How to stay ahead of Pajeet

I am living in an IT-heavy metro area that has had a heavy recent influx of streetshitters. I have a well-paying job as a sysadmin at a major company with a bachelors in information systems. My goal is to eventually be in a position where I can make hiring decisions, so I can at least help my people in some way.

Anyway, this means management. My question is what do I to get there, education-wise? I've looked at MBAs, but they seem to be about as useful (and common) as English degrees at this point. Indians also tend to get masters at whatever third-world college they went to (and companies accept this because they work for less), so I'll be up against them as well. Do I focus on certs? Is there any hope at all?

Your only hope is to move to a different country.

Pajeet is successful because programmers aren't actually important.

Suggestions? Europe is almost entirely cucked.

Right, which is why I've tried to avoid being a coder. My current sysadmin role (it's a bit of a simplification of my job title, but my company is weird) is closer to architecture than anything. Seems like Solutions Architect is a solid career path, although my current company just has people throwing solutions together from standardized configurations. Seems potentially pajeetable.

This is going to be tough. If you were a developer I'd say to get into more math, but then you have to of course worry about Ching Chong .

Managerial positions are a good idea though. If you are white, most likely you are the one that can communicate to the bosses and your pajeet army.

There are two kinds of companies, the ones that outsource and the ones that have realized outsourcing doesn't work.

How do you mean? The brexit vote just passed, and France following suit is a real possibility, as well as a few other EU countries. From what I gather, most Holla Forums types view that as a very good thing.

vote for the god king

France doesn't have a moat :^)


My company is actually heavily insourcing, but still sees a lot of pajeet that came here in the 90s and managed to get a green card, as well as former contractors that were hired internally as part of the insourcing movement (under the pretense that they know the system). They breed like rabbits, and the nearby tech university is full of second-generation already. We have a bigger problem on our hands, long-term. Soros is flooding the high-tech labor market. Trump will help stop the influx, but there is a lot of damage that has already been done.

What is this 'major company' that would hire a retard like you?

I actually graduated college, why would I vote for chump?

CTR squad is clearly here.

aahahahahahah mother fucker serves you right for the designated street meme every time you say a designated meme an Indian gets hired at a tech company =)

You have the Maginot Line

They don't hire you because you're good at what you do, they hire you because you'll work for what a domestic fast food worker makes.


France is going to dig a moat and they are going to make Germany pay for it.

What makes them "your people" in any way, other than that of "we look the same"?

Man you guys are great, all this worrying about menial level jobs in IT and you go around shitting on the real work.

Have fun being afraid of "Pajeet" and "Ching Chong" and I'll go back to writing code and wondering what to do with all this money.

We poo in loo

shared culture, heritage, traditions, etc

You should honestly have realized where you are by now.

With the way things are going in France they'll be able to make a moat of blood.

Commit drug cartel style killings on CEOs and managers who outsource work.

Be sure to leave a message.

I mean, think of it this way. You might end up homeless if things go really sour, if you get laid off, etc.

You get free food and drink in prison, and you'll also get to lift and stuff. It will fix your posture if you've been sitting a lot and women will love you because you'll be a bad boy.

You could write a book, too.

But must importantly, you will be changing the world for the better in a more substantial way than you would by writing programs or libraries.

Just 10 or so CEOs/managers need to to be geeked to make a difference.

You cannot beat 100000000 pajeets.
But you can beat a few managers in your lifetime.

Pajeet is successful because he will work for the shit wages that you won't. Welcome to global capitalism.

Have exceptional skills in communication with others. If there's one thing that Pajeets often fail to do, it's talking to others that aren't their kind, with thick accents and mannerisms that can be a nuisance to deal with.

t. Pajeet

Work for Pajeet levels of pay.

Is it pretty? Nope. But it's the reality.

I honestly don't even think this is a bad thing. It's not like "Programming shall always be a cushy job with a high pay/work ratio." is a commandment from god.

I, personally, am against the destruction of the white American middle-class.

Seriously, I understand where this guy is coming from. All of the new middle class neighborhoods in my town are full of streetshitters. It's incredibly unsettling. And it's not even just the shit-tier jobs that they're taking. Many of these guys have somehow gotten a green card after working as an H1-B slave for several years, and are now working "senior level" jobs for about 75% of what the former wage used to be. And when one gets into any sort of management position, they exclusively hire other Indians.

Also, I do blame whites for being stupid and getting liberal arts degrees as well, because their parents were able to get a cushy office job just for having a college degree. Boomers are the shittiest generation ever.

That's scary. It means all the pajeets and other niggers can spill over to the neighboring countries too.