Do you think in the future Americans will be less spooked about Socialism?

Do you think in the future Americans will be less spooked about Socialism?

Bernie Sanders is not personally a socialist, but he at least send the message to Americans that Socialism shouldn't be a scary word.

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That capitalism has cracked a bit in recent years is undeniable. It wouldn't be just a hopeless daydream to suggest the very real possibility of an actual socialist party popping up within the next 30-40 years in the US and reaching a Debs level of popularity. The main problem in the US will be abandoning the temporarily useful reformists like Bernie as soon as class consciousness is raised to an appropriate level, if we don't they'll soon become capitalism's greatest ally. At any rate, short of WWIII killing off 100,000,000 people I doubt we'll see any real change or revolutions like 1917 in that time period. But the future isn't really that bad, it could be much worse. For the first time in decades I think we have an actual shot at pushing workers in the right direction.

Yes he is. His presidential platform may not be super socialist aside from supporting worker coops but he clearly is personally.

He's not. Nothing about him is socialist. He is a social democrat

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It's just a fucking shame this Polish man have no chance of winning whatsoever - First we had the Pope, now we demand a President too!
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I wonder if the rich will allow a socialist government to function.

look what they're doing in venezuela


I'm waiting for there to be another manufactured crisis about socialism in the west.
Red bait has been losing it's sting lately so capitalist need latch to something else to make socialism seem scary.

I'm sure plenty of John Birch wingnuts would just love to turn China into the next secret agent conspiracy. Fortunately we've been consuming their goods for too long to attempt that at this point.

They will be spooked about pure socialism for a long, long time. The propaganda against it is simply too strong.
The most we'll see is people being more open to the idea of a SocDem government.


he's only gone reformist when running for President (for obvious reasons), he's well versed on Leftist theory.

You must be new here. Historically Bernie Sanders has always been a democratic socialist. He's even read speeches by Eugene V. Debs and has openly discussed worker cooperatives and economic democracy.

However in this election he moderated his views and has a Social Democrat platform. He still remains at his core a socialist however.

They don't even need China to exist, they already red-bait the hell out of their own peers.

It's not merely about scapegoats, they literally want there to be more communist infiltration. The idea excites the hell out of them. They want to be heroes against the evil red villains, to live in a world that is as black and white as their thinking. David Horowitz and his ilk have never cared about what is factually true, their concern is with their egos.

Amusingly, part of the reason Sanders isn't being lynched for being a self-declared "socialist" is because red-baiting has become so cliched that people no longer take it seriously, so they are trying to further reduce the scope of ideologically acceptable views to give themselves more targets to be paranoid about. First it was radicals, then it was socialists, then it was progressives, then it was liberals, and now it has come full circle with the "cuckservatives", turning "leftist" into a childish epithet meant to evoke a subconscious knee-jerk feeling of disgust and fear so people don't actually think about different viewpoints.

It has yet to occur to them that all they have done is made a contest out of who can be the biggest cynical edgelord. When the ebul soshlisum is finally given a real chance in the developed world, they will only have themselves to blame.

The majority of Americans have no fucking idea what 'socialism' is. Decades of Republican 'socialist' slurs, Cold War propaganda, and shitty civics class explanations of the USSR and China have left the US with almost no meaningful class consciousness or understanding of leftist thought. The emergence of grassroots support for social democratic reforms is nice, but that fight should have been years ago; at this point it's too late to regain what was once had with reforms alone.

The only real hope is for the USA to rediscover labor activism and the true power of working-class solidarity. The relentlessly individualistic, consumerist ideology which has pacified and atomized American society must be completely undone. Maybe then they can all rediscover what 'socialism' actually means.


Absolutely. Sanders won't be president, but he's most a generation of Americans to the left.


I don't think a revolution is really possible in the 2016 West, because the state is just too strong. Socialism needs to happen within a statist framework.

We can still behave in a revolutionary manner, but if there's open combat we will lose. We need to gain political power within cities and urban regions, hopefully radicalize police unions, and put forward socialist candidates who don't abandon patriotism.


The USA is a piece of shit excuse of a country.

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On top of that if you want to be Anti-American be Anti-Capitalism because Capitalism is what is guilty of the crimes you accuse some phantasm of "America" of committing. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to deflect blame and say some stupid Liberal shit like "We are all guilty", much the opposite.

Giving in to this fetish of being Antiamerican is the same mistake Holla Forums makes in being Antisemitic, it just deflects attention from the real source of the issue aka Capitalism, which if you really gave a shit about being a Socialist who isn't just reformist scum, is what you would attack :^))))))))))


I'm not a Bernie Supporter but I keep hearing people say he's already pledged support for Hillary and for some reason I can't find a source where the words "I support Hillary" are said

Is there one?


I'm convinced America will be the first place in the developed world to have a communist revolution in the 21st century.

The American ruling class seem to be brainwashed by their own propaganda to the point where they absolutely refuse to even consider any mildly social democratic policies in face of the changing technology and social attitudes of the times. Whereas in Europe the elites are willing to make compromises to keep the plebs happy in America they just feed them nationalism and imperialism by the trough, there's going to come a point when the inequality is to glaring for that to work anymore and they're going to put the 2nd amendment to good use.

Well that's a shame

At least he didn't go all out and say "yeah it's time for le first woman president". Still fuck Bernie for even running for President though jesus

It's idiotic trolling, along with the whole TRUSOCIALIST bullshit. Dude is slick.

The USA is the fucking devil and the world will never be at peace until a red flag flies over D.C

America is going to collapse into a fascist hellhole before that happens though.

You can already see that fascism is too well ingrained in American thought with Trump. The media has brainwashed them completely, and removed all referents of content from their heads. Unless a wide working class movement starts attacking capitalism directly and starts a re-education project on it, it ain't gonna happen.

I'm not saying Europe is better, but Europe does have a progressive history that seems to go in cycles and revolutions that is more consistent with the emancipatory project of communism. Therefore I think it will be easier for Europeans to invent new solutions, concerning race, religion and capitalism than America.

If you actually would have read my follow up you would have seen we're not in disagreement I'm just not an edgy faggot who likes to go around saying "fug the usa :DDD"

okay, it was fun while it lasted

sorry i said too many things Rebel Absurdity didn't like

There's nothing edgy about denouncing the USA at every opportunity.

You make the same mistake that a lot of people make when something they're associated with is insulted, it isn't. It's not about hating Americans, it's about hating the United States of America.

That's a given, capitalism is the reason behind every problem you don't need to point this out.

But America is the pinnacle of capitalism and imperialism. If you hate capitalism, it's only right that you hate America too. Everything apparatus of that godforsaken state from the flag to the republic for which it stands is an absolute abberation to the global proletariat.

So it's okay when something like 9/11 happens because "le ameriga is evil gas all americans :DD"

Got it

Yeah man fuck Barney Sandler for giving the left a boat in the race everyone knows that if you don't win you're supposed to be a pissy loser and help Trump win

He said right at the very beginning of his campaign that he would support whoever the Democratic party nominates.

But if you mention that at all or that he's never outright said "no I absolutely will not" you get alot of butthurt Bernie fans yelling at you.

Personally I support Bernie, but it seems like alot of posters here and elsewhere around the internet have thrown any sort of skepticism out the fucking window in favor of BERNIE WILL SAVE US FROM CAPITALISM!!