Everychan - new Holla Forums-compatible fork of Overchan

Why do people even defend the administration of this website anymore?

They've now forked a FOSS project in response to the maintainer not merging a pull request fast enough, and didn't even bother to fix the problem correctly.

How embarassing is this shit? Why do we even stay here?


They fucked up the API and expect every other vichan site to follow. Codemonkey is literally clueless, they did the deduplication hack the way they did because the schema is a fucking house of cards.

Why are they taking a free application and trying to monetize it on the play store? Why don't they just have their fucking employees submit a pull request properly, and maintain the dogshit instead of forcing others to?

Especially after they've closed up the source of Infinity.

Not to mention their dumb gook employee is some macfag that doesn't know how to .gitignore.

Other urls found in this thread:


Oh, and the relevant pull request.


Feel free to make fun of the fucking goblin, his pigfucker handler and his gook son in it for their incompetence.

And? That's what free software is about. If you don't like how it is maintained, you fork it and do it yourself.

They didn't fix anything. They're forking it and are going to publish it on the play store. They're like fucking indians who take others work and parade it as their own on the play store. It happens all the time.

I guarantee they're going to heavily rebase his work. They didn't even bother fixing the infinity module in their fork, because they're incompetent street shitters.

Race Queen Inc/NT Technology is fucking cancerous.

And, to be clear based on the name, this isn't going to be an Holla Forums-specific application.
'Everychan' means they're just going to take Overchan and publish it again on the play store.

What the fuck is wrong with this administration?

Although, I guess it's to be expected from a company who steals others websites, and the one monetization idea they had they fucked up by leaving tens of thousands of people's credit card information unencrypted, let along the fact that they were storing everyone's posts associated to their real names.

Still fail to see the issue with this. If the guy didn't want his shit forked, he wouldn't have released it open source. No one is forcing you to use their fork. Did you write the software? I ask because you seem pretty heavily invested in this by how hard you are sperging out.

The issue is how embarassing it is.
Rather, the moral issue of the administration taking another's work and publishing it again on the play store with no real improvements.

No. I know enough that this is probably Jim kike trying to force his shitty softserve with Holla Forums in the android application, and force google ads on every other site, instead of actually making the site better.

This site is just one disappointment after the other. I assume I'm arguing with staff, which is why you're so steadfast in defending the deduplication hack.

How embarassing it is that you faggots not only missed the board_stats bug for eight months, but also missed it in the switch to FreeBSD (in which you had to profile the database to figure out the best way to hack around the limits with the FreeBSD kernel.)

How embarassing it is for you faggots to have dropped the fucking ball and stored unencrypted credit card information for over a decade.

How embarassing it is for you to take another's work and republish it with no real improvements, just like your run of the mill street shitter Play Store republisher.

There's a pattern here. It must be because your company is filled with incompetents, headquartered in a country where the brown water flows.

Some kid with no programming experience said he wanted to fork it and needed help. I can't seem to find the thread though.

Overchan is GPL3, so I don't see any problems with forking it. But instead of forking and renaming it and using bad code style for it, they just should have written the fix in the fucking module for Holla Forums. Delivering an apk over 8chans site isn't really trustworthy and the whole story just created more drama.

deduplication works correctly in Infinity Next, it doesn't effect the filenames or anything. its a small part of why we're trying to get an instance set up. come to #nextchan at irc.rizon.net if you want to help

Fuck these filenames and fuck codemonkey. This is the most disgusting fucking shit I've ever had to put up with from any image board. Not even booru's have filenames this fucking long.

Not to mention NOTHING is in order anymore. God fucking forbid you ever have to save a comic dump anymore. You're fucked then. Look at this shit. Look at these beautiful UNIX timestamps appended with -0, -1, -2 from a single post so they're always in order. Save them after "m-muh deduplication" and they're not going to be anywhere near eachother or in any semblance of order.

you got the 'tism, im afraid...

I'm sorry that I actually care about images when I visit a


kill urself


Broken and non-functional , that's what.

jim is shit
ron is shit
Holla Forums is shit
its all shit

The filename does not affect the image in any way whatsoever.

because im desperate for people to talk to and none of the other chans shave activity (or are 4chan, which is .. yeah)

The filename is a part of the image and is massively deleterious to the act of saving that image. Before you had a nice, neat directory of images that was sorted in chronological order from when they were posted to the image board. Directories are now full of retardedly long filenames that do not go in any semblance of order at all.

