Proprietary software that holds a special place in your heart

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there's really no reason to use mIRC, use hexchat

uhh... winamp, steam, rpg maker

games, only games.. nothing more starcraft for example, if nsa makes a remake i would play it

This. Pretty much nothing more than games. Mostly older games at that, since most modern games are shite and also don't run on my ancient thinkpad. And there are six million decent free software environments - dosbox, scummvm, gemrb, etc - you can drop files from proprietary games into to play them without losing muh freedoms, so even that list isn't all that big.

Just like all the other mIRC users, I've got no idea why I use it other than the fact that I've used it for a long time.

Weechat is pretty good too though so I run that everywhere else.


iTunes for Windows and QuickTime player for Windows.

Good to see fellow faggots.

Foobar2000 is actually pretty good, the rest are games.

The lack of an acceptable Foobar2000 replacement is one of my biggest frustrations with GNU/Linux.

Games, though nothing newer than 2010. Also I'd be lying if I didn't also say Windows 98 and XP due to how they cover my computer use from 1st/2nd grade up through my 2nd year in college.

Games, Older consoles with the dreamcast in particular, foobar2000, mpc-hc the best fucking video player ever come at me faggot, C#

Opera 5

Deadbeef is fine

There is inferior choice of DSP filters, no possibility to use VST filters, and it was missing a lot of other features last time I checked.

And it's not crossplatform too, so can't run on OS X.

show me at least 1 reason to use it over Firefox

Useless crap

No security patches anymore

A good text editor with regex support will do just fine

Sublime Text
(((Adobe)))™ Audition&Lightroom&Photoshop
iZotope RX
some (((Google)))™ apps for Android
(((Microsoft)))™ Paint
OS X (Hate it, but currently have not enough time to adopt something else; and in comparison to (((Windows))) it's bretty good)

Heroes of Might&Magic 3 w. HotA
Quake Live (RIP)
Portal 1,2 (but unfortunately it has little re-play value even in multiplayer)
Half Life 2


A small functional programming language wrapped around a massive standard library. I use it for prototyping designs and data processing (aside from purely mathematical work).


You're a faggot.

Able to back that up with some arguments?

I lock my answer.


Age of Empires II

When one tab crashes, your whole browser doesn't freeze.

You obviously linked to the same post, and I asked for your arguments.
Boring, low effort trolling again. Disappointing.

Don't use Adobe™ Flash™, you nigga
and they won't crash


you looked at wrong post, I don't use that crap on personal computer
so what? it's awesome and can do lots of things
they are named that way

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no u

they're applications, faggot

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at least i'm not using sublime text

Fuck. You win.

Games are the only proprietary software I care about, any other software can be replaced. Even if there is no replacement now, one could be written.

what is bad about it? no one cared to explain here

I love you /g/

For me it is:

Audacious exists now and it supports Winamp 2.x skins and pretty much every plugin I had in Winamp. Only thing you can't do is freely stretch the GUI to fit any size, otherwise it'd be a drop in replacement for Winamp.

Same here.

Bloated pieces of useless shit. I hope you know it's engineered in a way to purposely slow Windows down.

I never understood why Foobar2000 is so highly recommended. I'm interested in knowing why though.

VM XP. Worst thing MS ever did was replacing the XP UI (Not the theme) with this Windows 7 garbage. It's slow as fuck compared to XP.

Call me when they allow me to change where the tabs bar is, and not force me to use their gay custom GUI theme. I chose my Window decorations for a fucking reason and they have no fucking excuse to override MY choices. I hope Google goes bankrupt.



It has some cool features for power users and those with good ears. and it's very customizable in every way. that's it


Fortunately OpenMW exists.

Windows 95

4plebs leave

Ever heard of sarcasm, you Pajeet curry nigger?

Not open sores and not gratis.
If speed is your game, use emacs or vim.
If a flashy GUI is important use atom or brackets.


Dwarf fortress, I guess.

>windows xp

Microsoft Minesweeper

49 seconds on expert, you niggers

OpenMW uses fuckin qt, its dusguisting, if someone make GTK fork i will try that shit out, my high elf mage is waiting to test out that engine




though bleeding is still free


Also, wibndows 7, Steam, Cyberfox, Jriver, f.lux, Evernote,

the official linux kernal

Does anyone know what it would take to get Zun to GPL some of the old Touhou games? I wouldn't think he really makes any money from the old ones anymore and it would be cool to see them ported to different platforms.


Did you read the OP, nigger?

bad performance
also buggy as hell (when I last checked it)


Use spacemacs for maximum comfyness.

I don't use Chrome either, I hate it, I was just saying one good thing about it. A valid positive aspect of it.

i wasn't aware of this. you have any more info ?

*stickman looking over glasses 'go on' picture*


Starcraft & some other RTS games

Numerology calculator, advanced video editor
GPU-Z, CPU-Z & some other overclocking tools

packagekit install aisleriot

Fruity Loops Studio

Ollydbg, I remember cracking software when I was 12. Good times.

Halo Combat Evolved
Age Of Empires 2
Simcity 3000
Myth 2 Soulblighter

Add SoftICE to that list.

