We Need to Save the Internet from the Internet of Things

Over on /newsplus/ they've posted about how we need to save the internet from IoT -- with government regulation.

They couldn't be more wrong.


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It's not wrong. Government regulation could fix the problem. Just regulate the IoT out of existence. Problem solved.

Just fear monger goyim into not buying any IoT devices.

The ONLY way forward is open source IoT devices.

Anything made in China is not fit for use in your home.


What in the actual fuck is the internet of things?

It's where you put a microprocessor in EVERYTHING. Your fridge? Microprocessor. Your toilet? Microprocessor. The lightbulb in the loungeroom? Microprocessor. Your pacemaker? Microprocessor. That apple you ate this morning? Oh, you better believe it gets a microprocessor.

People then act all shocked when the predictable security and privacy issues smack them in the face.

You mean a microprocessor + internet right?

nah they use telepathy




So this is basically just another idiotic silicon valley marketing buzzphrase basically?

Yes, exactly.

Well in this case it almost is, because the alternative is faaaaaaar worse.



Boy you are retarded. I'm not engaging you any further.

Open source by itself means absolutely nothing, as it's far too easy to fuck it up and have a buggy backdoor ridden mess. See: obfuscated and/or underhanded code contests.

You need correct code. You need comprehensible code. And you need actual security, which in the case of IoT means killing it all with fire regardless of source availability.

What we need to save the internet from IoT trash is for some old fashion fucking with people. Make people's IoT lightbulbs flash and give them seizures, fuck up their IoT theromostats and make them crank up the heat to the max when they're away from home in the summer, have their kids IoT Barbie doll fuck with their kids (get creative, try to get their parents arrest on cheese pizza related charges or something), and just in general fuck with people instead of just trying to take their money like most hacking now days focuses on.


You want corporate globalists to have more control than government, got it.


That worked so well with wireless routers.

The main issue with IoT (aside from disrespecting your freedoms) is obsolete, buggy, vulnerability-ridden software. All thanks to a combination pajeet-tier incompetence and a near-instant discontinuation of support from vendors.

If the software were libre, the user would have the ability to replace the relevant pieces of software with a more recent, patched version, or at least replace the retarded hardcoded default settings, usernames and passwords, which is miles better than choosing between trashing your router or getting your ass raped.

Not only code, but architecture as well. The x86 is hopeless, no matter how many layers of iffy security you try to pile on top of this house of cards.
And I don't know much about ARM, but judging by the heavy presence of proprietary blobs, it doesn't sound reassuring.

Oh you poor naive child.

You do know IoT devices very often have a server/client relationship that goes sour when the company quits supporting the device, don't you?
If you have less than perfect source code, you can at least salvage the functionality you bought whatever it was for.

how about simply not buying any of that shit?

In an effort to boost convenience, Amazon may be exploring a new way for customers to surrender privacy.

Smart lock company August and connected garage door firm Garageio — two startups with ties to Amazon — are looking into ways to allow delivery people to leave packages in your house or apartment when no one is home, reports tech blog The Information.

On one hand, the ability to deliver items, even when recipients aren't home, is a golden opportunity for Amazon.

On the other hand, allowing a company to enter to deliver a package into one's house essentially surrenders the idea of the expectation of privacy in your own home.

In-home drop off isn't going to be an open door policy. Wareable reports that August is developing technology that would allow smart locks to open for delivery people during certain windows of time, by using temporary pins, or via smartphones.

You know, a bigger mailbox with a "smart lock" (so only mailmen could open it) would have done the trick, but I guess that was too sound.



"Connected" is the new "Smart"

I rather have cancer than be hanged, thanks.

I love it when faggots develop overly complicated and much worse solutions to problems we already solved hundreds of years ago. Especially when they are using technology that could improve the existing solution in obvious ways.

Just put those smart-locks on existing delivery boxes or delivery chutes, and you would actually have a useful product.

Can I ask what it is about Stallman's cult that turns you into such brainwashed lemmings? He isn't exactly charismatic.

The fact that he's right makes up for his lack of charisma.


Is he right?


How do they get "Internet"? I'm guessing you have to configure them with your wireless network info (including password). So just don't configure them.
Anyway better to just not buy them at all, and old "dumb" devices will continue to exist because there isn't wireless everywhere.

No, he's retarded.

