The real test

The real test.

It is my belief that there is enough crossover for libertarian Marxists and collectivist anarchists to work together for the same revolution.

If I am correct, those two groups make up most leftypol

Although most people are Marxists rather than anarchists, most of these Marxists are not Marxist leninists. From what I can gather anyway, if you'd vote I can know for sure.

I believe in the abolition of the capitalist state, and its replacement with a transitional socialist state where every position is elected, and immediately re-callable.

Which category to I fit into?

are you are Marxist?

i don't know exactly but it sounds reasonable enough


then go libertarian Marxism

so are a libertarian rather than authoritarian marxist basically. This is interesting though, is that how the left conceive of liberty? Through democratic participation? Is the belief in democracy what makes you libertarian rather than authoritarian?

compared to the right conception of liberty, which centres around property ownership

yes, the ability to participate in political life is liberty

if you do not have this, your life becomes subject to the whims of unaccountable private or state authorities, and you cease to have liberty


As a bordigist having to choose between "libertarian" and "authoritarian" is a bit of a false dichotomy. I'm not sure that either description really applies.

Don't be a fucking idiot.

there HAS to be a compromise
the state already exists and we need it for large scale organization (are we really going to evacuate a city of 5 million in a natural disaster through voluntary decentralized "not a state")
and I absolutely dont want some politiburo gulaging people and i want the state to be as participatory, transparent, accountable etc
establishing voluntary communal production should be the states top priority(where feasible), and i would imagine it being the anarchist party leading that project

No, we dont, you just think you do because that's all you've ever known, you cant think of the other possibilities of human organization that already exist in the world that are not a state.

literally political compass tier

Take for instance Catalonia. Do you realize they killed porky there? Do you realize they massacred thousands of priests and nuns? Do you understand why they did it? Do you deem it necessary as they did? Good, than OP is a faggot because he left out "Authoritarian anarchist" option.

No exceptions.

We wan't to overthrow the ruling class for fucks sake.

Fucking liberals, get off my leftypol!


The poll is fucking garbage and I suspect OP is the same anarkiddie that gets butthurt at the fact that Holla Forums doesn't believe in the STATISM maymay and in fact doesn't have a pathological horizontal dislike for the state as a tool or transistory process towards communism.

ive seen better false flaggs on halfchans Holla Forums

stay mad at the fact that authoritarian ideas are in the minority. I consider libertarian Marxists my comrades, where i know that you faggots would hang them if you got any sort of power.

liberals, ladies and gentleman

Keep evading the issue at hand. Will you shoot porky if and when the time comes? If yes, you are authoritarian, if no, stop pretending, stop using communist terminology, including "comrade".

So only anarchist pacifists are anarchists?

There's nothing authoritarian in using violent means to liberate yourself.


No. Every communist, including anarcho-communists are authoritarians. Why?
Because look what happens when the fact hurts your fee-fees, and you try to justify it in ridiculous ways:

There's no going around it. Just because you don't like calling it what it is, it is still what it is.


Liberals pls go

really? is this the best bait you've got? I had more respect for you than that frued.

literally spouting cold war propaganda

Revolutionary terror is old as the first emancipatory/revolutionary movements. Blame Spartacus! Fucking authoritarian! Fucking Müntzer! That bloody priest! Fucking Dózsa! That bloody peasant! Those dirty commies! Fucking Robespierre! Fucking Makhno! Fuckin Lenin!

yay porky

Yet another internet Holla Forums "anarchist". Nothing to see here.

Please enlighten us how killing porky by the thousands and upholding revolutionary terror isn't authoritarian!

Please enlighten us how killing porky by the thousands and upholding revolutionary terror isn't authoritarian!

this: literally catalonia vs porkies

Dont worry, its a false flag

It is not.

i agree. i find myself agreeing with both groups

Your not fooling anyone.

no wonder why people hate you left coms so much

I'm ready to debate anyone on the authoritative measures Makhno or ancoms in Catalonia took. Anyone who claims to be an anarchist should have learned these facts. If your notion of anarchism fits liberalism more than its actual history I can only refer you to some reading material, my comrade "anarchist"

Thanks porky for the enlightening analysis.


I think I start to see the problem with the phrase "Fighting people who are likely to try authoritarian BS is authoritarian"
I think it is very similar to "tolerance", is it tolerant to be intolerant to intolerance? I personally think it is. The same with authoritarianism: there needs to be a set of rules or a system to make sure that no one can try to achieve any meaningful level of power over other people. Furthermore, ideologies that do propose such systems should be met with doubt.
Now, killing people might be overdoing it. Maybe I am a pussy, but I do not think murder would be a good way to solve your problems. In essence, it'll mean that you believe that your ideology is superior to any other, and the others must die.
Rather, we should try to make sure people can not achieve such power unless it is truly willed by the larger part of the people to warrant a revolution. But every ideology that seeks to kill the others must be killed itself, because it is a danger to free thought. How that may be interpreted; I don't care.
Also, it'd give MASSIVE negative PR if some group put a gorillion people in camps and another brazillion in guillotines.

What counts as "authoritarian marxism" ?

I think what OP meant is an authoritarian - libertarian axis inside of the revolutionary movement and/or the resulting society after the revolution.

Marxist failed to bring us socialism in the 20th century. Only dictatorship, slavery and millions of dead workers.

Because we point out that people like you have no fucking idea what you're talking about?
That poster obviously isn't a socdem, he's advocating a classical marxist position for fuck's sake. Both marx, lenin and virtually every other marxist out there has advocated a proletarian state based out recallable delegates. About the only marxists that disagree with doing that are stalinists and bordigists.

I describe as a Marxian Republican Socialist.