Is there a new /librechan/?

is there a new /librechan/?

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Nope. Time to reacclimate yourself to fapping to normal porn, pedo. is slated to open tomorrow, actually.

Kek. It really is like whack-a-mole

Hmm this site looking promising

No not yet

I doubt there will be another Librechan or anything like it on the open web for a long while. With all the closeted pedos that are in denial searching the web every day to “keep the world safe” and bombarding hosting services with emails its becoming more difficult to find server space. They only succeed in driving people to the deep web in search of clean pics and end up at cheese pizza sites instead.

I often wondered if it wasn’t normfags that would spam a board with cheese pizza and then screen cap their work so they could report a site for DOST violations. In today’s world of never ending vpn’s it wouldn’t be all that difficult.

Its a sad thought but you know its true.

cry moar pedofuck

If I recall correctly librechan also used LibertyVPS, so it should not be impossible to get the site down.

no you fucking pedo

They really should just let the site go, then they don't have to come back here

I fap to normal porn
[Extremely difficult and awkward btw]

But there's no place to post cute little girls


is that a question?

Why is it difficult and awkward?

Because the big tits and huge hips are disgusting tbh

It doesn't "turn me on" so I have to force me to masturbate to it. But well, I hope one day it gets easier.

Well, as long as your not assaulting kids, I don't really give a fuck what people fap to.

btfo pedo scum

That's perfect I agree, that's how everyone should think.
Unfortunately the law is different.

cute desu

Im not sure what you're espousing, but if cp was legal, this would encourage the creation of it, which would result in children being assaulted and taken advantage of – I'd never be in favor of that.

As far as people having their lives destroyed by dl'ing it? I dunno, depending on the specific scenario, i think that's a bit extreme.

How do you force yourself to fap to porn you have no attraction to?
I'd love to be able to do that, the endless supply of normalfag porn on the surface web does nothing for me.

That same line of reasoning is why the retarded drug war is still going on.

try a midget

An adult's decision to ruin their life with drugs =/= an adult's decision to ruin a child's life. And if cp was legal, you cannot deny that the vulgar exploitation of children – who have no say in the matter – would increase. I'm not saying that the sexual assaults would necessarily increase (cause pedos gonna pedo), but the humiliation of the innocent children certainly would.

Well it's the opposite in reality
Easy access to Child Porn dramatically reduce child molestation and public exhibition.
I'm not in favour of that, but if this could prevent the suffering of kids, it's ok for me

I search for roleplay, dad/daughter is almost the only porn I watch. It's more about the plot than the images to be honest. I look for interesting plots and I let m imagination flows.

Consumption has never been proved to increase when something gets legalized.
Not even in drugs, it's exactly the opposite.

And neither production*

eww no
achondroplasia is disgusting as fuck m8


You're missing the point, that's not what I said. I'm saying that legalizing the distribution of pictures/vids of children who do not consent, and then potentially subjecting them to long term humiliation is reprehensible.

You can't compare the drug war with the cp war. You can speculate all you want, but you're just grasping at straws to justify your predilections. And if you don't think production of cp would increase, you're honestly mentally deficient.

U obsolet my man

And I agree

But there are pictures which are produced with consent of all parties, fathers and models. No one gets hurt, they get paid.
Everyone is happy.

Show proofs or shut up m8
A supposition is not an argument.

These are parents taking advantage of their children's naiveté and vulnerability because they need $… and I think it's wrong. I know I sure as fuck wouldn't want sexual, childhood pics of me floating around the internet, and I guarantee the vast majority of the population would feel the same way.

Show proof? See: above. As for whether or not the creation of cp would increase from private parties, it would stand to reason that the wider acceptance would encourage this.

who said anything about porn?

Whether CP is legal or not those pictures are going to be "floating around the internet"
legalizing CP has been shown statistically to lower the rate of sex crimes, so you'd rather keep CP illegal and let more kids get raped by sexually frustrated pedos who have no other outlet because fapping to porn on a computer is just as illegal as going out and raping a kid?

