Polish communists sentenced for propagating communism


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Well, fascist never really 'gain' power. They're merely one of the instruments through which capital exercises it's power.

But it's just frozen peaches right?

So a genuine Communist party does not violate Poland's penal code. I bet the CPP are fucking tankies who miss the good ol' days of the Warsow Pact.

Good. The more psychopaths in prison the better

Pretty much. As an example of their retardation they wrote condolences when Kim Jong-il died.
Also nobody really cares about them. This article actually treats them as if they were some political force with more than 30 circlejerking tankie shits.

Leave it to revisionists to cheer on a fascist state when it persecutes communists amd belittle the victims. Revisionists are the enemy. We need another Stalin to stamp them out like cockroaches.

Meanwhile fascist groups thousands strong are left unmolested by this law

This opinion is a little naive


might just be the translation but this made me kek

Even the fascists groups aren't dumb enough to say that interwar dictatorship was great and we should definitely try it out again. The commie party has only themselves to blame, it's not the first time they act like retards.


the most left-wing party in poland is a wet rag socdem party

Why has no one told satan-poster to post tits yet?


I don't really care about tankies much but don't you guys think that they will go for non-stalinist lefties next?

They will.
Europe is going fascist.
So is 'Murica.
China gets securitrons.


At least the fascists might kill off the SJW's, and removing a nuisance. It would make a leftist counter revolution easier.


Thanks Arendt.

What makes you think it is actually …


The video has the message that Stalin betrayed the revolution and Lenin would have fucked him up if he was brought back to life, I fail to see how that's wrong

Not really, I don't recall demsocs ever being opressed for their views here. Tankies are just too retarded to hide their love of authoritarianism. Again.

We gave 'em ground in '89 and now we're paying for it like idiots.

It's nice seeing all the traitors saying "le fucking tankiez deserve it xdddd" but one day those fascists will hunt you too and you will be unable to defend yourselves as they divide and conquer.

>diagnosing others with mental illnesses

Lel, the left here is dead anyways, there's nothing left to do aside from enjoying the show

yeah, they're called tankies

That feel when I found some thread about this on plebbit's /r/socialism and tankies were literally justifying gulags and suppressing unions while claiming everybody who disliked the glorious USSR was a fascist or puppet of the porkies.