Will the TTP/TTIP whatever make capitalism more or less unstable...

Will the TTP/TTIP whatever make capitalism more or less unstable? will greater interdependence of economies and less national control over capital (if that's what the TPP entails) mean a more widespread crash in the future?
we know that it will almost certainly get through eventually

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Yeah, most likely. But, to think optimistically, the TPP will bring industrialization to more countries. As David Harvey says, crises of capital are never resolved; they simply move to different places. After the Pacific countries, then Porky (probably Chinese porkies) will begin full-scale industrialization of Africa… and soon no region on Earth will be left unmolested by Porky's greasy fingers.

At that point, it will be inevitable: socialism or barbarism. Porky will have played into our hands by building up international industrial/financial infrastructure. Then we will seize the means of production and implement global communism.

Then, we boldly go where no man has gone before…

or fascism

I sometimes wonder if the entire world has to be industrialized and then deindustrialized before global collapse

I doubt it. For a start, we've already fucked up the planet enough industrializing and then deindustrializing the West while Asia, the Middle East and South America industrializes. I don't think the environment can take the strain of Africa going through the same thing while Asia et al. deindustrialize. It's just crazy. We need to find and implement cleaner, better managed ways of industrializing; what motive is there for that under capitalism? If there was any, all those climate summits might of actually amounted to something.

I think most capitalists believe Africa has to industrialize and then we'll finally be close to ending poverty kek

Fascism IS Barbarism.

right now, the people are the ones who suffers the most.

aside from obvious environmental issues, the TPP ensured that foreign private businesses gain an upper ground when it comes to a lot of things. for example, if a public hospital is opened too close to a private hospital under the TPP, the private one can actually sue the government for endangering their profit. it might damage capitalism over time, but the people will get it all


we were told nafta was a free trade agreement
turns out it was an investor protection agreement, and the americans don't give a shit about the rules


and trump thinks the us is getting ripped off .
force these shitty agreements on everybody and then bitch, you aren't getting enough

both clinton and trump are talking about war with iran


starting to look like the us wants ww3

totalitarian capitalism or bust?

How does this serve the ruling Class?
Besides the sweet military contacts of course

How does this serve the ruling Class?
I can think of a lot of ways

and don't forget,they aren't gonna be doing any of the heavy lifting.

My question is, will the net be censored? Will resistance still use the net as a tool for revolution? Will I still be able to use it as my primary source of entertainment and education?



darknet might take over as tech advances
nodes on every machine


it will just be another authoritarian twist in porky pigism


Barack Obama Readies For Final TPP Push, Which Could Benefit Presidential Library Donors


160+ Farm and Food Groups Ask Congress to Reject TPP, Stand Up for Independent Farmers and Ranchers




at least there's conflict between capital and the petite bourgeoisie

How are those congressional elections looking?

It's only natural evolution of capitalism. Why bumping?

You mean, petite seizing to exist and the middle class becoming obsolete, like Marx prophesied?

It would still be relevant to have discussion about this…

you think the petite bourgeoisie will be totally obsolete? because of the increasing physical composition of capital?

Go fuck yourself m8. The 'petite bourgeoisie' have generally been much more active in fighting this that you cunts half of whom seem happy to accept this shit simply cause nationalists don't like it.

Most of them are apathetic like the rest of the country.

I don't see how this comment does anything but make you all appear smug.

sad really.


Semantics. It was user above who painted the opposition to it as petite bourgeoisie. Your utter contempt for anyone in a better social situation than you aside, are the farmers concerns legitimate or not?

I don't possess such contempt as I'd estimate that I am in a better situation than most people on this board.

I sympathize with protestors but I do not harbor any naive illusions that the deals won't pass because of a few complaints. It takes direct (read: assassination, bombing, etc.) action to derail this kind of stuff and no one has proven willing to resort to that.

petite bourgeoisie is just a descriptor calm down

"little capitalist"

I didn't mean petite bourgeoisie pejoratively
I'm glad they fight big capital

They want to give peace a change. :')


Sorry, you triggered my autism.

From today


Maybe France isn't as classcucked as everyone else?

Also, hows Japan looking? Are they looking to back out of TPP anytime soon?

Bump because we're getting raided


Last Sunday, a national Spanish TV channel ran a special about the TTIP on prime time, and it was mainly critical of it.
Apparently it was the most watched program, and generated enough tweets to trend globally.
I can't find news about it on english, but the program and the hashtag were both called ObjetivoTTIP.

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