HaikuOS General

HaikuOS General

HaikuOS is 100% compatible with BeOS, meaning that all BeOS software will run on HaikuOS.

HaikuOS is also POSIX, which means most GNU and UNIX software will run on it.

Ask any HaikuOS questions in this thread.

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Why should I use Haiku over Linux? What advantages do I gain by switching to a much smaller software and hardware ecosystem?

Seems pointless

First, the software ecosystem is just as large as Linux, and the hardware ecosystem is just as large as FreeBSD (because Haiku takes most of their drivers from it).

HaikuOS is for desktop users, which results in a elegant user interface that is simple and fun to program in.

HaikuOS isn't a mash of different programs; it is a tightly-knit whole, with no shit like X11, GTK, Qt, etc.

Haiku will run on age-old hardware, and it will run blazing fast on any computer.

Finally, HaikuOS doesn't have this 1337 hax0r mentality most Linux distributions have.

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Not a real OS

Haiku is FLOSS.
Haiku has no trannies nor homos.
Haiku is a real OS.

I for one, am horny af for Haiku. As soon as it goes gold, I'm going to recommend it over Mint for the Linux newbs I support. It's going to be fucking awesome when that day comes.

It's not a Linux distro.

Absolutely EBIN m8

Haiku is not FLOSS, it has blobs

He probably meant UNIX newbs.

I meant: perma-newb-stuck-in-pointy-clicky-land-forever-plebs.
Haiku will not only be loads better than any Leenucks for them, but actual computer nerds will love it too.

Linux is not FOSS, it has blobs

Get back to me when it's stable.

There's non blob version of linux kernel that user can use you fucking faggot.

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You have to make backups on Linux too. It's not that Linux never crashes and is 100% stable.


Do you even know what stable means? It is considered Alpha, but it's really stable.

BeOS is dead, get over it.

Oh is it? I thought I was running it just now.


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Is this the new desktop thread?

Drivers when? Full suite of APIs (especially GPU acceleration) when? Up-to-date toolchain/frameworks when?

As a lapsed Applefag, I really, REALLY didn't want to have to use *N*X or Windows when I finally gave up on what was left of the Macintosh platform, but Haiku simply wasn't ready for daily use yet. So far as I can tell, it still isn't. I mean, BSD has better drivers, even AmigaOS has better drivers! You don't even have to write them yourself, just use something like NDisWrapper.

It's been over 15 years, and we're still stuck with legacy garbage hand-me-down kernels from ancient DEC mainframes. Practical beta release WHEN!?

Yeah, I'd like some evidence of that. I mean, their FAQ has:

A stable Haiku Beta is going to come out when ReactOS and GNU/Hurd is viable. So never basically.

Can I run GNOME 3 on it?

Or the one you can compile yourself, with GNU Make and GCC...

Make sure that it compiles with -Werror -Wall -Wextra -pedantic -ansi

Those flags are for quiche-eaters.

I'm not saying to use them. In fact, do NOT use them. But make sure your programs would compile if they were to be enabled.

There's not much of a difference between using them and making sure they work.

Not if ur a n00b LOL

But you don't use it because your wifi won't work right?
Calling people names. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I dont know whats worse, ReactOS or Haiku. Every time i've tried either of them they tend to crash, hang, or glitch up.

Not him, but I'm not a pleb and my desktop workstation is connected to my router via ethernet, not cuck-fi

ReactOS is alpha software, so that's probably why. Not sure about Haiku.

Can you explain what you mean? Preferably with examples

not an argument


I wouldn't mind a DE that looks like HaikuOS, but the OS itself doesn't run very well. I think last time I used it, the browser wouldn't open.