Theres such a thing as the lesser of two evils, I don't see anyone being a moralfag and talking about how horrible it is when theres threads of people posting the naked pictures of their ex girlfriends on Holla Forums without their consent so why is it so different here?

always funny how channers accept gore and shit but get triggered hard by naked children.

If the adult is single, has no kids, and never leaves the house then I would agree with you. People use drugs and alcohol all the time and ruin kids’ lives with impaired driving and a host of other behaviors.

Tell them that one in Colorado, marijuana sales are through the roof. Same in California. I don’t have a problem with that, just saying.

Totally agreed man, there are all kinds parents that whore their kids out now for drug debts or for money, of course there would be a rise in the production of cheese pizza. Only a fool would tell themselves otherwise.

I don’t believe in cheese pizza but I also do believe the term is over used. When I think of cheese pizza I think of children doing sexual acts either with adults, other children, or themselves. The Laura B pics I see popping up on here are by no means cheese pizza to me. Child nudity is acceptable to me as long as it’s in a situation where the child would normally be naked such as nude beaches.

If you collect and view real cheese pizza then you should get the same punishment as the person who made it. You’re just justifying when in fact you’re allowing someone else to molest a child for you.

That's a supposition m8
Not even a source or a study to confirm what you say.

Sorry, I'm not going to take seriously your post. I presented proofs and I expect you do the same.

Yeah no shit, do you think the drug dealers were reporting their earnings to the state while it was still illegal?

This is by far the dumbest statement ITT congrats m8. So should someone who watches a video of any crime receive the same punishment as the person who commited the crime by now?

If a dumb ass robs a store or some shit and ends up on Cops that’s not even close to the guy that records himself raping a child and posts it online for others. I’ve seen some sick ass gore on /b over the years and do believe anybody who watches someone get their face torn off by drug dealers is as sick as the drug dealers who did it.

I'm sure he'll go right back to fapping to his rape porn or voyeur porn or any other kind of porn that involves committing a crime and think its perfectly okay because hes not the one making it.


To be honest I don’t fap at all. I take medications for blood pressure and such that have killed my sex drive (and my Johnson) deader than disco. Believe me or not, don’t really care.

In the past, I was only ever interested in straight up porn, never liked the weird shit. When I found out that a high percentage of women in the porn industry were victims of child molestation then that didn’t agree with me anymore.

Think about it, when you were a kid and the teacher asked the class what they wanted to be when they grew up how many little girls said porno actress or prostitute? I don’t remember any.

But I bet FBI agents do that shit all the time so they can make themselves look effective to their bosses; when really all theyre doing is trolling the web looking for more lolis & CP to add to their already voluminous collections.
you know who you are!

If they weren't kept in the dark their entire childhood and even through their teens if the only sexual education they receive is about abstinence then maybe you'd have a point.
Theres lots of boys wanting to join the army and become soldiers but kids aspiring to be killers is nothing in comparison to kids aspiring to have sex for money right?

Get a load of this flower child.

And yes, being a soldier is a more honorable profession than being a whore, and always has been.

Sticking a gun in someone's face and demanding money is worse than a 12-year-old getting fucked if she wants it.

yeah no problem at all with boys everywhere being raised on video games that involve being a soldier gunning people down and desensitizing them to those kinds of situations in preparation for becoming a cold hearted killer in real life later on.

Heaven forbid they see a womans nipple in one of those games though, then its a fucking shitstorm of moralfags screaming "oh my god my innocent child saw a womans breast!"
Give me a fucking break.

That's just how they rationalize the fact that they were always vapid whores from a young age so they can live with their career choice.

Considering we live in a utopian libertarian world, how much would a child virginity deflowering costs?

Nothing wrong with execution videos.

Nothing wrong with child masturbation vids

Tell that to the guy getting his head sawed off because he doesn't agree with ISIS. Maybe the farmer that refused to grow poppies for the drug makers.

he didn't say "Nothing wrong with executions."

Why is there nothing wrong with a vid of a child masturbating?

