Twitter Tells Bidders It Wants A Deal By The End Of This Month

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I guarantee that whichever company buys it plans to buy it for the brand alone

it's clear the operating costs for Twitter are through the roof and such a plan would be at a loss

However merchandising and derivative products based on it would probably make it worth it. Especially since "twitter" is a household name right now.

additionally I could see Google buying it and using it to salvage what's left of Google+. Ontop of that it would solidify the legitimacy of their new parent company "Alphabet"

So was myspace 10 years ago, it had more US based page visits than google at that point. Major movie trailers dropped the 'AOL keyword' and used their myspace page url instead. It was constantly in the news.

These ecommerce brands are worthless, the only thing that matters is how many eyeballs are looking at ads on their service. In Twitter's case that's been declining so of course they want to cash out ASAP.


Aaron didn't die for this

I don't understand why Dorsey never combined Twitter and Square. He could have locked up mobile payment, become the new Ebay on mobile, and created Patreon before Patreon become a thing.

What the fuck happened to myspace, people ditched it for facebook in a matter of months.

I think it was a generational thing, it seems to happen with all online communities. Once the user migration reaches a certain amount, the speed increases exponentially until there's nobody left, people either leave for a different site or just ditch the concept altogether. It's just starting to happen with facebook, but I'm not sure where they're going instead.

install tokumei

One man can only hope.

This but I also think it was a "class" thing. Facebook became very popular with white college aged kids, about the same time MySpace was becoming a hispanic ghetto (Niggers weren't online back then).


I think the kids at my work are using things like instagram or snapchat, not sure which is more popular.

Goddamn kids.

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Oh yeah, clearly


ikr? G-ddamn leftards trying to discredit the G-d-Emperor who has the seal of approval from G-d's Chosen People.

every star wars film after empire was shit. i wouldn't mind if they could make another 10 films staring tiny tits mcgee with her giant forehead and pet monkey if we got more kotor games.

Thanks for Correcting The Record I guess.

Anything to get our Puppet into the office.

Choose one.

I'm pretty sure the main reason it hasn't happened is because the movies have been released so many times and so recently that they think it's better to just wait. Since such an endeavor would probably cost an arm and a leg to do.

It's significantly more likely to happen now than it ever would have had George just kept his hands on it

Good goy, that's exactly it.



write it off as a tax saving loss.

Imagine how much you could write off for twatter.

riiiiight because that fat lazy hack didn't' cuck it in the first place.