Not even dedicated image hosting databases that store files permanently use fucking 512 bit hashes, and image boards only store this shit TEMPORARILY. While you sit here patting yourself on the back for successfully walking through a deduplication tutorial you've fucked up the usefulness of the website for all users.

There's no problem with forking it.
There is a moral problem for what they want to do, probably to republish it with google ads enabled for every other imageboard but Holla Forums and softserve on Holla Forums so Jim doesn't lose his ad shekels.

I guarantee this was exactly the pitch, because Jim is an incompetent money grubbing kike, not unlike other play store republishers.

This is why Infinity Next was superior.

Seriously, the file names could be anything the admin wanted, and that routing was easily cached.

Fuck this. I'm going to just start a thread daily. They may or may not be the best quality, but at least they'll be new content.

What does the incompetent administration have to do with content?

Would be easy to take you more seriously OP if you didn't try to be so fucking edgy.

But to answer your question.

I've moved to endchan a long time ago and lurk here every now and then. The problem is the age old one. People are so fucking lazy that they'll not go where there aren't a lot of other people. And as the 1 % rule* is a reality it takes an absolute shit ton of people to get even a basic level of content to attract more people.

The only way you'll see any other chan to take off is by a mass exodus and to do that you need a good portion of the core people i.e. the contributors to leave with you. To do that something major needs to happen, or then someone needs to organise it.

And to add to all this, people are simply tired of moving all the fucking time. The time of centralised communities is over and we're merely waiting for the first decentralised service to take off and become popular enough.

* en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1%_rule_(Internet_culture)

I'd love to, but it's [the current year]. That we don't get D&C'd is as important as anything.

Holla Forums - meta

There's nothing edgy about calling out the administration for being the incompetent street shitters that they are. You want to articulate how they're any different from any other play store republisher with this move?

Bottom of the barrel trash software developers who can't even hack on deduplication without fucking up the user experience for a large part of the dedicated userbase.

Guess there's no pig farming ads for me then.





4chan is so far ahead it isn't even funny

Go back

How could we have prevented any of those things? The mods are at fault here, and the general pop of Holla Forums is at fault for not starting a war.

fuck off

on Holla Forums there is no going back
only going forward

I wouldn't say greatest but for 8 months and less salary than McDonalds it's pretty good. If it were finished, maybe.

He's right though.
We had a good chance to make Holla Forums great again and we fucked it up.
Then Jim stepped in to pick up the mess and apply his vast experience of failing in porn in the 90s and storing everyone's credit card information unencrypted and applied it to Holla Forums.
And now we have people dangling on his ballsack because they're too attatched to the nostalgia of Holla Forums and a shitty Holla Forums board compared to 4chan.

Oh well.

Back to your own gook board, nagasaki

oh wait

I'd rather Nagasaki who skimmed a little off the top by essentially providing an API for posts on their face, like every other fucking modern imageboard provides, than an incompetent, bumbling retard who caused grief to tens of thousands of people by linking all their posts to their real names and storing unencrypted credit card information.

then go to 4chan hiroshima, I don't think many people will miss you here

Instead of falling for the bullshit hotwheels pulled to throw Josh under the bus the users could have demanded Infinity Next be finished. But instead the users chose to "fix the current site" and here we are. We are in this situation because the user base listened and believed because the innocent based hotwheels would never screw us, but mean old Josh would.

What is this, an image for ants?

that's because there's hardly anyone left here besides the vapid echo chamber you inhabit

t. the gook that can't leave

case $i in (0) set -- ;; (1) set -- "$args0" ;; (2) set -- "$args0" "$args1" ;; (3) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" ;; (4) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" "$args3" ;; (5) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" "$args3" "$args4" ;; (6) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" "$args3" "$args4" "$args5" ;; (7) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" "$args3" "$args4" "$args5" "$args6" ;; (8) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" "$args3" "$args4" "$args5" "$args6" "$args7" ;; (9) set -- "$args0" "$args1" "$args2" "$args3" "$args4" "$args5" "$args6" "$args7" "$args8" ;;esac


Codemonkey, Jim, please tell your guys they shouldn't commit retarded shit. Waiting for the thumbnails.db tbh.

Also the maintainer won't rape you if you just kept the overchan name until miki-wan merges your commit.

Did you even read his post?
Lrn2read idiot


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yw retard

The general population has no fucking clue what any of this means or how its relevant to them. You want to start a war, hit up the boards yourself and explain it to folks who have almost zero understanding of how this all works and why they should be mad.