You want your friends, family, and children to see you being killed?

I would be dead, I would have no hard feelings if my family saw how I died because I would be dead already.

This means you would be fine with someone watching snuff CP but not with someone watching harmless masturbation videos. Sicc fucc.

I don’t have a problem with 3DCP or 2D Loli either. They can make all the virtual cheese pizza they want and that should be totally legal. I believe it to be a fair middle ground between the real deal and nothing at all.

In every issue whether you agree with it or not there has to be some give and take. Life is rarely getting what you want so much as what you’re willing to settle for.

The difference is that CP is produced so that other people can watch it. A majority of CP is made to be sold or traded or for e-peen on pedo sites. If there wasn't a demand far less CP would be produced.

There's a huge difference between pics on clearnet or pics on darknet. The girls who get clearnet famous are fucked for life, whereas even the most popular CP girls who are only posted on darknet can live their lives without pretty much anyone recognizing them IRL or online.

I do watch CP, but I definitely don't think it should be legal.

The only difference is that the girls are under 18 so suddenly you give a shit.
I don't hear anyone calling out the thread on Holla Forums right now where people are linking nude photos of women to their facebook accounts, but they're over 18 so who gives a shit about their lives being "ruined" anyway.

I didn't say it should be legal, but treating the viewers the same as the ones who actually do the abuse is just plain stupid in my opinion. The one who does the abuse is responsible for what he did. It's another story if someone pays them tho, then the person is actually involved in the production.


No need, they're already affecting our children.

I am not the one who you replied, but neither I do think i should be legal.
There should be no official legalization neither normalization of child porn.

The question here is people going to jail and get their lives ruined for having digital files, literally a victimless crime.

The porn has been proved to reduce child molestation, I'm just saying to stop criminalizing consumers and focus on the producers.

But no, Law Enforcement Agencies are bating silly people to catch them and inflate their numbers of arrests.

They have our kids…

Nigger culture is affecting our youth.


I have underage family members and i'm sure pedos could do serious damage so hate pedos.

It's simple, really.

What is your opinion on softcore CP? I don't think softcore should be illegal.


Its funny that you care so little about them as soon as they turn 18 that you don't even realize how easy it is to do "serious damage" to someones life regardless of how old they are.
You don't think the thread on Holla Forums right now connecting womens nudes to their facebook accounts is doing serious damage to their reputation? Oh wait they're over 18 so who gives a shit.



Believing in magic numbers relieves of any responsibility tbh.

whats your point?

Yeah it's kinda unfair, but I'd still rather sacrifice the retarded low hanging fruit if it helps to keep some kids from being molested.

It's only victimless if you completely anonymously DL the CP. For example posting a reply to some asshole abusing his daughter is IMO as bad as paying for it. Many people value e-peen more than money. And as I said I'm fine with some pedos getting unjustly fucked. Most of our fellow pedos are scum anyway. I'd rather see 10 pedos screwed than 1 little girl abused tbh

LEA definitely are focusing on the producers but also getting some of the low hanging fruit does discourage other retards from generating more demand.

I do think SC should be illegal too. A child can't understand all the implications posing nude will have. And it doesn't matter if the parents are okay with it. The parents don't own their child and have no right to sell her IMO. I realize consent is a very controversial subject and that many/most pedos disagree with me. But I'd say their dick is clouding their judgement.

That is how I deal with pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers

are you the same user? if so at least try to be consistent.

You say our dicks are clouding our judgement in the same post you say you'd rather see 10 pedos screwed than 1 little girl abused.
You're the one thinking with your dick, not us.

Like nudism and so?
I have no problem with that, I see no way how some one could get hurt by this.

Nice, it's good to see groups like this outside Europe.

I have to agree with you, paying for child abuse images should be totally illegal. In every sense, you are deliberating and directly supporting the abuse,

Producers? Totally, 100% agreed.
Unfortunately in places like the U.S. the argument of "it's to protect the children" is a fallacy. Underage kids are getting arrested for trading selfies, there are crusaders to capture mases of CP consumers for the good of the privatized prisons, government illegal surveillance is raising and that's Ok because "fuck ebil pedos"…

Look bro, put urself in a kids position, get molested and then see how you feel about it ten years later.