>his face when I break into the debugger, step through the damn disasm, poke the right memory location and unhang the game

There's OpenXRay but I suppose it's just a fork of proprietary XRay Engine possible only because the Ukrainian mafia is busy elsewhere and GSC is basically defunct

And I hope the project continues, it's hard to follow progress because people fork forks and use it for their own mods. Although I doubt XRay has the most advanced lighting it still seems like Stalker games use lighting in more interesting and dramatic ways, consistently, than any other game I've seen

Yeah, it's annoying when sitting on a busy thread on Holla Forums and when Firefox hangs you can't even scroll on another tab

best fucking operating system
it's a damn shame itanium is dragging it down

Microsoft Edge, objectively the best browser and the killer app of Windows 10.

I've spent days on Linux and OSX trying out different music players, and neither have anything that even approaches foobar2000. I honestly don't understand it. Why is it so hard to find a music player that lets me view my library by file structure? Why is it so hard to find a music player that displays the cover art of the currently playing song somewhere useful? Why is it so hard to find a music player that can use custom hotkeys? And that's just basic UI fuck me we haven't even gotten to all of the built-in features like audio conversion and tag editing.

Does everybody else in the world just not care about their music collection and throw every song into a single folder and rely on tags or something? Do they just run around with 658 in their library?

Using win 10 desktop, android on mobile love 😍 botnet

Have you tried Clementine?


Clementine can't into custom hotkeys at all. They pretend to let you set them in the settings, but when it comes to anything that's like Fn+Left Arrow it doesn't work.

Mozilla Firefox

have you tried Cantata? Its a GUI frontend for MPD. Very light weight

Most of this stuff is old software so I wouldn't give shit as they probably used it ages ago.

JetBrains IDEs

First 3 are why I'm still using Windows as main OS (but preparing to jump ship).

If you don't mind using a CLI, try ncmpc.

By CLI I meant ncurses, it isn't too bad.

Momodora RUTM
Jazz Jackrabbit
Guitar Pro 5
Halo 1 PC Demo (multiplayer is still supported even today)
Unreal Tournament 1999
Pre Windows XP GUI

never really liked ollydbg (from a technical perspective) but it gets the job done, sort of. fun and nostalgia in any case

tl;dr the embedded industry took the grsec patches for free, modified them to work with shit old kernels and proudly labeled their products as grsecurity hardened.

the grsec devs got buttblasted and will only produce stable patches for the gentoo, arch communities and commercial customers.

someone else remembers that game

not all of them are proprietary




Last good computer, as far as I'm concerned.

I know that feel. Clementine comes closest to me, but it's still not quite there. You're right though, some people are fucking monsters when it comes to their music storage.

A friend of mine doing an IT degree might be the worst I've seen. More or less gives me cancer.

brain damage is what you get for using OSX I guess. Also, there's in fact an experimental OSX port:

Only proprietary software that i couldn't remove from my life:
Can't find any FOSS alike

I find it very interesting that is the only proprietary software people are attached to are specific games. I'm the same way but I would also say that I have a weird fondness for Steam as a service and proprietary software repo. The client itself has a good interface, you don't have to be exploited in Marketplace garbage if you don't want to and Steam Workshop makes discovering installing mods very easy. However, I can see an event horizon that the service past some time ago. Valve is now out to become a entertainment distributor rather than a developer that runs a game shop. You can buy digital rentals of chinese cartoons on Steam now. You can also buy software for work. some of the products you're making for the living room might make for a nice media center but this is almost like watching moot slowly turn into a normal fag. that's a lie, he was always a normal fag.

And I thought my music was disorganized. I have all my albums in one folder but the albums are their own sub folders. some of them are in an additional sub folder but that's a product from when I used iTunes, well before I knew anything about computers.
it still feels messy though. I can never figure out a better way.

A bunch of people here posted applications, and even operating systems. So it's not just about games.

Brave Dwarves 1 & 2. Anybody knows how to get them?


Plex Server and clients

I don't really give a shit about media apps and games being closed-source. It's just media. I do refuse to buy DRMed video or get any of those pleb-tier subscription services. And the convenience of actually hosting my media on a personal server that just handles metadata and transcoding smoothly and automatically can't be matched.



Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee AV, and Windows Movie Maker.

I miss Winamp, PowerISO, uTorrent, Opera, winrar, Audition, and Windows 2000 so much.
But they're all dead. The latest versions are made to be shit, and the older versions are just too outdated to be usable (either compatibility-wise, feature-wise, or security-wise).

osu!. I love that game.

Steam and muh games, also windows leading up to 7.

jfc, my wife sells these shits and literally one of the worst jewishness i have ever seen.

why would you like it?

It has the best browser of the decade as a platform exclusive, you can't argue that.

What's wrong with Audacious, 7-Zip and Linux?

so grsecurity is becoming closed source, even for gentoo/arch, since then ?

Most video games that aren't shit. I said MOST fuck off Games (for consoles at least) from the fourth gen and earlier tend to effectively respect muh freedoms anyway since nobody with the authority to stop you gives a shit about them. The changes you make can also be easily distributed legally thanks to patch files, and you can usually disassemble them easily. (you have to know assembly in that case, but really old systems were often programmed in assembly in the first place) With all the free tools around for them, the binaries ripped from a disk/cart/etc can be as good as the source code.

Other than that, there's a few small Binbows utilities that I still use in VMs and my dedicated Win98/FreeDOS gaymen PC like Irfanview and MagicDisc. The interface of Windows 98 holds a special place in my heart too, especially all those cheesy themes and screensavers.

But that's gay, and literally anything can be called a program instead.

I just sort by artist and album by making folders for them manually. What's wrong with that?

None of the libre alternatives compare, but the trade off is too high. Can't comprehend all the windows plebs on Holla Forums these days.