Stefan Molyneux

Could someone post the WebM with Stefan Molyneux talking about whatever Stefan Molyneux talks about. Don't remember the exact topic, but i remember he went full apeshit on it.

Thank you in advance.

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I remember that i have seen it in the previous WebM thread. If someone could drop it here it would be nice.



if i ever see this guy in public im taking one for the team and strangling this prick

Theres this gem


What is the song used in these?>>655631

yeah let's be pissed off at giving money to science.

I have to watch this every time it's posted

Positivism was a mistake

Can we have someone doing a meme of him saying 'do what the market wants!' and then we see all theres clips of all the horrible shit the 'free market' actually wants. Like killing people for iol, pollution, and of course 'muh big gubbermand' that he keeps bitching about.

I forgot about the physicist wars, when physicists got the government to spray bullets at civilians to fund pocket protectors!




Has there ever been a full on plinkett tier takedown of Stef?

I'm actually impressed by how stupid they are. They're like the human equivalent of the antagonist from Portal 2, machines designed to efficiently churn out illogical thoughts.

I would argue that ancapism has potential as an academic tool in this regard.

social security is that low because the money for it doesn't come out of the federal budget, it comes from payroll taxes

FULL ALBUM:!rANBnJoS!I00_NHzCbj18mkAEWxxalg

I agree, the state should be researching new technologies and breakthroughs and releasing such findings as open source for all of humanity to benefit.

I want this


I think that faggot is suffering from cancer so you'd be doing him a favor.


Where the hell is the dollar one

You could cut health spending so much through single payer but
wouldn't allow it. And all it would take to garner enough revenue to ensure SS stability is to take off the income tax limit that prevents rich people from paying a portion of SS tax. Combine that with a slimmed down military budget for national defence ONLY and you got a halfway socdem America that wouldn't be half bad.

we should fucking kill this man. Like, go to his house and beat him to death.

says the vlogger

Imagine his skull cracking like an egg as you stomped on it, just imagine.

same tbh

I'm deeply confused.
I don't know if I should laugh or if I should cry at such tremendous moronic display.

lel, interesting enough as math/physics while thinking about going onto grad school I learned that failed physicist pretty much become engineers.

I remember when Stef was on the rise and could've conceivably become a mainstream personality. Dark times
Luckily that Rogan Podcast and roasting from pretty much anyone not an idiot ended that shit.


Oh wow

It has motivated me and gave me reasons to stay on Holla Forums

It's like being against paying for food while shouldering the cost of emergency starvation treatment.

somebody have a webm of him pathetically trying to hand wave away stirner?

jesus PJ savaged him so bad and the debate as your watching made it seem like Stef won but if you look back at it the debate looks more and more pathetic for molyneux

You circlejerking idiots don't understand the difference between discretionary spending and total spending.

Contains how much money is actually spent on things. As you see, the vast majority of the US budget is spent on social entitlements that are ballooning out of control.

narrative that everyone whines about takes up only 16% of all money. Also, as debt continues to grow, the interest on debt section of the pie chart will also continue to grow. The US government, assuming it ends up raising taxes, won't put them towards actually paying off the debt- no no no, it'll just use them as collateral to increase spending even more.

Ah, a pollack!


How is one man so based? Why do the government goons fear him so much?


I think that his words will eventually lead to a new world

Molyneux will defoo the Jew

Apparently his whole family is crazy

Didn't some academic study his online presence and show that it acted pretty much like a cult? I remember seeing an article somewhere…

can't defoo the Molyneux

This must be a joke.

He literally never ever says anything accurate. His entire shtick misrepresentation. Like in the above video where he arbitrarily compares europes economic output at whatever date (1 trilllion dollars) to current welfare spending the us (apparently 1 trillion dollars)

There is literally no reason to compare these things, at least, not that he explains. What he is actually doing is just saying big numbers in the hope to scare you into believing what he says.


In order to get your attention, none of his points follow logically one from the other, he literally just spews platitudes. Its quite incredible actually, that there are enough capitalist platitudes to regularly spout for 1 hour every week or so.

The guy is a fucking loon

Is there a youtube/mp4 version of this? Something I could post on tumblr?

This man is a philosopher king who knows the true way forward- he will demolish all tyrannical institutions and grant freedom to those brave enough to claim it

His primary concern truly is the freedom of the whole planet

I think he would consider Plato as being a continental pseudo-philosopher

You seem pretty butt frustrated, comrade. We all know he's a fucking idiot, but your post went full triggeredism. Calm the fuck down, and refute that fucker with sound argumentation and evidence.

also, say "literally" or "actually" one more time. You have the diction of a fifteen year old white girl, ffs.

