What kind of internet packages and speeds does Japan offer compared to US?

What kind of internet packages and speeds does Japan offer compared to US?


Multi-hundred-dollar business line speed here is considered rather low for the average home line in nipland. They're a small country with fucking amazing infrastructure, so their internet is miles better than most of the world's.

IPv4 and Internet Explorer 6

Well, without consulting any sort of data, I'd say it's both cheaper and faster.

Steam's traffic map shows that during the last seven days Japan has downloaded at an average speed of 43.3 Mbps. Burgerland has downloaded at 26.1 Mbps. South Korea is 71.9 Mbps


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Irrelevant in a land that will jail you for 4+ years because you jailbroke an iphone or torrented 2 episodes of anime.

True, japan has the worst piracy laws EVER. Anyone who doubts this should read how they put you in jail even for 10 years for sharing a movie.

actually eric schmidt, after visiting north korea, said they do have the infrastructure for the internet, he said it just needs to be "turned on"

but assuming it is as simple as "turning on" i do wonder what the average speed in pyongyang would be !? 512kbps ?

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