Whoops, guess it's the USER'S fault for not accommodating to jimcuck's monkeys' 1337 coding skillz

This is some impressive autism. Just sort files by date, or write a downloader that translates them to UNIX time. You do know how to write code, right?


I hope you and everyone else complaining voted to "finish infinity next" in the poll hotwheels made after throwing Josh under the bus, if not this is the future you chose

gitgud.io/ring/infinityctl has a downloader that fakes old filenames, in case anyone is interested. You can use it like "infinityctl scrape tech 651561".

This is gradle wrapper. Android Studio creates these files by default.

Mobile development is about as cancerous as web development tbh

good idea fucknuts

Gradle is an universal build automation system. It doesn't related to mobile development, Android Studio just uses it.
Also this wrapper is very convenient because it doesn't require Gradle installed to use it.

why are the forking this specific app? why do the admins care at all about one chan app that they didnt create.

if it doesnt work, then people will use another one. dashchan works perfectly fine.

Josh did a lot of things wrong. A lot. Quit trying to rewrite history. I didn't endure months of bullshit just to have it all handwaved away by a cripple-murdering pigfucker and his gay little script-kiddie child.

He didn't do anything wrong, really. Besides not have enough time to finish the project.
The migrations failed because 2channel switched databases mid development for some fucking reason, probably so their autistic database developer can maintain it when the cripple dies, and the fact that Laravel's ORM layer was not database agnostic. That is, support for binary querying in Laravel using postgres was fucked and required forking the core framework.

Otherwise, the only thing people have on him is 1) stylesheets (who fucking cares?) and 2) not have enough money to finish the project.

2), btw, is a direct result of Jim not hiring Josh unless he surrendered any and all rights to Infinity Next, which would've fucked over the backers in the process.

SO yeah, he pretty much did nothing wrong.

>Acting like a prima donna over stylesheets because of "muh creative vision" when it was a usability issue as well as a visual one, on top of the fact that a vast number of users cared, despite your opinion to the contrary
>Purposefully migrating Holla Forums despite the fact that Next was not ready for a board with such traffic
>Being such a bumbling fuckass that Holla Forums of all boards managed to write a "fuck this I'm quitting" blogpost so close to the actual one in spirit, for no reason other than lulz, that it more-or-less prophesied Next's demise

And don't even give me that shit about
Because it was a retarded move that shouldn't have happened in the first place, regardless of the board topic. If you think that it is acceptable because of the board topic, there's no point in having any further discourse with you.

So yeah, he basically did a ton of shit wrong. You can stop pretending that a year of virtual hell didn't happen, because I was here for it all.

Daily reminder Josh did nothing wrong

Have you read a configure script lately, you i3-ricing faggot?

You forgot /sp/, there's a board that wanted to help him and were fucked over. They're never coming back.

More disgusting was his correspondence with the palemoon dev. This guy is trying to do the impossible by maintaining a fork of firefox and Josh gives him shit out of the blue for missing a feature. Which is made clear on his site that it's not working on the current version.


All the while the beta version worked fine on infinity next. He could have spent 2 minutes to do his job and look at what the issue was and tell those 'stubborn spacks' to switch to beta but instead made an ass of himself in the most unproductive way possible.

The fact that the people running this site hired this disaster and kept him around for months is enough for me to believe that they're far too incompetent to collect and sell user data.

I wasn't aware that anyone on this site didn't know that it was practically abandoned, albeit maintained (if you can call it that).
granted, it's better than 4chan. That place goes up in flames every other week now.

Incorrect, it'd be just as unusable without the board_stats fuckup. And, as explained in this thread, it was a bug that slipped past both Hotwheels and Codemonkey in code review, and also slipped past them in profiling the database in the switch to FreeBSD.
There's nothing wrong with PHP.
He didn't buy any drugs, and moda is a nootropic.
He listened to my advice, and others.
What you're probably complaining about is the stylesheet, that was hotwheels job, and he didn't even do that. Instead some user had to do it.
No one cared except autists, and an user spent a little bit of time finishing it.
Holla Forums wasn't "shut down" you fucking retard. It was load balanced to the beta, which was at the time also having a dozen or so other boards load balanced to it, and had to have a static page served in order to have load average go back to normal. A whole 15 minutes, holy shit. Not to mention, he was being goaded to do this. I was in the thread.
Yeah, and the same thing happened with Jim and Hotwheels. They were pretty much right. How does that make you feel?
Yeah, because autists went around boards from /cow/ doomsaying.
Again, the site would've been unusable even without board_stats fuckup. It wasn't a "setting tweak" either you incompetent faggot. You have no idea what you are talking about.
Even after it was fixed, for two fucking months, the site was still unusable. The build problems were still there. It could just support a few hundred extra posters without the fuckup. A fuckup, again, which slipped past both codemonkey and hotwheels not once, but twice at both levels.
How is that Josh's fault? Holy shit you're delusional. Hotwheels is a big boy, he only has himself to blame.

