What do we do about the nuclear family? Can feminism be a legitimate tool for removing the institution of family?

What do we do about the nuclear family? Can feminism be a legitimate tool for removing the institution of family?

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No it cannot.
It offers no solutions. Only problems.

What to do:
Do it like GDR!

Why destroy something that capitalism is already destroying?

Sexually tolerant, pro-natalist regime. Meh.

It's emptying it out, rather. The family unit is absolutely essential for capitalism to reproduce itself. Destroying it would be removing the need for it and giving alternate structures for raising children.

It can't survive communism.

How is feminism a tool?

Got a better way?

Revisionists, leave. All of you are going to die in the revolution.

It's like you want to feed their imagination.

feminism encourages women to be independent, to not listen to their fathers or husbands and to not have or raise traditional children. You can already see in society today that the traditional family unit is a dying institution.

you cannot achieve communism with the traditional family structure intact. It must be replaced with what Lenin's "soviet family"

No feminism is fucking useless. Doesn't matter anyway? It isn't my bussiness how people choose to live as long as nobody is being exploited. If some traditonalist fag wants to play house with a women Who I'm I to get in here way?


They didn't do shit. The only reason the family unit is dying is because men no longer have salaries that can support a women. Capitalist killed the nuclear family by destroying the material conditions that made that social arrangement popular.




family is a spook, and the root of many other spooks. Nations grow out of extended families. If we allow the institution to exist, we get Stalin-tier fascism.

No, it is an economic unit.

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people who believe in family see it the same way nationalists believe in their nation. They think that there's some magical connection between them and other people just because they came out of the same vagina

Even if their isn't there still is to the people you grew up with. Which for most people will be your biological family.

any ties between people for any reason other than "we are both workers and productive members of the planet" is a spook.

Just because you had a shit, dysfunctional doesn't mean everyone else does.

Why the fuck do we need to get rid of it?
The problems associated with it are usually attributable to capitalism.
Everything else is just lifestylism.

Probably not. The nuclear family only exists because of the demands of capitalist society, something feminism has long since come to accept since the second wave.

It is far from the only family structure that fills the psychological needs of a child, so when we move past capitalism, people will simply live in different ways by their own volition.

Why would we want to? That it's a product of capitalism doesn't necessarily mean it's harmful.

Someone who clearly hasn't read Engels has no business calling anyone a revisionist.

Now fuck off to Holla Forums, you'll be more at home there.

I'm studying domestic violence atm. Historically speaking most of the problems with the nuclear family wouldn't have been highlighted if it weren't for feminists and critical theorists. Feminist activism helped turn domestic violence into a social issue that should be addressed, for example. Can it still help fight this tool used by capitalist to institutionally organize families into efficient workers? Absolutely.


In a communist society any person will be able to survive independently of the family due to the existence of institutions that take on the roles formally held by family (as well as free access to material goods in the higher phase). There will also be no legal ties that bind one person to another: no enforced marriage contracts or state backed possession of children. This together means that the family no longer exists in any meaningful (legal or economic) sense of the term. If the family continues to exist at all it will do so as a free association of people.

It's worth noting that capitalism has already half destroyed the family, communism will simply complete the process.


Families make tribes, and tribes make nations. If family continues to exist during communism, people will revert back to their old spooks and temptations.

You don't know what he does with his time.

Tribes do not make nations. They make kings, but they only do so in an environmrnt of scarsity.


That's wrong. Read Engels.

There's nothing wrong with families though, if people want to live in that manner then why should we prevent them from doing so?

But that's one of the good things about capitalism.

This. There's absolutely no reason why the family must remain "traditional" under capitalism, but whatever arrangement it follows it has to continue existing. Its role now is more the perpetuation of social structures than economic management: without families there's no inheritance, without inheritance there's no reproduction strategy for elites.