ARM is actively harmful. The company itself sent threats to people reverse-engineering its shitty GPUs.

You managed to pick the most retarded post and paste it. Congrats.

I've heard the adage "You can't spell idiot without IOT."

It holds. Making entire households vulnerable to hacking and then using it as a sweeping excuse to regulate the internet? Bad idea.

We've got shodan.io, and Nmap has a command that scans for all devices it can find on a certain port, It's in the man page under --iR, I think.

Any more technical info?


If it's proprietary, you can't do that.

Nobody likes shoddy, insecure products built with no safety standards.
Nobody likes devices that you can't repair or service.
Nobody likes products engineered to fail prematurely.
Nobody likes planned obsolescence.
Nobody likes vendor lock-in.
Nobody wants to throw away the stuff they paid money for, especially for arbitrary reasons.
Nobody wants their stuff artificially crippled to achieve 'product differentiation'.

Free software is just one of the means to prevent that from happening and putting the power back into the hands of users.
But it seems you don't have the thinking power to draw that simple conclusion.

Suddenly I'm not filled with regret for choosing mechanical engineering. Can't wait to get paid to reinvent the wheel when the IoT-pocalypse rears its head.

t. Control4

No the main issue is that it's completely redundant and need not exist. It's simply a scheme to sell more chips. Open source software is not the solution to everything.

Cool opinions bro


It's nothing. It doesn't exist outside of a couple of proprietary "smart home" gadgets and "raspi + led lightbulb"-tier kikestarted bullshit. It's one of those things shills thought would happen because microcontrollers and wireless chips recently became small and power-efficient enough to where it could happen, but like always, they ignored every other factor that affects the market besides Moore's Law and it didn't.

but if i want to order a bike or a solar panel or a couch or cuckshed on amazon how will they stuff this in the delivery box or delivery chute, it will not fit, no?

And what is the alternative? More botnet?

Enjoy getting replaced by pajeet

Cant say I expected a different 'solution' coming from a bunch of leftist retards like Vice/Motherboard.

To be honest I dont care about the Internet of Shit, if anything this will eventually force the development and adoption of a superior internet structure.

Its basically small devices which don't really need internet connectivity to operate being given a microprocessor and an IP address for mostly stupid reasons.

You fridge? well it probably doesnt need to connect to the internet but you might want to check the internal temperature of it while at work on your smartphone so it needs an IP address
Your lightbulbs? well some newer LED bulbs can output whatever color you want, and you might want to be able to change the color from your smartphone so all the bulbs in your house need their own IP addresses

Basically any network device other then a cellphone with the word "smart" in front of it, for example, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart lighting systems, etc.. Here are some education article:

fusion.net/story/55026/this-guys-light-bulb-ddosed-his-entire-smart-house/ (archive.is/STJYn)

>Please daddy state, make the evil go away with your magic powers!
Sasuga Motherboard. This shit can only end in Internet filtering since regulation won't do a fucking thing if the traffic originates from China or something. But that's probably the point: A pretext for censorship or even war ("we must attack china to protect our internet!!!!1"). I seriously wouldn't be surprised if IoT was pushed with exactly this in mind, Silicon Valley has some connections to the government after all.
The only things that I could see stopping these attacks are something along the lines of and a complete revamp of protocols (no IP spoofing, no absurd amplification factors like NTP's MONLIST). When the request is more expensive than the answer, bandwidth-wise, floods reduce to the attacker's bandwidth, which you can't really defend against further due to the nature of the Internet.

What are you talking about? It's a great plan and the media is already working at full throttle to convince everyone that it's a good thing. Expect more of this schlock in the future.

When minor sites get DDOSd out of existence and can only exist because Google or Cloudflare "protect" them (totally not mobster tactics by the way), you'll have to care. War has an interest in you after all.

No, rather it seems I still have independence of thought and I'm not liable to parrot tired memes like "respects your freedoms" like a cultist instead of thinking for myself

>reading /newsplus/
I see you swallowed the bluepill OP. Just wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.


now is a really nice time to open up a pawn shop to sell peoples valuables back to them


Yep, with massive security complications.

Takes me back to what, 2001?

Dont think so bud. (Some proprietary software are okay by normie starndards)

The whole problem of IoT is the idiotic system admin that they pull. One DEFCON showed this. (it's on jewtube).

Come on, mate, you could have linked it.