The development instance was shut down over the holidays.
No, the pale moon dev tried to justify that it wasn't his browser that was broken. When in fact, it was broken, and was missing a BUG FIX from firefox. Not a feature.
This isn't just Josh by the way. Hotwheels also called him out for being an autistic, furfag fuck. No one cares about pale moon. No one wants to develop for Firefox 35, because it's broken shit compared to now.

If you're going to link to that, also link to Hotwheels github comments.
Hotwheels also told Josh explicitly not to waste any time supporting Pale Moon. That wasn't his job.

So, no. He did nothing wrong. You autists have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

You're the people who hang off Jim's ballsack. Remember, this is the future you chose.

Stick to your /cow/ thread, Bill.

What's the matter, autist?
Can't refute the facts?

Still mad about the /int/ nuke, eh, Bill. Well, at least you've verified you are the crossboard shitposter.

I'm not sure how people like you stumble this far into your delusions, but: I don't care about Holla Forums. You can post walls of autism and ramble about "Bill" but it doesn't make it true.
You're unable to refute my posts above, because they contain facts.

hollaforums.com/thread/651561/technology/everychan-new-Holla Forums-compatible-fork-of-overchan.html


I did remember /sp/. /sp/ migrated almost immediately to the Next instance, and were a part of the "split in two" bit. I did, however, forget about the Palemoon kerfuffle.

Now you're just fabricating the truth just to win an argument for a huge faggot that stole donator money and fucked the site over in kind. There's no reason to continue if you're just going to lie to me like I joined the site yesterday, so I'm out. Hope you enjoy the taste of Josh's cock, you earned it.

What I take from your post is that you have no response to the facts.
No, that was technically Jim's fault. He refused to use it unless he could close up the source.
You can thank him for donator money going to waste on this site.
But hey, it's still free software, and others can fork it and use it themselves.
I'm not lying. You have no response to the facts. If you can't handle the facts like a big boy, then perhaps you should just go back to /sudo/ or /operate/ and slobber all over Jim's dick.

Either you joined this site yesterday or you are a retard that has no idea what he's talking about. I think the latter is most likely, as you are probably a faggot from Holla Forums that knows nothing about technology but comes to shit up our board any time Josh/Infinity Next is mentioned because you are supremely butthurt over shit you don't understand.

Nice samefag. Why don't you and Jim just fuck and get if over with?

That was my first post in this thread, faggot. You are just butthurt because I'm right that you are an incompetent moron from Holla Forums that doesn't know anything about technology but has opinions on it anyway

Great sources you've got there.

Again the beta for Pale Moon worked with infinity next at the time he shot off those ridiculous emails to another free software project, even in the thread I linked to someone said so. Many people here remember this event.

The issue here isn't Pale Moon but Josh. What kind of deranged retard goes out of his way to antagonize someone like that over nothing? Someone with a lengthy Encyclopedia Dramatica page that keeps growing, that's who.

this site fucking sucks now, even halfchan is better
quit trying to be a single stop solution with unorthodox filenames and a special chan app even though the proper one works just fine

8ch is killing chan culture because there is no popular alternative besides a few dead ones

Chan culture has been dead since 2008

Ashes and Echos

it's not a *chan, it's an AIB you fucking newfag


I can link to hotwheels github conversations with the pale moon developer, I can link to Josh's forum conversation with the pale moon developer, and I can link to the exact fucking bug that Pale Moon was affected by. It had been fixed in firefox THREE YEARS PREVIOUS.
It was a DOM bug and Josh carefully stated his position in telling Pale Moon fags to fuck off. He recited web standards, he seems well versed in them. Fact is, it was Pale Moon's bug, and Pale Moon autists wouldn't shut the fuck up about it and turned it into 'JOSH DOESN'T SUPPORT PALE MOON OMG' despite the fact that Hotwheels fucking told him 'don't waste time supporting Pale Moon.'
No one knew that in the thread. What you're talking about is a beta for a new rendering engine that took over a month to push to release. None of the pale moon autists cared about that, they cared that 'JOSH WASN'T SUPPORTING PALE MOON.'