So things like sex, fidelity, gender roles are becoming increasingly immaterial, but the notion that the son will be socialized within the same milieu as the parents is not. They can even be devoid of personal interaction, but the kids must go to schools and live in neighborhoods that reflect their parent's social standing.

there are no good things about capitalism comrade

But seriously, no. Start getting people to organize more communally. There's no reason a family should be restricted to two parents and their kids. There's no reason a family should be restricted to immediate relatives. People tend toward this because it's "normal" and doing otherwise is "weird".

Yeah you're right, we should have stuck with monarchy. :^)

This. Communal education is the way to go.

B-but muh complex from being raised under complete control of one or two people! I have the right to re-enact my trauma on my children to feel better about myself!

Some places it is not uncommon for people to form nuclear families from desires of love, companionship, and procreation. I think even with the fall of capitalism this tradition will endure for a long time. Capitalism forced the change in family structure seen the last two hundred or so years. Socialism will not force the disintegration of the nuclear family but rather allow it to dissolve. At least in societies (e.g. socdem "middle" class) where nuclear family has turned into a love, companionship, and procreation oriented tradition.

I also meant to add that it is not uncommon for these love/comp/proc motivated people to disregard economy and law when forming their nuclear family .

Stop projecting. I had a great childhood. Don't assume everyone's family life was shit like yours.

Let it continue to be eroded under capitalism, and then finally destroyed by communism. Like and said, let's bring on the communal child-rearing.

That's exactly what I expected you to say.

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You're a fucking tard who's unable to think out of the box, so you automatically think it's got to be a couple isolated stranger adults. Pro-tip: it doesn't.
Soccer mom pls

We just said it would be the best way

Thanks for expounding my argument, comrade. :)

Nah I just don't think its any of my business. Wanting to destroy a mostly beign economic unit isn't in any interest of mine. Why do you try to psycho analysis people you've never met Freud poster? Does it help you feel like you're better in control of your life?


Given the historical communist propensity to hand everything over to bureaucrats and the professional class, I doubt that.

Positions with 1. availability to children and 2. authority over said children inevitably lend themselves to pedophile infiltration.

Is this an argument for abandoning children in the desert? Because parents already have authority over children, so I guess they will infiltrate them babbies pedophilically.

Kek implying that feminism campaign for "social change" is actually contributing to the fall of capitalism. Yeah screaming about muh patriarchy conspiracy theory is about as effective as shitposting on a Chan.

I'm pointing out that an institution with authority over and access to children with zero parental oversight or involvement whatsoever would make a Catholic priest jealous

Okay so you're not even a leftist and you don't understand what's being discussed, as you show here:
Nobody said anything about parents not being involved at all.

Being a parent would make a C.priest jealous. What makes you think that the already existing muh child rape inside the family unit isn't the direct consequence of such closed, incestuous, and authoritative mode of raising children?

Yes, I am actually saying that raising kids more communally (see still existing tribes around the world) will rule out more abuse.

Dem commies want to take r keeds and put them into the Matrix to feed the system!


You are taking my posts way too seriously. I'm making fun of people who think muh fambly is so important.

I wrote like a paragraph fam. Its not like I made a detailed analysis or something.


some feminist

Your lack of materialism is disturbing, comrade

Where the fuck i am? If we taken over family institute we can also make pedophiles respectable members of our societies, just like homosexuals.

Holla Forums please stop roleplaying, we all know

Family is a non-issue. If people want families, they should have families. If people want some other kind of social structure, that's fine too. A political/economic system should serve the people, not the other way round.

We need to DESTROY families, particularly white ones, by using SOCIAL MARXISM. Feminism is VERY GOOD because it makes people LESS LIKE VIKINGS

Engels was a revisionist. Those who overemphasize him are too. Marxism without Leninism is willfully ignorant idealism. The nuclear family was the model the Soviet and Chinese socialist states implemented and should be the one that communists promote.

Fuck off to /anarcho/ with your infantile disorder.


Very good summations of this thread.

Too bad no one presented arguments on how kids raised in orphanages get more violent, depressed and commit more crimes, because their natural need of biological parent by their side is making them more lonely. And we already have no people to adopt existing kids anymore. They get adopted less and less. Even disappearance of ONE parent puts child at mental disadvantage.

