Who /emotionally crushed by capitalism/ here and what are are you doing about it?

Who /emotionally crushed by capitalism/ here and what are are you doing about it?

I just want to live in a bunker and teach science and engineering to my revolutionary bros. Maybe something could be achieved by becoming more intelligent and skilled than capitalists, but I think that would make it all the more easy to just give in to a comfortable life with a well paying job. I realize that is an opportunity that many of you would love to have, but the idea of making some money, possibly reproducing, and dying is hardly something to live for. I don't see how any kind of political progress can be made this way.

I know many of you are intelligent and want to organize. Have you ever participated in anything that seemed worth the effort? Do you worry about being crushed by the authorities in your area? Are you avoiding absolute despair?

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It's sad to be crushed by capitalism, try to find ways to fight it, but at the same time be wage cucked.
I'm so new to the left and only recently took interest into politics/ had a political awakening and I literally
have no idea what to do now.
All I know so far is to study theory and not label myself as any specific leftist.
I just want to join a local community and discuss theory, or learn, or do something
Get a job working on a leftist newspaper I really don't care
I just want to be a part of something
What the hell do I do


ahaha faggot
I got arrested unlawfully 6 times this year.

stop crying.

I can't help the reality of my condition any more than I am with prescribed medication and psychotherapy. It has nothing to do with stopping crying. I spontaneously feel that I'm having a heart attack and think I'm going to die. If you think it amounts to just sucking it up, you have never experienced consistent panic attacks or don't even understand what one is.

Why would you say such things? Do you think it makes you seem like a strong tough big man on the internet?

don't bully him, anarkokiddie

Arrested doing what?

Keep cutting Porky, you only make my theory stronger.

yes I have, about 4 years back there were like 9 different people that wanted to stab me and were actively tracking me and my wife. Every day I woke up thinking if I was gonna die today, and I still look over my shoulder and my heart sinks during demonstrations. But I stomach it.

I protested at the conference about NATO foreign affairs with my comrades as our politicians were trying to paint it as a positive thing.
I protested the speech of EU ambassador at the philosophy college
I got arrested for hanging a banner off a bridge.
I got arrested for wearing a T-shirt at a public talk show, in the audience. It had SKOJ on it
I got arrested for defending myself against fascists after a protest, apparently I was oppressing the two poor lads that tried to shank me.
and I got arrested for spraying propaganda.

And we are not anarchists, we are simply politically active. These things agitate the workers.

Emotionally crushed by Capitalism, a system whose implementation is completely out of your control as an individual? You can dislike it, or even abhor it - but feeling negatively affected and sad in yourself is not the right way to do it, and will do more harm than good.

Come over to to discuss positive solutions to the sadness, comrade.

to add, we currently have 3 lawsuits against our government for these unlawful arrests.


Hang in there, comrades. You can lose faith in everything except for this. You're not alone, and you never will be. As long as capitalism continues its miserable existence, there will be resistance against it. You just have to hold on, for the people of today and tomorrow. We're literally fighting for the future of the human race, since capitalism can only result in our destruction. I truly believe that a day will come where all people have the same opportunities, and poverty, hunger, and waste are nothing but distant memories. I don't think I'll live to see that day, or my children, maybe not even their children, but I'll fight to make that day a reality nonetheless.

I think many, if not most westerners, feel a sense of despair and alienation these days when faced with the societies they live in. Yet the hope of 'making it,' of somehow coming out of it with a decent job, a comfortable life, if they just keep their head down and continue working keeps everyone from rising up and demanding change. Plus, with the fall of the USSR there is no obvious, viable system that people can point to and advocate as an alternative to the capitalist economic model. At this point, protest is largely pointless, not only because people are too scared of losing what little hope and security they have, but because there is no unified goal among leftists as to what should be changed, and what should replace the current order.

What I think the left, and society, needs, and what I sincerely hope will happen in the next few years, is the creation and promotion of workers' communes as a way of living that is disengaged from the globalized capitalist order as much as possible. Imagine if every state, every county, had a commune/soviet/kibbutz/which allowed members to join, to contribute their knowledge and skills according to their ability, and receive sustenance and shelter according to their need. Places like this exist already, at least in the USA, but on a very small scale, and not unified by any concrete leftist principles or party. The west NEEDS something like this, a reasonable, present-day alternative to the continued struggle to 'make it' under capitalism, to pull people away from apolitical apathy and despair, and to revitalize an actual leftist movement towards the eventual establishment of global socialist society.

How's that coming?

In a way I'm into the idea of living in some kind of commune, but I don't know if dropping out of normal civil society is the way forward. Does anyone think places like Christiania are actually moving the political situation forward anywhere? I know it's not an either/or situation, but just making a cozy situation for myself and a few others isn't the end goal for me.

