*golf clap*

You should try using the site without cookies or JS. It's a fucking mess.

Nice high quality post, this site needs more intelligent people like you OP

like every other site on the internet?

Librechan, Endchan, and Nextchan all work fine, but here I either get a 404 when trying to post (though my post goes through) or sent to where the thread appears to have less posts than it did before I made mine. Altering the address gives me the full thread along with my post. If my Holla Forums posting license has expired and I need to enter the captcha again it downloads post.php to my hard drive when I try to post and I have to go to the captcha page manually. At least it doesn't eat my post like it used to, I guess. I can't view email addresses, which is great when someone's talking about something that has a @ in the name but isn't actually an email address.

But it's okay since everyone else is doing it.

Hi, Codemonkey. Fix your shit. thx

testing with no javascript enabled.

post goes through fine but it redirects to instead of

Have you posted about this on >>>/sudo/?


NaN! = Not available Nigger

Yeah, but codemonkey's too busy changing the file naming scheme and stealing phone apps to care.

OP came here to be a circus freak/zoo exhibit, why should we give them privacy?

Not him but what's the point? Users that don't use JS are an insignificant minority. He doesn't care and won't even pretend to.

I have the sys. domain set a different text size so I know to go back when it redirects me there instead of a 404 page. And it stopped warning me that the captcha is expired so I have to go to every 24 hours. Posting on boards like /furry/ is practically impossible; I have to open a new tab for the verification code, inspect the element to get the url since it doesn't display, open that in a new window and enter it in before it expires. I don't post there anymore.

Can't embed youtube or post multiple images either. But the basic functionality works and that's amazing for a site in the current year. Outside of sites that were founded on FLOSS principles or provide functionality for visually impaired users nobody bothers.

Opinion discarded

He has Holla Forumsish autistic interests. I think he would be able to appreciate it.

I have discarded your opinion.

Not an argument.

8ch is shit tbh fam smh

"You have failed to take my bait in a satisfactory way therefore I will respond by being obnoxiously dense." ftfy

Not an argument, furfag

Not an argument.

I'm and this my second post in this thread. You really are making an ass of yourself