Firefox now requires PulseAudio


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As a PulseAudio user, I see no problem with this. PulseAudio just werks. Get over it.

What is the problem with pulseaudio, and code have you written to fix it?

*what code

There's nothing wrong with it. There is just absolutely no reason to use PulseAudio unless you need a feature it provides

Just werking is a nice feature.

Alsa works fine

Fuck you Mozilla.

That's too bad, I was actually considering fooling around with a distro that doesn't need PA recently. I guess those are going to go the way of the dinosaurs now.

It's important to me because it allows me to have multiple programs running sound at once. Otherwise, I have applications not making any sound at all because something else that makes sound is running even if it's not producing sound at that time.

Alsa does that too

Perhaps you will find a BSD to your liking.

That's going to make a bunch of Slackware and Gentoo users switch to other browser.

Pulseaudio has it's place, but it's pretty odd that Mozilla decided that it's the browser.

Really? Because I remember a few months back when I had trouble on that front, and it was because pulseaudio stopped working for some reason. Then when I restored it, everything was fine again.

I doubt Mozilla cares about losing 3 users.

I'm using Arch, and if this happens I'll be switching my browser too. I've been using pure Alsa on Arch for years. I tried pulseaudio for a couple months and had to run pulseaudio --kill about once a week.

Depending on distro you may have to install the alsa plugins package, and may have to setup an .asoundrc to enable dmix but it does work.

Meanwhile Pale Moon gains 3 more.

Those 3 people are worth over 300 normal users development wise. They can compile and field proper bug reports and their suggestions may be worth listening to.


There's nothing wrong with it; it's just gay for Firefox to come out and tell users that they're locked into one sound system only and that they're not allowed to choose anything else they might prefer personally. It's the same problem people have with programs that make systemd a hard dependency. Maybe I'm running on older or less powerful hardware and larger sound systems and inits like pulse and sysd make it run too slow for my taste; well now that's just too damn bad because if I want to use software that's still being maintained I'm locked into them.

How do they do it, Holla Forums? How does Mozilla manage to make every release of Firefox worse than the previous one?



Hahaha buttblasted BSD fags on suicide watch.

One more thing they need to "tweak" to use their toy desktop, because their audio solution is so much better than Linux's right?

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I'll move to pale moon if this makes it into esr


By Brian Fagioli

I'm done, fuck this shit. Time for chromium.

Is there some gesture addon? Anything else you'd recommend?

not an argument

It's just for Linux, read the bugreport. You can use pulseaudio on freebsd, but the native audio solutions on the BSDs is way better compared to Linux.

You really thought you could escape Poetterings software? Systemd dependency when?

Are you being ironic just for the attention? That's desperate.

This is why I installed netsurf, a browser that can barely display fucking images. Because Mozilla is shit.


tfw there will never be an linux audio stack as good as the one OSX has
audio is the ONLY thing osx has going for it, graphics, editing film, etc... all can be done better and faster on windows

bbl gonna implement my own audio stack in linux and charge money for it :^)

Dunno about gesture addons but there probably is one somewhere, Vivaldi has them after all and its entire UI is just a privileged WebExtension.

As for anything else, all you really need is uMatrix. It has all the functionality of NoScript (minus the spyware), Self-Destructing Cookies and uBlock Origin.

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Mozilla has been working overtime to kill their browser.

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Gotta double down on the excellent retardation to get your point across, furfag?

never underestimate the inertia of a boiled-frog userbase


I run pulseaudio system-wide now (on a non-cucked distro no less) because ALSA is just too fucking barebones and flawed for my needs tbh.

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reminder #500 that there is nothing wrong with chromium

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Yeah, and I have PulseAudio on my Arch install so that I could switch audio streams between on-board audio with my shitty speakers, and my USB audio headset dongle. Funny that it "just werks," because I've had to change settings so that Firejail would work with it, and I have to disable it to get non-ass audio out of PCSX2.

Fuck Harry Poettering.

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Pulse is literally the only thing I use from that shithead, and that's only because there are no other good alternatives.

Just wait for dillo to get js and link hinting and you're set.

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Time to leave firefox

Chromium installation guide so you can stop getting cuckolded by Mozilla:

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I don't know about you guys,but switching to seamonkey is a great time now.

almost 100 posts of retardation and no one mentions that what they decided to link against, libpulse, doesn't require pulseaudio to be used exactly. with libpulse you can be using just alsa and it'll work.

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...and start getting cuckolded by Google?

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Daily reminder that when you use Mozilla Cult products, you support the drooling morons in this thread.

The only drooling morons I see in this thread are the same people who complain about firefox all the time.
The same kind of fucking moron who thinks linking against libpulse means you need pulseaudio for audio.

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What the fuck does Holla Forums have to do with this?

The mainstream media has decided you belong to a hate speech group and Mozilla wants to pigeonhole you into it

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Do people really want their web browser to have built in audio mixing and streaming as well as a trillion other things?

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Why would no pulseaudio mean you need built-in audio mixing?


I don't know what to do anymore. Firefox is running down the drain faster than my hope.

You are a fucking retard. What did you think nightly was for?

Or he could just stop using the fucking testing version of firefox which reports back to mozilla

And also stop using windows botnet in the first place if he cares about being part of botnets