Time to fuck with >reddit tbqh



There's drama happening with the /r/socialism and /r/fullcommunism mods, time to cause some havoc lads.

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Why is it so hard for people to not be assholes?

It's not that challenging for the most part.

Reddit is always shit. No matter what ideology you have, its always shit.

Total bullshit, you fucking horse rectum.

t. arsehole

I can't even figure out who's in the wrong.

They're all so unbearable.

What's the point?
That guy is complaining about mods of SJW subs not being empathetic enough which is kinda true though for some reason radical feminists SJWs tend to be sociopaths. Imagine how he would do if he moderated that shithole.
I personally don't understand the interest we can have in Reddit. They know we exist, fine, now whenever they have a meltdown because X word promotes Imperialism, they know they can come here.

/r/shittankies say seems to be autistic leftcoms? not much better than the SJW stalinists that dominate the leddit far-left




I don't know what's real and what's not anymore.

How is it possible to be a SJW and tankie at the same time? How the fuck do they combine this? Somebody please explain it.

You can only be SJW if you are tankie.

The ability to excuse everything by pure ideology can only be seen in tankies. (or pol).

That's rather well-designed tbh

I'd disagree with that. SJWs are usually liberal intersectional feminists with essentialist ideas of identity: sure, their ideology was partially informed by adapting some Maoist ideas on social struggle to a first world context, but their solutions for all the problems in society are effectively neoliberalism. They want to incorporate self-appointed spokespeople from traditionally marginalised groups into the machinery of oppressing others, in the process removing the liberatory or revolutionary potential that exists in those groups. They also tend to muh privilege other forms of "oppression" above class, or often ignore class entirely.

Eh, it's a little complex for the simple and iconic aesthetic of either of the symbols it combines. The plus from the female symbol also stands out because it's radially asymmetrical compared to the other offshoots.

leddit is going ham on you brocialists


Also some follow up to the autismos vs tankie SJW drama

This shit is too autistic for me if anyone is still stirring the pot

forgot link




I-I don't understand how is it supposed to work.

Only one of these can be true.

I think I get it, Holla Forums is splitting up the left because all other leftists divide up the working class based on race and gender and we don't

tbf i've interacted with SemiHollowCarrot before and they seem pretty reasonable, even willing to not call people "Cisscum capitalists" if you disagree with them

Who else misses Bjorn? Fuck I miss that autistic son of a bitch

Reddit is just a shit platform even if there are good people on it; 90% of shit is boring ass metafaggotry.

Plus reddit is filled with LARPing tankies, its cringy af tbh.

Of course, i dont think anyone here would deny that

but it can also be said of this site :Λ)


holy shit this thing is an abomination.

it looks like a weird logo that someone would make in halo

Its a leftcom board, fucking hilarious tbh, they are even more autistic on leddit than on Holla Forums. They also get atomically butthurt anytime a tankie or maoist posts.

Yeah looks like some scifi dystopia shit.

Just end my life fam

This is just a bad shoop, isn't it?

I wonder how tankie r/fullcommunism is. If i made a comment or post supporting Pol Pot would i get banned or down voted.


Is that a summoning circle for Yog-Sothoth?

n-no bully

Looks like some occult symbol. Pretty cool tbh

Let's get Satan-chan on the case. She'll tell us what school of magic were dealing with.
We were right there were literally leddit tankied in that thread. I don't know why some dumb assholes had the retarded idea to advertise on those cancerous subs. No one that has a reddit account has an opinion worth listening to. Now look we're some kind of boogyman they want to deal with. We don't have the numbers to take on that kind of concentrated autism.

/r/socialism is mostly SJWs with Maoist and Stalinist tendencies. Weirdly enough, capitalist feminists are better tolerated than non-ML socialists

/r/fullcommunism only exists for the memes but is also dominated by tankies

What happened to him, anyways?

I've never seen this much misinformation (bullshit) before.

There are people that actually think that there were presidential elections in Venezuela less than 3 years ago, and UNT (a member of the opposition coalition) is the poor socialist party affected by the evil liberals (also in the opposition coalition)


Guys, stop calling them SJW.

Call them PC-Liberals.

Aside from le ebin vaguely leftist identity, Holla Forums actually has a lot in common with Holla Forums

It is symptomatic of imageboard attempts at being SRS BUSINESS that they will devolve into a groupthink community of memes and people pretending to know what they're talking about and that the board has any kind of political or intellectual significance. It's just in the nature of imageboard culture to not be conducive to this sort of thing.

Though granted there are some people still on Holla Forums who aren't obviously e-leftists.


If I've learned anything from my life in leftists circles it's that SJWs hate anonymity.

SJW is a reactionary meme that makes fun of people who ostensibly want equality. I'm pretty sure all of us here are in favor of "social justice", although we disagree with the insufficiency of liberalism to bring about any kind of equality or justice and not just reproduce the State and capitalism.

Really it'd just make more sense to call them liberals. Because that's what they are.

The point is SJW is the W.

It's not the will for social justice.
It's the implication that you are a "Warrior" of it. (Or paladin, or mage).

A communist or anarchist will never call himself a Warrior.
Revolutionary, sure. But not "Warrior".

I thought SJW was only used by people making fun of them?

It is. I don't even understand what point they're trying to make.

SJWs are made fun of because they advocate, superficially, equality for women and gays and whatever. And people on Holla Forums and Holla Forums are mostly, at best, white males with nerd ressentiment who hate women, and at worst are full-blown Nazis. So any appeals to social justice and equality seem like a threat to them personally.

Though there are also a lot of genuinely mentally-ill people on tumblr from attached themselves to these vestiges of New Left liberalism and exacerbated them to the point that there are many people who actually, unironically believe in SCUM Manifesto-tier feminist stuff and actually advocate genociding white males, even if it's just misplaced aggression. But in any event, it pretty much confirms the fears of Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and other types like that.

And thus the SJW meme was born, that people who advocate for social justice are internet keyboard warrior extremists and that this what gultural margsism leads to and all that.

There's plenty of people who still call themselves SJW, or just take it as a weird compliment when they're called such and then learn what it stands for.

Really, the term has been driven into the ground. Blame the stormies, and general chan shittery. Gamer gate sure as fuck doesn't help. Remember that Breitbart adopted the term SJW to cater to the gators.

Just be pragmatic. Calling them SJW will only backfire, while calling them PC Liberal will disarm them and expose them for what they really are.

I was objecting more to the suggested replacement.

If you are talking TO a SJW, you just need to respond with something like "PC-BRO".

If you are talking ABOUT them, I don't see how using a different term makes any difference. Like "PoC is not like Nigger!"


what kind of cognitive dissonance does this shit take?

some more from the SLS sidebar:

like lysenkoism amirite

anyway, i haven't seen anyone here arguing that gender and race "don't matter" other than maybe the stirnerites–it's just that oppression based on them is an outpouring of the class divide

nothing he's saying is wrong (other than the last comment about Holla Forums being liberals lol), why does he think we disagree?

hey now, we also have LARPing anarchists!

SJWs are incredibly americentric.


Why not call them ultraliberals instead?

It points out what the really are: people trying to out-liberal liberals