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You won't go back to 2008, but there is nothing stopping you from installing the old build.

Would it not be extremely vulnerable

I don't recommend it.

Then that leaves me with one other option. Obtain a time machine.


Shall I choose autism, SJW, or botnet?

Why didn't anyone think to back up the internet when it was at its peak?

Webarchive exists lad

Hey, geocities wasn't so bad now was it.


why live tbh


Runescape was shit, I was busy playing KotW and RO.

Y'all niggers don't even play AncientAnguish. It was a text MMO which I played in 1998.

Oh shit, it's still going.


Of course I wouldn't have played it, I would've been only 3 years old!

2008 was after they had already merged the bookmarks data into a single giant .sqlite profile file, taking a giant shit on system admins and multiboot users. Peak Firefox was probably around 2005.

9 years older than you. Feels good to have lived in the golden age of the internet.

Yeah you're lucky. Got an nuggets of wisdom you can share with a youngster like me?

Fast travel is bullshit.

It's hard to relate to people who don't know get the essence of sound related.

I think the strangest thing is, and since I was playing around with computers from a very young age, I got to grow up seeing adults think you were a genius if you could operate a search engine, to current year where even your average nig can accomplish that on a phone.

kotw came out in 1996 nublet


And other simple things, like pirating movies (fucking DivX) off irc where bots would advertise ftp servers and even had indexes to help manage the amount of distributed content. This was pre-napster (even that is probably too early for you), so before most normies experienced p2p file sharing.

Everyone in the world had ICQ instant messenger. That all changed when Microsoft bought AOL instant messenger and most people migrated to that.

Another amazing thing I experienced was the massive leap in video gaming. I got to see the transition from primitive platform games like Mario to mind boggling PC games like Myst (even if they were just still images) and Magic Carpet. To this day, I still don't understand how the developers of magic carpet pulled that magic off. To be quite honest, the games I see today aren't astronomically better than Quake3 and Half life which came out in the late 90s. Higher resolutions, more detailed facial expressions sure, but it's not that different.

Imagine going from Mario to this.


Apparently ancient anguish started in 1992.

I guess you can still go to the Plan 9 mailing lists and have Rob Pike reply to your posts.


Just post the fucking svg directly

prism wasnโ€™t a thing yes
but spying was a thing since 1999

I'll give you flip phones and vidya, but the rest of your post is nostalgia goggles unless you want to go back to the early nineties or earlier. Normalfags have flooded the net since AOL and I sure as fuck don't miss ~=*This page is optimized for Internet Explorer 6 at a resolution of 600x350*=~ followed by tacky gifs on every other site. RSS is still widely used (even on Web 3.0 shops like Youtube, it beats having to make an account for subscriptions) and the NSA had comparable programs.

you forgot the part where that was displayed in a JS statusbar marquee

I suppressed my memories of that.
Fuck you


If you didn't start your account in or before 2002, you're just a chump.

Remember when you could browse the internet at sub-56kbps and still have a good experience?

Sorry I wasn't born earlier


(Checked, checked, and checked)

First I played was late-04/early-05. It's crazy to think my account is older than the majority of those playing the game now. Fuck, most playing OSRS don't remember a time before grand exchange.

I remember finding RS before even finding the main website. It was on one of those old websites that were pretty much a collection of random links to videos and flash games, like a knock-off ebaums world. It'd pretty much be a list or table of random shit in a usually random category (like "funny", "gross", "sports") that either linked to a flash/shockwave embedded in the page or to another website entirely. The website name was like geegorzstuff.com or something. These websites usually had tons of random banner ads and viruses, but younger me didn't care. I'd find stuff like "End of ze world" or "All your base" or stick death flash games by randomly clicking around. One link had a pop-up to RS and so if I wanted to play I went to that website to play it. Took me like 2 months before I finally found the official RS website.

I kind of liked the internet being so split up, it had a sense of chaotic exploration behind it. Now everything is so consolidated, it's hard to find any good communities now, everyone wants to just gather on facebook or twitter or youtube or any of the few dozen big social media sites. Forums and imageboards feel dead, which is a shame because the big sites don't feel like they have a sense of community, just random shitposts with similar topics. Like with video games, it used to be every MMO had a dozen small competing sites with their own unique info and unique communities. You'd read the site and forums and decide which one you wanted to be a part of, and if you chose well you could be a member for years and always have internet bros to chat with.