You're probably right
I think it's sad he basically dismisses all continental philosophy yet people actually think he's a philosopher or knowledgeable about it

Heh, government stooges always are trying to shut him down, but they just can't compete with his philosophy

what is unsound about pointing out his 'muh arbitrary trillion dollars' ?

I have the diction of a 24 year old english graduate typing shitposts on an image board.

He shall surely destroy the Leviathan

It's so sad to see this Cultist twist Ancap principals to fit his narrative.
I have seen real Ancaps despise him and call him out as the Cultist he is, even good tier Acaps that kind of agree with him, Adam kokesh for example have received hatred and harassment by his cultists.

In short Stefan Monlyneux is not an Ancap, nor a Libertarian, he is a self-contradicting loud mouth, that supports the State and runs a dangerous Cult, that is full of Holla Forumsacks.

I wish Molyneux ends up like Jim Jones.

You're just mad that he's gotten to the root of the IQ/genetics question and how that effects a libertarian society

I love how stef constantly pulls his biological determinism and yet tries his hardest to avoid the question of race

He is pro Altright, do I need to say anything else? you can stay here Holla Forums but I sincerely want you to fuck yourself.

Biological determinism as justification for capital is circular reasoning because it only theoretically matters in capitalism, which forces people to work against each others' interests instead of for them.

Emphasis on "theoretically". Molyneux's evidence is from hosting academics with well-established political motivations and zero interest in actual scientific endeavor. Jared Taylor similarly had a 40 minute rambling "realism of race" video hosted by a fucking insect biologist.

Everyone is a biological determinist, just to different degrees. You're probably a biological determinist when it comes to flies and cows, for example. Cow genes are not going to produce a human.

Nope, it forces an individual to perform a service/produce a good that is appealing to another individual in that society.

Which, I would argue, arise from research that arrives at the wrong conclusions being suppressed.

I disagree with you there, and I'd like to see evidence of this claim.

Give this man a piece of Ukraine already!

he's absolutely right.

Consider those dubs checked.

That shit is a joke fam. No such thing as freedom under capital.

Stop being disingenuous by pretending not to know what "determinism" implies philosophically. Questioning a specific claim about human biology does not make one a creationist.
Capitalism is not a synonym for markets. Read a book.
They have tenure in universities. That isn't suppression. Censorship is a serious claim and requires serious proof.
I was being hyperbolic, but I strongly doubt people like Charles Murray have ever given two shits about science, it's pure ideology. Even actual researchers like Arthur Jensen admitted that they just had their own hypotheses and that alternative viewpoints are not liberal pinko lies.


No, but it does illustrate how people are willing to dismiss selective pressures when it comes to specific traits of humans. Why do humans have different amounts of melanin? Most would agree that it's correlated with the the amount of sunlight their ancestors were used to receiving. Why wouldn't the same be true of long-term planning? Individuals whose ancestors come from regions with well-defined seasons would need to figure out how to plan for changeable environments in a way that individuals who are located more equatorially would not.

Tell me what you think of this statement:
"Capitalism is the necessary consequence of any system wherein the state prioritizes the protection of private property of its citizenry."

It's suppressed in that expressors of these views often face very damaging pressures. Consider James Watson, for example.

Individuals who try to publish on the subject who don't already have tenure are probably setting themselves up for a future full of problems.

Whatever someone "admits", the quality of their research should be judged if it's methodical.

We know to a certain extent that IQ is indeed heritable, however depending on environmental factors it can be difficult to tell how heritable it is. If you don't control for head injuries, for example, the of heritability of IQ will be different. Education is likely to be engaged in by individuals of higher IQ, but at the same time, it doesn't appear to have a large effect on how smart they are afterwards. It's an issue worth studying, but the orthodoxy surrounding the
ideology makes that very difficult.

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"The Jew hides behind the state, he hides behind the corporations, he hides behind the media, but his nose always gives him away."
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"It seems like protectionism would solve the problem with the keyboards, but I have other things to worry about."

-Stephen Harper

I could imagine Harpydink saying tha-.

Actually, no, I couldn't imagine him ever conceding that protectionism is a good thing. He's a Kool-Aid drinker through and through.

"Boy howdy do I hate niggers! "
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I lol everytime I watch this.

"Fuck! You mean Fargo was entirely fictional?"

-Steve Buscemi


If you mean the socialist definition of private property and not the capitalist one, then yes. The state does in fact prioritize property over life.

Keyensians actually believe this. Why doesn't everybody get a ten billion dollar check from the government every month?

Elucidate me on the distinction between the two definitions.

Insofar as private citizens are usually allowed to protect their property using lethal force.

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"You were a mistake you dumb faggot"

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