Did I ever defend child molestation?

that doesn't negate any of the legitimate points he made at all, typical moralfag trying to argue with feels and not reals.

Your logic is flawed guys. If you say CP is good because it reduces the abuse cases it implies that producers are also good, because no producers -> no cp -> more abuse. So you basically say a little abuse is good because it prevents more abuse and that is thanks to the producers.

Yes nudism but also minors in sexual poses. If you know about LS models that's more of what I'm talking about. No one was harmed and the parents agreed to let them take pictures and sell the work.
The cops see a harmless picture of an LS girl in a sexual pose as bad as a picture of an old man raping a toddler.

Thats not how it works, someone can do something awful and something good can still come of it even if what they did is unforgivable.
If you're a rape baby that doesn't make your rapist father a good person all of a sudden.

Nope, there's already CP produced.

Yes I'm the same user. I'm not claiming to being a saint. I think speed limits are necessary even though i speed.

I was talking about LS etc, but I do think purenudism etc. are bad too. They aren't just casual pics of nudists. The producers actually pay to take the pics and mostly just photograph kids to sell the pics to pedos.

Yeah, the prison/"justice" system in the US if fucked up.

How the fuck am I thinking with my dick if I think that producing less CP is good even if it requires "unjustly" jailing some pedos?

The parents don't own their kids. Child labor is illegal for a reason.

But they've sacrificed one child to save another 100, isn't that your argument to justify CP possession all the time?

If you would care about the individual you wouldn't compare the amount of abuse in the first place. And you would be against CP because it makes the abuse for the individual way worse.

I have seen some with an hourglass figure (which is not determined by the teats) stronger than those I have on many women.
inb4 bad food, I know about nutrition, and there is some misunderstanding.

Not the best graph, not that I care for porn or sex.

Most did not want to be in the pornography industry of be prostitutes, but they believed what there parents were (whores) was an okay thing, at least, when they were a little older, despite supposedly being religious.

In my ideal land (not world, globalism sucks).
If you are married, nothing. If not, forced marriage, if the girl wishes.
I did not notice how pretty she was.

You do not have to be amoral or unfeeling in order to fight.

You kid's a fag that my kid gives a hard time.

Or believing there articifial number apply to all peoples,

what about the individual pedophiles whos lives have been ruined because they were unlucky enough to be born in a time where pedos are moden day witches?
Face it this isn't about the individual, you're guilty of the exact same collective thinking as I am because no matter what someone ends up hurt so choosing the option with the least people hurt is the preferable one in my eyes.

How purenudism is bad?
Nudism is very common in east Europe when the pics are from, it's not "bad" for them, no one gets hurt in the production of those pictures.

If I think in a inoffensive porn this would be the perfect example.

but m8

this is more like saying

Exceptions doesn't make the rule, right?

It would be if the pics were taken by nudists for the nudists. But that's not the case. The producers pay to get the pics and just take pics of the kids to sell to pedos. The few pics of the adults are there just to make it seem legit.

I obviously don't mean "see" literally. "I don't want to see" as in "I don't want" kids to be abused

It's still schizophrenic. If you really wouldn't want it to happen, why would you enjoy watching it?

Let's be honest, when pedos are talking about the legalization of cp, they're not talking about "nudism", as you can find an abundance of nudism with a simple Google search. It's not exactly illegal, and your sure as fuck arent gonna be v& for your nudism/LS collection, so this is just a red herring,

Pedos will always push the boundaries, because that's the nature of porn. The more of it they watch, suddenly NN models don't do the trick anymore, then nudism doesn't do the trick anymore, then sexualized nude models don't do the trick, and before you know it they need hardcore shit to satisfy their perversions.

So, don't be fooled when they focus on how innocent LS modeling is (which is debatable), they're pushing for a lot more than that.

