Dual Monitors

Dual monitors lead to less productivity. Discuss.

16:9 monitors lead to less productivity.
Resolutions higher than 640x480 lead to less productivity.
colors other than black and green lead to less productivity.
CPUs with clock speed measured in GHz lead to less productivity.

That's why you need three monitors.

You mean other than 80x25 text mode? Also, you left out bad posture and not wearing cute clothes for things that lead to less productivity.

OP leads to sucking cock. Discuss.

21:9 screen master race reportin'in

4:3 monitors or bust

Monitors lead to less productivity. Discus.

Ricing your tiling windowmeme config and shitposting on imageboards is not productivity

Bingo! Everyone knows vi was just a prototype for rogue games. Real programmers use ed.


Having any more than 640kb of ram and more than one color on your monitor leads to less productivity

Yes, you should feel like a fucking nigger.

Is that a BSoD in the background?

then explain to me why i have five of them shits but am the TOP programmer in, basically, the entire western hemisphere and I still have time to do insane amounts of exercise and am BUILT like the guy who wrote bash.

This image is from WAY before that was even a thought in someone's head. It's probably running some promo program made to make the screen look pretty for the picture.
Or maybe a really gaudy text editor.

Stay mad.

ADD/ADHD lead to less productivity. Discuss.

Stay pozzed.

Well the first point is objectively true. The others are pretty subjective.


Do you know the definition of the word "objectively"

OP's right, though. Having more shit in your range of vision at once just leads to more distraction.


I agree. I bought two for muh gaymen and now I dislike having it. It's not like your eyes can focus on more than one spot at a time, and when you focus on one monitor you usually stop caring about the other. So basically one monitor is for communication/decorative and the other for actual work. For everything else, I prefer workspaces. I even find myself using workspaces when one of my monitors is blank.