The way I think of it, the only effective sort of commune would be something like a monastery for revolutionaries. Where people have agreed to be absolutely focused on developing the knowledge and skills to at least make a dent in changing the conversation. Else you just have what basically amounts to a bunch of disconnected punk houses. There are many groups in the left that, while good in themselves, are ultimately politically ineffectual without being integrated in a single organization.
There needs to be enough unambiguous good done in terms of free education, food programs, and the like, that when it comes time to organize people in the broader community, they can make the connection that we're the folks that actually have their back. I think this is how many movements that have started on the fringes have gained some traction.

What did the cops do when they arrested you?

And yes, most demonstrations are pointless because they appeal to a toxic type of personality that unironically believes shocking and insulting people to be an effective form of persuasion.


Used to be part of a trot party. We did so much shit, you would not believe it. EVERY SINGLE DAY we'd have the same 12 people trying to spread socialism Jehovah's witness style, or going to random rallies, or trying to sell our shitty newspaper to people in the street.

They were somehow satisfied that thier dedication to the revolution was basically useless, and if I'd suggest something practical (but not wholly anti capitalist to support) they would not listen. Eventually I quit. Fuck those oldass trots

Shoved on the ground by two officers and cuffed, made to strip naked to be searched in front of multiple people, kept in a solitary cell for days without charges. No opportunity given to contact a lawyer directly. Granted It's not the most extreme thing that's ever happened to anyone, but it had a lasting effect on me. I don't mean to whine about it, it's just apparent that I have problems now that I didn't have before.

Like what for example?
I like the dedication but socialist newspapers have got to be some of the saddest shit of all time.

Minimum wage increases, or any political candidate at all

That sucks. I'm not judging you. Everybody has different responses to trauma. The entire right side of my face had to be reconstructed after a farm accident and my dad thinks I'm a pussy because I refuse to perform certain tasks that seem trivial, such as inflating a car tire. I do think your symptoms will lessen with time, mine did. Anyways, I also would suggest your turmoil is less to do with capitalism and more to do with depression.

I like to believe that had I been born under socialism my life wouldn't have been such a disappointment.

But honestly I'm not even sure.

I would agree that just retreating into communes alone wouldn't be enough. There's a bunch of communes around where I live right now, but they're small and apolitical, and basically irrelevant to all but the few hundred who live there now.

My fantasy is to tie a commune movement to a single, unified political party, one who fights for labor rights and encourages political participation, while simultaneously encouraging citizens to join their own communal economy, instead of working for the existing capitalist system. If said communal movement could embrace some type of alternative currency or principle of usufruct, it could form the base of a robust anticapitalist/communist party that is not restrained by the need to survive under capitalism through charity, advertising, or selling products.

Time to sell my soul and also probably life in order to avoid saddling my children with debt.

Alternatively you could try not having children.

t. anti-natalist


On the bright side, you may get a chance to study Mao

Alienation will come to be a problem so overwhelming for mankind, it will be like a new climate change. Mark my words. The depression epidemic we're currently seeing is merely the overture.


One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?

Savez Komunisticke Omladine Jugoslavije (Union of Communist Youths of Yugoslavia)

we will probably lose but that is a good propaganda tool to show what our government can get away with, like throwing people out of a public forum.

Working my courage up to kill myself. I'm 10 years overdue

Don't do it, the cause needs you alive

The cause doesn't need someone whose only real interest in the revolution is to be able to shoot as many porkies as I can.

Nice trips, btw.

why do you even want to die? There is a reason.

Because I feel hopeless to a degree that's criminally vulgar. I wake up wanting to go back to bed, because I don't see how today will be any less bad than yesterday or the day prior.

Because I'm a mediocre existence without any chance at improving. No matter what I set off to do, be it improving my skills at things that I enjoy, such as drawing or practicing the sport that I love or learning a new language, I'm never able to improve, unable to attain any satisfactory degree of skill.

Because my intelligence is only good for memorizing and comprehending junk, which causes the second problem I mentioned. I never was able to comprehend Capital or any of Zizek's books. The best I could manage was the manifesto of the communist party, and even so, just barely.

And that's without counting my case of chronic depression and dysthimia.

Polite sage for the blog.

and how long do you do these things before you give up?

what a horrible mistake. You need to read Marx many times, and Engels too. It took me 3-4 readings of most of Marxes books to connect everything, and I have ADHD. Start reading Lenin, he simplifies marxist writing because he knew he'd be writing for proletarian readers.

my wife has the same problem, what meds are you on? It is possible the meds you are taking are shit.

All I can say from the three years I spent with my wife with this condition (she is getting better) is that you have to force yourself to do things. What hobbies do you have? Do you play vidya games? Maybe tabletop?

I never gave up.