What do you think CP is exactly?
Theres plenty of shit people call cp these days, like all the facebook tier pictures of kids that get you banned now for example.
Is nudism CP to you? because theres definitely no inherent abuse in those nudist colony websites and theres people that fap to that shit.

I wouldn't think the whole LS business as child labor. It was something the kids wanted to do. Kids are in stock photos, clothing catalogs, movies, etc. and no one argues that they shouldn't be used in those ways. It's kind of the same with LS except the kids model nude and it is illegal.


Meant to say *no one argues that it is child labor

I’m an oldfag (51) and remember my grandfather telling stories of families that had the uncle or neighbor that you didn’t allow your kids around. People claim that child molestation is on the rise but I believe it’s just more reported now than before. The media also tends to lead the masses to believe that there’s a molester hiding behind every bush.

I also think there need to be a common agreement ITT about what cheese pizza is. I’m feeling like people are talking about many different things in their arguments. Models from LS for example or Laura B pics should not be considered pizza nor should nudism pics. Naked child models are pizza as well as children being molested is pizza.

If camel toes on children are considered pizza you better stay off the streets when school lets out because of the skin tight yoga pants girls ware these days.

tbqh, I think that's pretty much child labor too. A 5yo should play in the mud with their friends and not pose for fashion companies and be treated like an adult.

Nudism and LS modeling is just an example of how CP can exist without inherent abuse.
Right now people say CP has to be illegal because it abuses children even when some CP doesn't abuse children.

Oh and to the whole "pushing the boundaries thing", faggots didn't immediately demand gay marriage when they were being stoned to death either.
That doesn't mean we should go back to stoning them to death because they "pushed the boundaries"

Agreed, there needs to be a change in what the law considers CP. But it seems like the laws will only get more harsh.

If that's what you think, that's perfectly fine. IMO it's not child labor because the kids wanted to model for those things.

I definitely agree. I guess my justification is that it's already happened, so I can just as well fap to it. I'm not proud of myself but being an exclusive pedo isn't exactly easy and it's way better than most of the alternatives tbh.

I agree, but I'm pretty sure people have been v& for LS tho.

Nudism and LS modeling is just an example of how CP can exist without inherent abuse.
I'd say selling your kids to be photographed in simulated sexual poses is abuse, but i guess that's just me

Oldfag here again. I grew up on a farm and we had chores to do even at the age of 5. We were expected to help out as we could. Is every farm child abused because they had to work? During summer it was nothing to bale up a 1000 60lb hay bales a day when I was a teenager. The only payment was room and board and such. Spending money came from working for the neighbors. We picked rocks all day in the sun for $5 an hour.

Do you buy anything made in china? if so you directly support child abuse because they sell their kids to factories to make your clothing for a penny a day.

CP laws vary from country to country but in the USA a guy got arrested for lolicon and an australian got arrested for Simpsons rule 34. Even fully clothed little girls can be considered child pornography in some countries.
Slipery slope fallacy
In most countries it's perfectly legal for 16yos to have sex but if they decide to record it and watch it, they can get arrested.
Naked pictures with no sex should be allowed for all ages as it causes no harm and reduces rape (
Teenagers(13+) had regular sex between themselves and older people for millenia and they actually are getting smarter now (look up Flyn effect) so they should be allowed to have consented sex and consent to being recorded.

This is definitely a good point, the media plays a big role here. They have no interest in taking peoples fear by educating them, they want the opposite.

Yeah, the thing is, LS/nudism aren't exactly considered CP. I would be utterly shocked if you could find a single case of someone being v& for simply dl'ing LS models… you can't.

The creation of this content in the U.S., and in most European countries, is deemed unacceptable because parents are using their vulnerable children to make money off of their sexualization. Obviously, most decent parents would find this inexcusable, and I would have to agree.

All said, it's not the content that is the subject of concern, but rather the dubious motives and methods used for creating it.

