Can somebody explain the situation in Venezuela to me as to why this is not a failure of socialism?

Can somebody explain the situation in Venezuela to me as to why this is not a failure of socialism?

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maybe because Venezuela is not socialist

Venezuela's problems run very deep, and stem from an opportunistic leadership of gangsters with no actual ideology, but the best argument you can think of is muh shelves?

Learn to think for yourself, goddamn.

For a start, it's capitalist economy with a nationalized industry. Most of the issues in Venezuela have been going for decades, and have reached a critical point due to the decline in oil prices.

The overreliance on oil has been a thing for more years than most posters here have been alive.

Chavez never eliminated the bourgeoisie as a class in Venezuela.
Most of the problems with the economy can be found in neoliberal countries. Capitalism is global, the falling oil prices are more to blame than socialism.
Also Nationalization of some industries ≠workers control over the means of production. Venezuela under Chavez made great progress in lessening poverty and integrating the poor into politics but the Bolivar Revolution was closer to social democracy than socialism.

Come on.

If it was true, the Zapatistas wouldn't exist.

they don;t

We already have a Venezuela thread:
And some user from /politics/ laid out a sorta detailed explanation there

So mostly corruption, greedy people, and the role of oil

venezuelas failure was to move along with parliamentarism for too long instead of focusing to arm workers organisations at all their working places and to punish economic terrorism with nationalisation and death penalty for the business owners
typical social democrats

What's next? The Earth is flat, and globe manufacturers are in bed with the government?

What's next? The Earth is flat, and globe manufacturers are in bed with the government?

This is what I mean by spam and shitting up.

Some of the greatest examples of socialism have been in none white countries. Rojava being a prime example.

Also so that 43% of the population are outright white/european, and the other 51% are Mestizo, which is essentially a mixture of native amerindian and white european.

So you are looking at about 75% white European blood in Venezuela.

See, if your shitposting was accurate, I wouldn't want it to go, but its just factually incorrect all the time.

That's why stormies have their one drop rules. Unless they happen to have a nonwhite ancestor, of course.

Even if Chavez and co. had never come to power, Venezuela would be having this problem. Building your entire economy on oil exports is a dangerous strategy, but it's not like they had much of a choice.

Someone post the graph of decreasing poverty under Chavez

Centralism, corruption and oil dependance. I strongly feel it would happen no matter what system would they have.


the capitalist are trying to take down the government

so the hide food toilet paper diapers and blame the government for shortages

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every couple months the government finds a warehouse full of toilet paper , cooking oil whatever

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I wonder what would happen in the us if 15% of the population did everything they could to bring down a republican government and replace the government with a socialist government

I think I know, there'd be troops in the streets, ppl would be rounded up.

because only capitalism is freedom>>665976


hey look, they ran outta shit too
capitalism doesn't work either

So they practiced socialism and things went to shit? Who would have thought.

Whether an economic policy is socialist is not retroactively determined by how successful it was, which is pretty much what every ideological anti-socialist thinks. It was literally just the government selling oil overseas and buying citizens stuff with the profits. That's not moving past capitalism, it's a regression from it.

dontcha know anything the gubernment does is socialism?

That depends on your definition of poverty.

Why do you give a shit about how Diosdado and company can't go on a vacation to Miami?




socialism isn't some magical system that never fails

It's like the Venezuelan government itself is porky.