No, the issue was Pale Moon autists sperging out over nothing.
No one cares about the furfag's feelings, btw, except for the furfag. Yiff in hell, faggot.

this site best viewed in Internet Explorer 6

good site

Enjoy your ads


oh you got me there, thanks grandpa

Well fuck good thing I have a mirror of the libreboot repo in case the lead goes full autism.

I don't understand why you didn't just do that.

Also, they forgot about the IP leak.

Because it takes effort.
Do you really want to read all this autism involving a furfag? The point is that it exists.

Yeah, Josh not using a closure to restrict debugging mode was pretty stupid. Not a big deal though, really. It was a development instance.
On the other hand, the staff of this site besides Josh has leaked IP addressing information several times. Not to mention the leaking of posts associated to everyone's real name on 2channel, in addition to their unencrypted credit card information.

Josh, Codemonkey, and whoever else is and wars associated with this site are gigantic cocksuckers and failures at life.

That said:

They deserved it.

no u


I don't know about you guys, but the thing I love most about Everychan and fact that the shit administrators here forked Overchan and rebranded it so they get money for it based on some other user's work is that they still haven't even attempted to fix captcha, and there is no way to report issues.

Thanks, codemonkey, for moving catcha to a popup and breaking the android client _again_.

are you retarded

top yuy

Wrong thread?

Also Hotwheels fault for not properly firewalling db server. Not that big of a deal, really.
Unfinished duplicate post detection.
CSS would fix it but autists are too fucking stupid to write a little bit of markup and instead see fit to comment about matters they don't understand.

For those pro-forking: recall: they aren't giving credit to miku-nyan. They are hostilely claiming the fork their own copyright.

Scanning the thread, I see lot's of derailing and sliding.

The issue at hand is clear: 1G
at the least sees things correctly

And you recall that the drama with Infinity Next was GPL?

Duplicity is one thing, hypocrisy is another

meh, I've seen better imageboards.
-SRNDv2 user


Btw, we are making fun of most of you:

learning how to access this message is your homework

The latest version of Ourboros, has a working capatch. However, I am not optomisitic that it will stay that way for every long. I hope that the majority of the stupid decisions (i.e. as it appears to me, changing things on a whim, with on advanced warning and for not reall reason why they have worked fine before) can be attributed to Jim as I am getting the impression that Rom is at least somewhat technically competent.

*capatcha. Also some times I am able to get a post through? However this is usually when I the capatcha on a different device on the same network.

Josh fixed the spam problem months ago with 16chan, now Infinity Next works perfectly at nextchan.org without any errors.

I'm pretty sure this is a straight up copyright violation and criminal offense if taken to court.

As if we needed any more evidence that the Pigfucker Inc. street shitters don't actually understand what they're doing, let alone the bullshit sob story about "legal liabilities" with AGPL (wew.)

And then they go and remove attribution and claim sole copyright of something they did not write.

I'm waiting for the day that they remove the copyright notices in the footer, to be honest.
Maybe STI will come out of retirement for some shitposting and legal threats.

Why are you linking to that post ?
There are no ID's on Holla Forums

Finally someone sees the light. Some poster on that thread posted their shame to light: #edad7d418c1fdfb29b04232a34b37d1b805a61d3

Because they replied to and thus may be interested.
So? That isn't really important to what is being discussed. Also it is way more enjoyable as the >1 can't exist.

not 1 bit.
Mentioned the ID thing, since I could not decipher the trail of posts, and why it would matter to

didyanoa overchan works great on nntpchan, if you recall to set your own localhost rules?

But I guess user customization is dead.

Well, it wasn't like this last week, that's for sure.
And I'd assumed they'd have actually fixed the captcha by this point instead of breaking copyright law.
But no, they haven't.
Just another typical Play Store republisher. Company owned by a dumbfuck and filled with dumbfucks.

Actually, it was, guess I didn't look too closely at the diffs last week.

Kill yourself you Copyright fetishist. You're cancer.

Be sure to get your hepatitis vaccines before continuing to suck the dick of street shitters and some fat fuck expat running a WORLD RENOWNED SOFTWARE OUTSOURCING FIRM in the Philippines.

The mental gymnastic hoops you Holla Forums scum will jump through to defend outright crooks really are something, huh.

This is like the fourth time his dicksucker squad has claimed that piece of shit has been fixed. It's never going to work as it was designed by someone who doesn't understand complexity. It only starts looking usable when everyone abandons it and there's no load.

Next templates faster than Lynxchan does.
Are you talking about the resources that were proven to be consumed by the captcha? I guarantee that even without a document cache, if they threw all the desktop hardware they're throwing away on Alacrity, response times would be fine.