We need to embrace family values so our society won't crumble. Imagine having generations of kids raised without parents and donating their sperm to artificial wombs, at some point they will start degrading in moral values because they were never raised by loving parents.

Fucking animals are affected by that, not only humans. We need family institute for or society health. Both physical and mental.

Homosexuality too, affects men society, they become less masculine, can't protect their own home, and instead of taking activity in man's tasks they start behave like women. Not to mention homos don't make children, and the ones they adopt they usually raise in extreme perverted ways, damaging their mental health.

Subversion faggots from Holla Forums who believe we are liberal can go fuck themselves. We can work out our morality without racism or class struggle. Perverts aren't taking over. Holla Forums will surely go to the point of larping pedos and zoophiles of themselves, and asking for their rights. But if (well, that's "if"), leftypol actually completely be subverted into liberal feminist believes, this place will be ideologically destroyed by fascists, because only people who make families actually do real deeds in politics.

Nobody is taking advantage of a reason that sane posters on this board keep in mind. If anything we can do about it is to call out perversion shills on sight, and label them as enemies, who subvert and destroy our community.


You are in the wrong neighborhood motherfucker


I think you're being optimistic. Capitalism never, ever offers a viable form of community, and it won't be an exception when the family dies off. It's resisting right now due to sheer inertia – older memes tend to be the most resistant ones, after all. But it will die eventually, and then capitalists will celebrate: now that the entire population is utterly and desperately alienated from each other, finally they can commodify basic and menial human contact.

You curse at the nuclear family now, but eventually we'll look back on it as one of the last redoubts against capitalism.

The obsession our society has about the current family structure is not healthy. 1, parents don't have a right to their kids, kids should have a right to a safe environment that encourages learning, social skills, physical activity and creativity.
2, inb4 rights are spooks
3, the role of the parents is not only fillable by the biological parents, an older mentor with an emotionally close connection could potentially be anyone
4, technological progress has split the family so the support structure that would have occured naturally, ie, aunts uncles grandparents, cousins etc. we need to rebuild family networks (not necessarily biological) so no two adults and a few kids live as a familial island
5, most adults, I imagine, would be capable of looking after their kids, and therefore, would remain their guardians, so long as they provide a healthy environment

tl;dr, Nobody is looking to take your chilluns away. But nobody has an inherent right to their children either.

Damn nigga, how you even get this spooked.

I'm literally crying with laughter. 10/10

A revisionist of what? His own fucking ideas?

No one is suggesting parents should have no role in raising their children you silly Holla Forumslack, but rather the private dictatorships called nuclear families will be ended. Parents will no longer have a state backed right to their children, children will no longer be economically dependent on their parents, and the community will provide for all children's needs.

If you've been paying any attention you would realise that this is already happening under capitalism: parents willingly "give up" their children every time they send them to school or childcare (or let them go to a friends house for that matter), not to mention social services intervening when parents are neglectful or abusive. In fact the public institutions arguably spend more time raising peoples children than parents do even today.

It's not much of a step to go from the quasi-community care of modern capitalism, to the full communal care of communist society (or even a kibbutzim…).

Nothing new around here.

I bet you didn't even read Stirner

You literally misconstrued a satirical post. You spooked as hell.

Nothing to counter-argue. You're begging the question through and through, misinterpreting statistics, and overgeneralizing anecdotal evidence (if that) to support your ridiculous claims. But I'm feeling generous. I suggest you check out developmental studies of childrens' well-being in single-parent households and those raised by homosexual parents. I think you'll find that childrens' well-being and achievement is most closely tied to, surprise surprise, socioeconomic status and that non-traditional child-rearing arrangements can be just as effective, if not better, than the nuclear family.

In the end, it's not really about Family(tm). It's about MONEY.

Well, at least you're consistent in your poor reasoning ability.

OP here,

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So? Troll threads can actually stimulate some pretty good discussion.

yeah you're right, I'm glad I could help stimulate discussion. The more people discuss, the closer they will get to believing the things which I believe (the truth)

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