Do you have 'Riot Privilege'?

Explain yourselves pls Anarcho-comrades.

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Just ignore retards like this. They can self-manage if they feel like.
Still really dumb though.

That is a straight up motherfucking bald-faced lie. The cops show up in force every time anyone so much as holds a sign in the downtown area. I have seen dozens of cops standing idly around about fifteen demonstrators in Seattle. The SPD always reacts with overwheling numbers, which is not surprising given Seattle's particular history of large-scale demonstrations.

Self manage what? How?

Whenever neo nazis and kkk demonstrate the cops lick their feet of course. That has mostly to do with them nor threatening the status quo at all though

This is nothing but Christian religious thinking.

"White anarchists" believe they should withhold from direct action because they're "privileged" and thus not morally pure enough, thinking that if they were to engage in any kind of action they would be contributing to the amount of evil in this world. Thus, they decide the only way to maintain their innocence is to withdraw into a mindset of passivity.

Shit like this makes me long for the egoists who went around robbing banks, or the insurrectionists who said "fuck society and all of its moral constructs". They may not have had the best politics, but did they ever act on what they believed (or didn't believe).

This kind of sadomasochistic self-hatred does nothing.

OK. That bitch is stupid and the antifa should light his car on fire.

Anarkiddies, since you guys will be at the rally, is there anything I could bring that would help out?

The city is already planning to put "hundreds" of cops on the street tomorrow. We are going to need a shitload of guys to turn out, marxist and anarkiddy. Seattle comrades, I hope to see you there.

Nietzschetard pls go.

yea pretty much this. Now that you've reminded me I might decide to go march as the only anarkiddy in waukesha WI

Nigga everyone you asked said "no that's bullshit" how does this shit even get published

Because neither of those groups are made up mostly of law enforcement plants. Kek

I've never met an anarchist of color who thinks direct action from ANYONE is "racist".

This guy is so obviously CIA, read his bio.

This has to be a parody account.

This guy reeks of COINTELPRO

But I thought Anarchism was about destroying spooks like race?

Explain how he's wrong, faggot.

Oops. I should not drink and post.

Boiling everything down to "christian morality" ignores material conditions. It's New Atheism wrapped up in leftist language.