That's for people with money

I do force myself to do things. It' the only thing that keeps me slightly sane. As for hobbies, I try to play vidya but they usually feel like a chore to me. I play TRPGs and actually enjoy them a fair bit. I also train baseball twice a week, on saturday's and sunday's, and that's the only time that I don't feel like shit, because, when I'm on the field, my mind shuts off everything not pertaining to it. Which makes me feel even worse about it, because, after nine months of diligent practice, not only did I stopped improving after my 3rd month, the people that started at the same time with me are already ahead of myself by miles

Is that you Morrissey?

I hope you don't give up. There are lots of video courses you can look up to help you through Marx bit by bit.

I think the one by David Harvey is good, especially if you want to read Capital all the way though. Maybe it would be helpful to watch some lectures on some of the key concepts first if you want to delve in to the whole thing. This is all optional though. There's no requirement to be an expert on theory to be a "real" leftist.

I will probably catch heat for this, but maybe try meditating. I'm not saying it's will cure of even help your depression necessarily, bu I think it's helped by ability to concentrate for longer periods. It's free to try anyway, and there is some (not entirely conclusive) science to back up these claims.

good, then you are not faking.

I know that feel. My debt is catching on to me, since I buy my wives meds.

Do you play TRPGS with friends or online? Try to get a group at some local game store. As for Vidya add me on steam if you ever want to play vidya, but I can't promise I'll be there to play often since I need to look after my wife and shit. I am called CrveniGavran on steam.

also what this user said, there are many many audio books.

No, but The Smiths resonates a lot with me. And thanks.

Online. The only things groups play around here is DnD, and I don't like that.

Also, no need to post your Steam nick. I don't want to start a relation with somebody based on pity nor do I wish to burden someone with enough problems with my own

Comrade, it is not pity that moved them to post their steam nick

It is solidarity

If you can do one thing today, add them on steam

Capitalism sucks

What's the pistol that mummy is holding? For the life of me I can't identify it.

Find escapism through things like music and video games, even physical activity, get healthy, eat healthy, and develop good relations with people. It's the only way to cope with the reality that this species is doomed.


Looks like a chunky 1911.

I think this is decent advice. I still feel the need to contribute to the world and help improve the lives of others, even if I can't really explain why I or anyone else should want that.

I feel such emotional pain I just want to be kind to people in small ways until I can't take it anymore.

is this /complain/ general?

don't think about it
go see a psychologist

you too, a psychologist could help

i see what you mean
been social and feeling like part of something "positive" is really soothing

I do see a psychiatrist who provides psychotherapy. Twice a week. I don't take my condition lightly at all.

that's good
i wish you strength

Are you still around user? I'd love to have a conversation with you.

Are you still around user?

I'm not crushed right now, I actually enjoy my life quite a bit.

I assume though, once I find a job I will fully realize how fucked up everything is. The boss, the pay, who knows if my degree will be worth anything, I assume it is just a scam since it isn't STEM degree.

Fully automated luxury communism when?

I'm not crushed right now, I actually enjoy my life quite a bit.

I assume though, once I find a job I will fully realize how fucked up everything is. The boss, the pay, who knows if my degree will be worth anything, I assume it is just a scam since it isn't STEM degree.

Fully automated luxury communism when?


The 1911 does not have a slide safety.

Don't be envious of STEM fags. Electrical engineering for instance is full of depressed kids who got into it 'because that's where the money's at,' build lots of derivative or half-assed projects that don't work, then pre-apologize to their poor parents before shitting their exams.

t. electrical undergrad. Maybe it's my relatively sheltered middle-class background talking, but the dicksucking job/internship rush is disheartening to watch. I'm doing fine by every metric, though.

That's for people with money. And psychologists are useless. Went to one for a whole year when I had insurance. Biggest, most useless waste of money that I did my whole fucking life

I'm still around

Sometimes when I try to think of things that I could do in life that would make me feel happy, content fulfilled and accomplished I can't think of anything. Not always, but often. I often reflect on how much of the things we use for our happiness, our enjoyment and escapism are just one way or another products and services sold to us by capitalists. Even things we are passionate about and form part of our identity. We take them like dogs take treats from their owners.

We live in a society that has raised us so we can't tell the difference between happiness and fulfilment and having materialistic stuff.

I swear when I can afford to support us both I'm going to beat her parents with a bat

Yeah, I'm still around, user.

I'm crushed more by the alienation caused by capitalism tbqh

Post steam nick if you want to talk

Here ya go steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074784159

You sound like a weak person.

You sound like a faggot

I don't want to kill myself. Just to fake my suicide on the internetz so people will finally credit me for my work.

Ex-tech industry here.

Would you mind suddenly dropping dead, though?

Not really. Maybe if STEM gets wiped out by a certain vanguard would have reason to live.

what are you talking about, are you only looking at the dems?