVER! they are the worst country in the world and are literally the nazi hitler darth vader of the world. If you even suggest that they are not 100% evil and are not the worst in the world then you support everything they do and are responsible for nazi hitler darth vader genocide oppression man!

Ross Wolfe pls go.

The Kurds have been siding with Israel since the 80s. This is nothing new.

No, he's always been an edgefag.

You don't even need to side with Israel itself. Taking the line of Israeli/Palestinian socialist/trotskyist/green groups is enough to make people on the radical left (not just tankies) completely lose their shit, call you a zionist shill, and try and no-platform you. "THE JEWS" and paying undue attention to one tiny little shitty patch of desert instead of the far more serious problems happening everywhere else is easily the biggest spook in radical left wing politics today, but it's so fucking entrenched and prevalent it's difficult to combat. The Syrian civil war has killed something like 15 times the amount of people than the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict combined, and a much higher proportion of deaths in the Syrian civil war have been civilians. Why do people think that if The Jews stopped having their own country we'll suddenly have sunshine and rainbows and peace in the Middle East? How do people not see how much of a spook this is?

Funny, I've seen an Armenian who was Tankie defend Ataturk on reddit .


I also don't understand why Palestine is THE international issue for the radical Left by which they judge all others. How many Leftists would be condemned for not supporting an independent Kurdistan, or Native American autonomy, or Berber autonomy in N. Africa, or Kashmir going to Pakistan? What makes the Palestinians sooo speschul?

What exactly is this position? Two-state solution?

They want the end of Israel. One-state solution of Palestine.

I honestly don't understand how that's supposed to be a "moral" solution though, given as to how it would keep the settlements and Jewish control of the majority of land. Yes, you'd see a return of Palestinian refugees, but they'd most likely be dumped in industrial housing and given shit-tier jobs. It's not like there would be an effort to restore the Palestinian villages that were destroyed in '48.

Are there any Palestinians on this board who would like to give an opinion on this situation?

Is there any source on his claim that the PYD/YPG has aligned itself with Israel in any way?

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little first worldist? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the maoism third worldism school, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on American imperialism, and I have over 300 confirmed debunkings of social democracy. I am trained in maoist dialectics and I’m the top marxist on youtube. You are nothing to me but just another reactionary. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen since the great proletarian cultural revolution, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that revisionist shit to me over the Internet? Think again, first worldists. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of subscribers across the world and your comment is being put into a mailbag video right now so you better prepare for the storm, faggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can debunk you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with calling you out for first worldism. Not only am I extensively trained in combating liberalism, but I have access to the entire collection of Mao's writings and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your argument off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, first worldist.

There. For your effort.

Jason did nothing wrong

No, the Green/socialist/trotskyist groups in Israel/Palestine *generally* want a two state solution (given a "one state" solution is going to be worse than the status quo for women, workers, queers, other ethnic minorities). Until the rise of "anarchists against the wall" in Israel a decade ago (idpol infested, but they hardly have any members) even the anarchist position within Israel/Palestine was basically "shit's fucked but a one state solution is going to make shit more fucked so no."

Many western leftists on the other hand throw a complete and utter tantrum if you suggest a two state solution is better than Hamas basically running everything. Not all: many leftcoms and of course the antideutsche in Germany realise how much "THE JEWS" is a spook, and the parties affiliated with the Committee for a Workers' International (Socialist Alternative in America, Socialist Party in the UK and Australia, etc) tend to line up with the perspective of the Trotskyist parties in Palestine/Israel (ie are in favour of a two-state solution)… but generally, as a rule, opposition to Israel even existing is more important for leftists than actually doing anything to stand in solidarity with the leftists within Israel/Palestine itself. I can't think of a single other conflict in which this would happen.

Leninist conceptions of anti-imperialism: obviously everyone is opposed to imperialism, I mean the Leninist version of it that basically states all "Western" countries are inherently bad and imperialist and must be opposed as a matter of course.

Maoist third worldism, which is really just a refinement of the above idea: liberation movements must be supported, even if those movements are total reactionary bullshit and worse for your average worker than the capitalist status quo.

Lastly, anti-semitism. THE JEW is easy to fetishise, to blame for everything. Jews are basically seen as the prototypical capitalist thanks to the roles they were traditionally forced into in Western society. They're the eternal "foreigner" who are seen as parasites on good, honest, working folk. Antisemitism is the illusion that the collective is in the process of fighting a war of liberation against The Jew.

The three of these combined have basically formed the ultimate spook- in the mind of the anti-semite leftist we have an easily maligned "foreigner" in The Jew, we have a western capitalist state that needs to be "overcome" in order to have a liberated society, and we have groups claiming to fight for national liberation against things that are seen as oppressive.

PFLP has always supported a one-state solution.

Why do people keep complaining about this retard Stalinist, yet at the same time watch his videos, link them here, and start threads about him to discuss their content?

U Mad?
kek, look at the comments

Leave it to Unruhe to make Ross Wolfe look sane.