Now any new MMO/game/community will immediately be nabbed up by official forums, reddit, and a knowledge database by a professional company like Curse or something. I've seen it happen so many times it's almost a law of nature. Everything feels hollow, there's just no organic community behind anything. Every new website or interaction medium is just corporate shills looking to sell something.


I like games having official forums.

Fansites and their circlejerks were cancer.

Oh shit, that takes me back.
I remember many years ago when I visited with my grandmother when she was at work in a small government office. I would fuck about on the other guys computer (he was never there when I was), one of the original iMacs, and there was this one site with a nice selection of flash games that I would usually go to. I barely remember it now, but I still have vague recollection of a few of the games.

It's a shame I was just a little too young to appreciate the golden age of flash, but at least I got to experience it. To this day, it's still my favorite format. I even host this sites flash board now, where pretty much the only people keeping it alive are half of a dozen porn addicts that all come to discuss two games.
But every now and again I still get a small file dump from some kind soul, and that's always nice.

Where did the wonder go? The adventure?
Now everything's clumped together in a few media formats, on a few sites (which I still avoid like the plague), and everything else was left in the dust. Those sites that once brought us great joy are only fading memories now.
Sometimes I wonder why I even have a computer.

Oh man that takes me back. Spoofing emails and jacking off to free preview clips. They were short and low rez and still took forever to download, but I was so young and horny it didn't matter.


You had to really study even thumbnail images to see if you wanted to wait for the full resolution to load.

Now play this.


I remember my first 5400 rpm harddrive. I thought my computer was going to go into fucking orbit the first time I turned it on.

It's crazy to think 2008 was once regarded as the low point of ๐Ÿ€chan.

Oh man you just reminded me of the one I used to visit.

Truly the end of an era.

Yup, and now here we are, where right as ICANN receives possession of the root DNS, hiroshima nagasaki adds a "4chan pass holder since " display for every goy.

You were btfo in the ICANN thread, faggot.
Go back to Holla Forums.

>hiroshima nagasaki adds a "4chan pass holder since " display for every goy.
Very funny meme haha? I don't visit 4chan anymore because muh JS, did that actually happen?

Yes. Passholders that add since4pass to the options field until earlier to day got a [clover.png 4chan pass holder since ] at the end of their posts. Now, they get a [clover.png] with alt="4chan pass holder since " next to their name. You can check out a variety of threads and see this yourself.




I found this


If anything I've seen people just become dumber, I doubt the average person can do that on a computer without using voice commands on a smartphone or some shit.

Are we gonna go there, user?

Web portals?

I remember those feels. I used to have loads of fun sitting around the house and browsing the internet. Even using google back then was fun because you never knew what the fuck you were going to find on page 10 of "funny stuff".

But then I came in rather late to the scene so I didn't get to experience a majority of it.

You're a big guy.

Check my dub-dub-dubs

fuck off >>>/reddit/

I forgot how good 4.0 used to be


Stop it user. ;_;

no :3

-t someone who was probably born in the 90s and piggybacked on their parents' line and computers

I miss not having people like you on the internet ;-;

You're missing a command to pass that argument to, millenial.

Internet is SRSBZNZ. :^)

Why did you delete your post?


If they could you then you wouldn't see all the extremely stupid questions people ask about shit online.

RSS is still a thing, I use it for all my news and getting updates on a couple Youtube channels. It's a million times better than having to deal with every different news website's layout and spending time going to Youtube channels that don't get updated often.

While I hate the flood of normalfags with a passion, this probably hurts the most. It disgusts me how no one has a problem with what is basically the equivalent to the Soviet secret police being everywhere out in public.

The passes are seriously 4chan Gold Membership now and give you reduced cooldown timer for posting and allow you to post on a special /vip/ board.

You forgot the one episode where someone wrote a blog post with a clickbait title, it showed up on the first page of google results for "facebook login", and he started getting death threats for "stealing" people's accounts as a result.


Also old Opera was better.

For you, who browses clearnet.

One time while doing this, whoever uploaded the preview clip, actually accidentally uploaded a huge 25MB video file. Had most of the scene, but not all of it.

Not everything was archived sadly.

I wish. I hate this new JS bloated web we have now.


Mario's the better game out of all those you listed.


You're just afraid of change, user.