50% of anons would be registered sex offenders if this was the case. Now, perhaps LS models AND cp…

Well okay, it makes kind of sense to me now.

Nudism is totally different from CP, and different from erotic modeling.

You might have a case for nudism pictures but LS is definitely illegal, you aren't going to find any surface web sites hosting LS models thats for sure.

I'm 99% sure it was among other things

Anyone who watches a lot of porn can attest to the fact that Victoria's secrets models don't quite do the trick anymore.
You're blinded by your predilections, so I don't expect you to concede any rational points on this matter.

This is one study, and they're referring to "artificially produced materials". Did you actually read the article?

As a non exclusive, I commend and feel for you m8. I can't imagine being an exclusive. At least we're not vegetables though.

I’m assuming that you’re not from countries like China and the old USSR with no social programs or public support systems in place. It’s easy to take moral high ground in countries with welfare programs.

Kek. Holla Forums did for over a year. Sure, it was eventually removed, but Google certainly knew about it for a long time, and the only thing that happened was removing Holla Forums from their search.

I agree, and I'm not judging people who are struggling to survive.

bullshit, some people uploaded some links to it and then a few days later at most it would get deleted by mods and if it didn't then the entire board it was posted on would get nuked.

I think he means the lewd LS. There might've been full sets on hidden boards, but on /hebe/ they were good about removing the lewd LS.

What do you mean lewd LS? I thought it was all NN.

Wait a minute, maybe I'm thinking of Candydoll…

On a side note…

It’s only a matter of time before Holla Forums goes boom.

yeah, you're definitely thinking of cd
messed up my links.
There are several other studies on the Czech Republic's 1989 CP legalization.

LS had fully naked pictures focusing on genitals and girls touched each other near genital area. Those pictures were never allowed on Holla Forums and you could definitevely get arrested for that.

LS sets are generally 20% legal NN. The rest of the set is lewd.

Candydoll is 100% NN.

Hopefully soon. We need a new chan.

funny how foreign illegal child modelling businesses are common knowledge, we're reaching drug war levels of effectiveness.

I wish CD would still exist, the best modeling company ever. ;_;

Yeah, aren't they called TokyoDoll now? What the fuck happened?

probably not the brightest idea to put your eggs in japans basket now that they're getting cucked by the west slowly but surely.


Well, I stand corrected on the arrests for lolicon; nevertheless, something tells me they were just made examples of, because other than those cases, it's something you NEVER hear about.

But you're not going to change my opinions on parents taking advantage of their vulnerable children for $. I know you want everyone to believe it will reduce child abuse, but despite these studies, I don't buy it.

Laws changed
They tried to migrate to Ukraine with Silver Stars/Teen modeling.

They're +18 models now

If you read about the “convictions” for lolicon you’ll find they took deals to avoid a trial. Under DOST instructions to a jury offenders would be convicted. The DOST test is the most worthless piece of shit ever created because it allows LEA to shoehorn almost any image they want into pizza.

logic is not eff


kek, this


definitely by some standars but should it be?


Also this.

Reminder that modeling IS NOT abuse or child exploitation.
Even the models say that.

COPINE is actually worse

Theres obviously people with guns right outside of frame threatening to shoot them if they don't defend the dead modelling studio they used to work at.

Even on LS level, those pictures were harmsless.
Acording to the pictures themselves and this extensive report(, the girls "have had fun during the recordings".

If you are not joking you must GTFO.

Yeah, these cases are as reprehensible as parents taking advantage of their kids – just sanctimonious witchhunts.

To be clear, I don't even believe that possession of cp should be illegal unless you're producing it or sharing it; however, that doesn't mean I think hosting the content should be legal, as the exploitation of the children is wrong, and I believe this would encourage the production.

These are abstract studies that appeal to your proclivities. I think the jury is still out on whether or not the logic would be sound if this de-restriction were implimented worldwide. Of course you'd want to believe that the logic behind the studies is impenetrable kek.

Kek. This is such a pedo-tier argument. I just imagine you saying it in a Michael Jackson voice.

