How well off was Chile under Allende?

How well off was Chile under Allende?

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not as good as it was under Pinochet

12% industrial growth and an 8.6% increase in GDP, accompanied by major declines in chile’s long-endemic chronic inflation (down from 34.9% to 22.1%) and unemployment (down to 3.8%), all the while being impeded and opposed in the Chilean senate by CIA-backed crooks is not as good as Pinochet's terrible run despite getting massive funding from the US?

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Allende was democratically elected and wasn't even close to being as tyrannical as Stalin. I have the flag on ironically.

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Even with the US sabotage things were good, love live leftist central/latin America

Putting down uprisings is quite costly. He diversified their economy and made them lees dependent on copper exports. He also saved their steel industry by privatizing it. Much of the superior economic performance of Chile came after Pinochet left the stage (do look at the graph behind that link). But the roots of this growth spring from the Pinochet years. The moderate and left-wing successors left virtually all of his economic policies in place and of course they were democratic and eliminated the torture.
TL;DR. Adelle fucked Chile and it was a little rough under Pinochet, but he set the stage for their recovery. The Miracle of Chile miracle wouldn't have happened without his elimination of the Adelle administration.

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Chilean here

It was something like Venezuela today, full of retards screaming "sochalism dont work" but even with all that shit Allende's popularity increased from 36 to 43% at the time of the coup

Time proved him right and the CIA was forced to reveal the documents that proved not only they funded the opposition, trained the assassins that killed the loyalist generals of the army, and pulled Pinochet's strings, but also that the economic crisis was fabricated under the orders of Nixon in order to discredit the government

What's more interesting is that the CIA used the syndicates to paralyze the national economy and prevent basic goods from reaching the population, is part of the reason I think syndicalism is retarded

In my opinion Allende's biggest mistake was believing socialism can be implemented peacefully and the capitalists will just sit back and succumb under the proletariat, I mean the man was gonna carry out a national consult to let the people decide if he would stay in power, which in turn made the US order the coup to be carried out earlier in order to prevent another left victory in the ballots

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Also what uprisings are you talking about? There was terrorism against the regime but not popular rebellions

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Denmark has less restrictions on free trade than the US.

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Try and find a non-biased source.

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He's actually only worshipped in Chile by edgy right-wing grandpas who were at least 20 in Allende's time, and were fairly accomodated. The teenagers bit applies only to 'murican lolbertarians I presume.

They didn't really use workers' syndicates to destabilize the economy, but rather bourgie unions such as the Confederación Nacional de Dueños de Camiones (lit. "national confederation of truck owners") which went on strike in '72 paralysing a great part of the distribution of products along Chile.

Definitely the mistake was not arming the workers, and not collectivizing vital aspects of the economy. The organization was there, and it was huge; hundreds of thousands of proles who were organized in syndicates, industrial and rural comitees, neighbourhood comitees, student unions, you name it. But resistance immediately after the coup was very little, since few were actually willing to rise in arms against the whole fucking army, much less when they barely had arms to begin. Even armed groups such as MIR (largest non-socdem party at the time; thousands of militants and probably tens of thousands in social fronts) failed to implement tactics of armed resistance.

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LOL! I wasn't crediting him for the GDP increase. I was saying that it was because of copper mining. Which it was. Learn2 reading comprehension, you sub 140 IQ fucknut.

I think the economic indicators produced by institutions like the World Bank should be treated more critically. There's a good bit in Murder in Samarkand by Craig Murray where there is a meeting with Uzbek and international figures and the growth figures are constructed for political reasons.

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