In case you needed any more proof of The Guardian being shit:

In case you needed any more proof of The Guardian being shit:

All of this begs the question: could it be that Žižek is really not so different to Trump? Both thrive on their quotability, knowing full well how easily so much of what they say can provoke outrage when read out of context; and both of them are, in their own very different ways, what the press loves to call “big personalities”.

What if, after all of the dirty jokes and PC-baiting is put to one side, it turns out that the man himself is, like Trump, just another wooly liberal trying to shock us into thinking otherwise.

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Zizek is fully right to consider The Guardian idiots. Gulagworthy libshits.

If you feel like contracting every form of cancer imaginable, just check the comments to the article. The gulag is too good for them.

Wowwy zowwy


Reminds me of this lecture from last week.

Zizek seems to be becoming more and more popular/mainstream in the West.

I, myself, would be of the opinion that we on this board mainly follow a Zizekian line of thought.

How will this exposure affect us?

I'd be very surprised if more than a few posters here have actually read any of his books, or even listened to a lecture.

I think that this 'willingness' to allow millions of people into an already densely populated continent shows just how alienated these post-modern, middle-class liberals are from the means of production. Not the regular degree of alienation that a worker experiences in his labouring to produce for the boss, but in a greater degree such that said liberals are unable to quantify how things are actually produced, as well as how much work goes into producing them.

Thus, they are unable to realise the repercussions that importing masses of people would have on a personal level. This would explain why so many Proletarians in Europe are becoming more and more xenophobic - they are already feeling the pinch of Capitalism without the added burden of working to support an "Other" who only serve as competition to themselves.

Am I alone in this?

No, that sounds right. "Alienation" isn't really the right word for it, though. "Aloof," perhaps.

I've been posting here since the very beginning of leftypol and not once have I read any of his books I'm ashamed to admit.

why just now I was pre-moderated from the Guardian comments section for suggesting men are also victims of domestic violence.

Fuck their shit. I propose some kind of attack on the Guardian

I've only read 'first as tragedy then as farce'

What do you recommend I read next and also do you happen to have any PDFs to post?

Probably due to the fact that it's hard to penetrate.

I've listened to quite a few lectures and watched all 3 of his films. I've only read Violence, however.

It's hard to come across his books in paper format, and at that they are almost always expensive.

I'm a zizek fan and have read 4 of his books (even less than nothing which went very slowly, I'll have to return to it) and watched several of his lectures at the EGS (which i really recommend others do as well they are very good if you can tolerate an hour of learning)

I don't know if I'd go so far to say Holla Forums follows his thought exceptionally closely (the ideology meme is really a buzzword most of the time) but there are a lot of people who post webms and have seen his movies so that's at least a good start.

also i have a handful of his ebooks if anyone wants them

Totalitarianism is the only one I have in pdf.

The interesting thing with Zizek is that his books are just slightly rewritten collections of his essays, one from there one from here. That's why the same titles return again and again, because it's the same bloody article.
For example, contains some parts found in Revolution at the Gates, and I think some parts from Totalitarianism as well.

Less than nothing is one of his newest right? Does he discuss the definition and concept of DiaMat in any length? Cause he left a very interesting footnote in Revolution.

Here's a list of his bibliography with download links:

Nice Comrade!

Yeah it's his "big fat book" about Hegel and he does go really in depth about DiaMat and there is a good section about Marx and Hegel wherein he states that Marx's materialistic dialectics were in fact more idealist than Hegel. I can't really justify it, I'm woefully uneducated in both Hegel and Marx (which has also been a critique of Zizek lol). But yes, he does.

Yeah, because my previous experience with it has been from Stalin and Trotsky, and both clearly seemed to interpret it in the form of some materialist reductionism based on Engels psuedo-Lamarckist interpretation of nature. And ML parties use it the same way DPRK uses Juche (i.e. as a synonym for whatever we're doing). So I generally presumed it to be doctrinaire nonsense not even worth looking into.

But yeah, I also need to read more Marx, Hegel proper, beyond capital vol 1. A few of us on #bunkerchan IRC recently started on Phenomenology of the Spirit.


Wow, that's great! I've been leafing through the Phenomenology it'd be great to talk to others doing the same thing.

Honestly I understand the backlash he's getting, and I too was a bit instinctively annoyed, until I watched where he went much more in depth.

The problem is that this point is extremely delicate and if you see only one snippet of it, you're likely to !make hasty conclusions

I mean, he continually says that he is favor of letting refugees in. Triggered liberals fail to notice that when they call him a crypto facist.

this though

Watched both his movies and plenty of lectures and articles and planning to read '' 'first as tragedy then as farce' this month.
So i know the basics.

One must remember that the Guardian is bourgeoisie as fuck, the last Labour Leader Ed Milliband won the leadership contest with the support of the unions and was slightly to the left of the Guardian's Blairite favourite, I forget whoever that tosser was.

But the point being, they then churned out all sorts of crap to undermine him in the run up to election that he lost in 2015, and lo and behold now that Labour became more democratic in their party leader selection process, they picked a soc-dem unintentionally in their hubris, now Jeremy Corbyn is receiving all the same bullshit opinion pieces about him being a sexist, anti-Semite, too divisive, too this and too that, it's pathetic, all the while they're posting glowing positive articles on the sjws and neoliberal members of the party like Angela Eagle (she wants to increase police involvement in internet trolling), Hillary Benn (tory-lite twat who's pro-war), Sadiq Khan (real estate developer looking to carve up London) and several other dubious aloof New Labour buffoons.

Remember this is the same paper backing Hillary Clinton if you haven't noticed, that gives Jessica Valenti a free platform to spread her drivel and the very same paper that's registered offshore in the Caymen Islands to avoid tax (I wonder what that Panama Papers leaker was thinking when he bloody gave the Guardian of all papers that information).

Fuck the Guardian

that's a great pic you have there

Tankie, you do realize that Zizek confesses that the 20th century revolution is over?

Publish or perish. It's likely how he earns enough to travel around Europe snorting cocaine. That and his booking fees.

Where is this extract from?

Yes? Though I disagree with his interpretation of it as a failure, as I've said in earlier threads, it implemented state capitalism wonderfully.

This is comedy gold.

Taken from (19 April 2016) Masterclass 2: Surplus-Value, Surplus-Enjoyment, Surplus-Knowledge

Full lecture:

Masterclass 2: Surplus-Value, Surplus-Enjoyment, Surplus-Knowledge (19 April 2016)

Full lecture:

Literally the only positive thing Hoxha has ever done is remove kebab.

Well no he didn't (pretty sure Hoxha was a kebab himself) and the greatest thing he gave this world was undoubtedly dank meme potential.

liberals aren't leftists, they're controled oppositon.
what is progress even? the west has been stagnant "progress-wise" for the last 60 years.

Slavoj was right

The greatest thing Hoxha did was being a walking and breathing meme, whose existence gave us an endless sparkle of creativity to meme our way into gommunism

Yeah but now you're allowed to fuck whoever you want and fap to whatever you want.

I do like how Triggered pseudo-left "socialist" social justice types got over his comments.

It's proof that you can take the person from liberalism to the left, but you can't take the liberal out of their base reaction

He also provided cheap labor for Greece, for 10 years, after his death.