Would anybody be interested in setting up a clan/server on minecraft or rust based on socialist principles?

Would anybody be interested in setting up a clan/server on minecraft or rust based on socialist principles?

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I once had a rust clan of about 30 people follow me as Stalin while me killed people.

Eh, why not? We can call it the Detriotcraft Commune.

I'm never gonna buy Minecraft, and is rust realy the correct MMO survival for ever in early access game to go with?

How about kekalonia?

I would, if I ever get real internet again. Dropped from 150 GB to 10 GB because they raised the price.

Dunno about Rust, but Minecraft was made for socialism.

I think the Rust dev triggered a lot of people by making an update one day that autoradomized everyone's gender and race just like IRL. It was pretty funny and I'm inclined to buy the game if we get enough people.

I think the Rust dev triggered a lot of people by making an update one day that autorandomized everyone's gender and race just like IRL. It was pretty funny and I'm inclined to buy the game if we get enough people.

Yeah, I'd definitely wait. Also assuming more people are down, we'd have to choose between one of the two. I think was right, but I also like the thought of having a band of socialist guerillas in Rust.

I mean at least use Minetest for this shit.

It doesn't really matter, cause you don't actually see your character and only pol has a problem with it.

Though it does take the illusion of choise, from you..

I think Rust is still shit though.


If we actually end up deciding on this, I have quite a bit of experience with autismcraft server administration.

you missed out m8.

Why do you hate freedom?

Is there a free alternative to Rust?

If there is, and it's not shit, then we could all enjoy the freeness - free as in freedom of course.

We`d have to heavily mod minecraft, socialism is only tenable with some degree of industrialization.

Minetest is better in several ways, the modding is easy af, it's not Java, there is no retarded depth limitation.
However it lacks a large community but it's full of girls but it seems they're all 13 at much
Minecraft is proprietary software, you have to buy it to get access to nice, non-corrupt servers, but it has way more community.
Rust simply probably doesn't run on my machine and it's botnet proprietary Steam shit.

If you are autistic enough and willing to pay for Java proprietary software, there is Wurm Unlimited on Steam. For those of you who have played Wurm Online in the past, it's a more "individual" version: people can run their own servers, and there is no premium bullshit (once you've bought the game, there's no need to pay anything else). A commune makes much, much more sense in that game because of how hard it is to get shit. But it's extremely autistic as well.

I mean Minecraft maybe, but you have to pay for it, and I haven't tried Minetest. Minecraft has tons of mods and stuff too.

Rust is pretty unstable and shit at it's current stage. But it's tribal communism simulator.

People need to remember too the chances of Holla Forums and other fucking shit up.


Man, that game was such a wild ride

Cool LARP story bro.

Tekkit mod? Or maybe just agrarian socialism? Rust is fairly industrialized though


not being member of the glorious Federal socialist republic on Civcraft.

Best civ server, guys. there is bunch of leftists groups: FSR, LSIF (anarcho-communist guys), Tambov (syndicalist) and neustria (Robespierre based guys).


It started out just giving people bolt action rifles, soon i had a clan of about 5 people just following me around. One of them was stealing shit, so i walked him outside where the rest of the people were and we shot him like a dog in a firing squad. They called me Stalin after that, and just kinda went with it.

We got more people and they all just kinda followed me because i kept giving out good stuff for free. We eventually ran into Nazi's, as you do, and they killed a few of our men. I didn't take to kindly to this, so i enslaved a few naked's and went into full war production. After a few in game days, i had an army of 20 men, most of them i made train a snipers. They didn't have scopes back then though. We pinned down the Nazi's, they couldnt pop their little fascist heads up without them getting blown off, and we slowly and surly blew their compound to bits and killed any survivors. We managed to capture 2 of them alive, i forced them to eat their fallen comrades that i butchered for meat.

We ran that server till the next wipe… good times.

Why does minetest use lua anyway?

I want to play Rust wit you faggots, anyone got a server

kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

I'm not gonna pay for this shit.

Where can I get it for free for Linux?

Let's literally build Socialism


so does anyone actually have a sever to use for minetest/minceraft or not?



If this is to be done, action needs to be taken.

And how is action taken?

One says "I have X. We do it on day Y."

And it is done.

I don't have a server, i dont particularly make too much of a fuck atm.

Also, Rust is 20$, 7days to die 22 and dayz/ ARC 27.
Even Project Zomboid is at 13.

And they will all be in EA limbo for ever.

Either we go F2P/pirated game or this will never work.

if we decide on minecraft i can host the server so it would work with cracked accounts.

Minecraft is fine but we need a plan and maybe some custom plugins or some shit.

At least a whitelist and that server-side password.

i am willing to accommodate whatever is decided on.

Lua was literally designed to make moddable games.

Should there be a Holla Forums steam group or something? Not just for Rust but also shit like Civ.

You mean this?

That is about 50 more than I expected. Neat.


what server faggots

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Consider stealing wifi mate.


It doesn't make much sense to run a specifically socialist society on Minecraft, considering how population constraints lead to most things being held in common anyhow.