Your place in the revolution

If a revolution took place in your country, what would your role in it be? Would you take to the streets, armed and ready to die for your cause? Would you find ways to support the revolution without putting your life at risk? Would you shit post on leftypol all the same?

Personally I like to think due to my high class consciousnesses and understanding of leftism, I would be able to help lead from behind the front lines of fighting. Of course though, that's unlike to happen and I'm probably being autistic.

I've always wanted to throw mollies at riot cops. I'll probably get gassed and beaten, but I'll go down cracking heads with a bat.

I'll let you be my leader after you show me your dick, Xexizy.

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xexizy's boipuss would become a public property

I'd probably do management type shit. Logistics are fucking important. I have no fear of public speaking either, so I might come in handy directing people strategically/tactically.

I'd be a grunt, armed with my battle rifle and a sub-basic understanding of marxist doctrine, but with a burning desire to shoot my boss and reactionary scumbags

I've have, twice. You know that their equipment keeps them safe but god damn, it's still a great feel to see them engulfed in flames.

Good ol' rocks usually give better effect on target, though

Can you guys stop talking like those 40 year old pedo's on craiglist, its shuddersome as fuck.

I'm a pretty good cook.


No clue
I'd go where I'm needed I guess probably end up pencil pushing for the poltical police force tbh


Why, indeed. I'm not a fag, after all

I live on an island, and my house is rural, so, unless I happen to be in capital at the time of the rev, I don't think I would be doing anything more than propaganda on the internets…

guerilla warfare, assassinations, cars blowing up general iraqi type things

I can run a total of 10 feet at a time so I doubt I would last long but my romanian AK and complete ruthlessness should take me far

FBI thread.

Agriculture ;^)


I don't know shit, I'm happy to be cannon fodder if given a rifle. Not everyone can have delusions of grandness.

Oh, but I expect the memorial to the unknown revolutionary to be suitably grand and kept clean.

I think you're special user. If you're so willing to throw your life away for the cause, I think that's really admirable

I am an ex-military guy, so I will probably lead a fire team or some shit despite being old and less than entirely physically capable just because the revolution is not going to have enough people with even a vague understanding of how a military works. Maybe I will be able to convince my poor old sextagenarian father to teach me how it's done.

Probably just running around the city streets with my AK, really. It doesn't sound glorious, but anything that supports the revolution is. I'd gladly die if it meant my comrades could live better lives.

arguing against MLs and ML-tier groups from taking over the worker movement and fucking shit up again

Aw. Thanks.

Of course I dream about being the hero of socialism and leading the world into utopia. But I know I'm no more qualified for that than anyone. Who am I to ask someone else to die for me.

The tankies better not fuck up the revolution though or I'll be pissed.

murdering the anarkiddie before building twenty seven monuments dedicated to the memory of Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha

ravage me tbh

this is why anarchist never wins.

Well, they are called "tankies" for a reason.

Anyone who wishes for a revolution based on (or worse, presuming) an idea of becoming the leader, is the first enemy that revolution will encounter - as they are the very definition of opportunists.

The joy of the revolution should be the mere chance to be a part of it, whether on the front or in the factories. Likewise, in a socialist society you should find joy enough at being a part of it, and being able to fulfil your role in it.

Knowing the predispositions of our Porky equivalent of a Governor I'd probably end up shot in the street.

This is how I feel

Well, assuming my party leads the revolution and assuming I play a similar role I play now I will have the job of general organizer for actions. Whenever we have actions of sabotage, activism, organizing protests etc generally me and another guy are in charge of it and we switch, so it is sound that I would do the same during the revolution, probably organizing sabotage or take overs.

When the revolution is over I just want to return to my fucking bakery and work without having anyone take my surplus value. I know this will not happen though since my party has told me over and over how I will be needed in the bureaucracy. I just want to work at my bakery without being exploited.

This might sound edgy, but my role would be voicing my support for the revolution on the internet.

how old is old?

I don't think the left is united enough for a revolution to end well here. I would probably have to back out because I disagreed with the methods or ideology of my comrades.

This and suicide bombing this guy

I'd fight against the revolution. I'm so autistic and antisocial that it would be the equivalent of a hipster uprising, and I would goose step against it

i will be with rest of the Jacobins

I'll be the one cooking the rich for my comrades. Perhaps along with our glorious baker.

I'd just yell and rant and rave and try to inspire some young people to join the cause. i've always been told i'm a pretty good Orator. Though i'd probably die leading one last inspiring charge into the Porkies, at least more people would take up arms to avenge me.
And yes, i would still shitpost.

the people lead the revolution comrade, the parties always struggle to catch up


Honestly I don't think I'd be best put to use in physical fighting. In fact, I think I'd rather engage in as little civilian violence as possible for the revolution to take place.

The key is to get the rank and file of the military on your side - they will kill their own generals and fight against the private armies of capital so that the civilians even stand a chance. This is historically how successful revolutions have taken place; by getting the armed forces to realize their true class allegiance.

Very much this. A lot of leftists will often say that the police and the army are beyond hope of class consciousness and that they should all be killed come the revolution, but they fail to realise that without the police force and/or the army on our side, we dont have a chance.


North of forty. I only feel "old," because I go to school with a bunch of teenagers and because an injury makes doing a lot of things painful.

We need soldiers, officers, and other servicemen. Whole units would be even better. We absolutely do not want the entire military itself on "our side." If the military remains intact, then once the revolution is over, they are not going to just get out of the way.

Coincidentally, I have been studying Imperial Rome lately, and that point gets demonstrated repeatedly. Whenever the army is in town (the Praetorian Guards, Octavian's mercenaries, or whoever) it is the army making the decisions. Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army is another example of how men at arms (a material condition) always subjugate democracy (superstructure).

I really admire you user. I just want you to know that you're appreciated.