Fuck Holla Forums and fuck Copyright fetishists. Both of them are the worst sorts of egomaniacs.

Jim's a pretty big copyright fetishist, apparently. Why are you defending them, again?

Additionally the way the captcha is served is not that big of a deal to rewrite.
Retards that have no idea what they're talking about are always funny.
You bought the 'complexity' line hook, line and sinker from hotwheels even though it was his captcha, and both hotwheels and codemonkey missed the board_stats issue twice: once in code review on github and second when the servers were switched over to FreeBSD to hack around the awful database schema of vichan. During which, I'd assume if you're competent at all, you'd be profiling the database.

Because the poster I replied to was using MAFIAA terminology in regards to replacing a name on a piece of FOSS software.

Which is definite fucking license violation.
The problem is replacing attribution in the source code. Not attribution in, say, a footer.
What they're essentially saying with this replacement, in legal terms, is that it is solely their copyright, and they have all rights to do whatever they want with it like sublicense or distribute with proprietary libs to endusers. It's a hostile license violation, let alone the issue of copyright.

Agreed, which should have action taken against it. But it's not thievery of such moral turpitude that someone must be lcoked up for it kind of bad. It's more of a "this person's a fucking asshole and needs to stop" kind of bad.

No one said "locked up."
It's a criminal copyright violation, though. Which is fucking hilarious given that Jim is all about the LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS of copyright. He must be a fucking expert.
jk he's a moron and the 'muh legal liabilities' bullshit from him was just a farce.

When the poster mentioned criminal copyright violation that needs to be taken to court, sure sounds like that person wants Jim in jail.

You are fucking retarded. It sounds nothing of the sort. Fuck off, Jim and/or NTTEC employee, you incompetent shit.

I wonder how much search and replace pays hourly.

I haven't been on Holla Forums since Josh left. Not because he left but because the quality of this site had obviously diminished between the early exoduses and then.

Can someone fill me in on what the fucking is going on? Does the cripple still own the place or is he just a puppet? What is going on with Infinify?

Cripple is a puppet because he doesn't have long to live and just wants to enjoy life in a third world country with low cost of living instead of developing meme software.
Infinity is being hacked around by throwing 8 or 9 desktop machines at the problem and is now closed source because Jim is a faggot who thinks he can compete with 4chan with a broken piece of shit and pissing off users with sha512sums as filenames.
What's going on here is street shitter NTTEC employees forking Overchan, not fixing problems correctly or completely ignoring others (the new captcha modifications) and then claiming sole copyright of a project in their fork, which is definitely illegal.

Oh, and to be clear, Holla Forums only had 3-4 desktop machines from 2007 before. We got a big upgrade! Based Jim-san is so generous, all the problems of Holla Forums were fixed when it was closed up. Free software sucks.

4chan (before the rewrite) was just moot taking the 2chan source code, naming it 4chan and close sourcing it, worked out alright for him.

That was MIT, and he didn't redistribute anything. So claiming that he removed attribution, you have nothing to base that on.
Most of it is rewritten after Desuwa's rewrite anyways.

They took GPL code and claimed that they are the sole creator by removing all references to any other copyright.

They being NT Technology, in this case.
There's really no reason to take Jim seriously anymore, it's clear that his 'legal liabilities' bullshit with AGPL was a farce when they start claiming sole copyright of a piece of source code when their only contribution is search/replace namespace/classes to the name of their company, while the captcha is still not fucking working and they apparently don't even know how to override the correct module when it comes to their autistic deduplication scheme. Which is only the way it is because the schema of vichan is fucked and they don't want to spend the manhours fixing it. They'd rather migrate to FreeBSD and set kernel parameters they could also set on Linux than actually spend the time fixingt it.

What a joke.

Are you still talking to Everychan? Last time I checked they only replaced the name, and didn't modify the copyright notices.

It's buried deep in the diff.
Just ctrl+f copyright

Woah. I don't think that's legal.

fucking incompetent macfags


Yeah no shit what the fuck do you think we've been talking about for the past 20 posts.

Daily reminder that the owners of this site are not above engaging in outright copyright theft.
From Next to Everychan, they see no problem with it.

Daily reminder that the users of this site will bend over and take it despite the stink they made over initially leaving 4chan

Just FYI, they rewrote git history to cover up the fact that they removed all references to the original author at one point.

Bump for copyfraud

- "overchan-android + " ++ "Everychan-android + " +
pajeet tier