They're taken advantage of, and if you conducted a poll, and asked people if they'd want salacious, childhood pics of them being passed around the Internet for people to fap to, the answer would be a resounding NO.


I'm pretty sure many children have fun in CP recordings as well. But that doesn't justify anything because they don't actually understand what's going on.

It's problem because people like this

Someone sees you nude -> become traumatized.


It's pretty foolish compare modeling with penetrative acts m8
We're talking about abuse, which is inexistent in LS/CD/etc model studios.

And when you make them understand whats going on by telling them they were coerced and abused into doing it and that fun they thought they had was just because they were taken advantage of you think that will help them?
Ever thought maybe not instilling in them that they've been victimized might make it so they don't look back on it like a traumatic experience?

It's still comparable. Young children aren't capable of understanding why men would like to watch them naked and rub their dicks to them.

One of the most popular LS models wrote an article about how there was no abuse and that it was fun. Now she's happily married and has a child.
Another model who was in LS even put up an LS non nude picture of herself on her social media page.
A lot of the former LS models went to become models as adults.

> men would like to watch them naked and rub their dicks to them.
Feminist detected.

Kids these days were raised on the internet, you really think they aren't figuring this shit out faster than any other generation has before?
Hell a lot of the CP coming out these days are just girls on omegle stripping at the request of a guy jerking off into his webcam, its hard to use the excuse that they don't know why they're doing at that point.

they was having fun until you forced your way tbh

Actual child porn and some modeling for fun are completely different things. And you'd be fool to think pedos don't see difference either. And no, no we aren't all the same either.

I'm not defending actual cp being legal but current laws are fuggen retard
giev those evil molesters 20 years prison!!!

No, it's not.
Stop making false equivalences.

There are tons of model agencies, kids model for fashion magazines, catalogs, etc etc. They know what modeling is and they're aware of what they're doing. It's NOT abuse.

And nobody is rubbing dicks what the fuck.

Yeah sure bro, nobody has ever rubbed their dick to LS pics, I buy it.

depends, for kids from 10 and up this may be true. but you won't see many 5yos stripping on omegle.

You don't seem to understand the meaning of anecdotal.

Also, these attitudes vary from culture to culture, and as to whether or not the "victimization" of the girls in a country like the US would contribute to the adverse psychological effects, like it or not, it's just the way it is.

I'll end on this point, because I actually have better things to do than bicker with delusional pedos: A child is essentially the property of their parents, and I find the idea of subjecting their children to something they don't fully understand, only to have the kid's lewd photos/vids circulated around the Internet for the rest of their lives to be deplorable. It's not so the kids can "have fun", it's so the parents can make some easy money, and I think it would set a dangerous precedent.

wrong post


Is that the argument?

People can rub their dicks to everything, legal stuff or not, you can't stop people doing it.

And why it matters? I can rub my dick to the T.V.
Did the anchors got STD or PTSD?
I abused them and now they're suffering by some magic force?

My man, what the fuck.

That's how modeling is.
Didn't know?
Well, now you know how is a modeling session.

m80, LS stuff was definitely produced for sexual purposes. You can't deny it.

I go to sleep and come back to 81 replies, holy shit let this thread die.

I'm more interested if those girls were hurt or not.

For sexual purposes, yes, it was erotic modeling.
But it was produced without ANY abuse or suffering and that's my point.

just arguing semantics now, point is kids are on the internet and sites asking if they're 18 first doesn't really stop them from finding out what sex is.
Hard to portray them as innocent victims when they're getting on the internet and cybering with strangers uncoerced and of their own free will.

Also fyi, there are zillion things i've fapped to that was not made for sexual purposes. Does that make them cp too?

Anons have made reference to LS modeling, which is much different, so you mental patients should be a little more clear about what the hell you think should be legalized – because that vid is essentially modeling that you'd see in a JCPenney catalogue.

Further proof you are an feminist.

No? As far as I know ewe're talking about material that was produced to sexually please the customers. We're not talking about natural nudism or anna pavaga.

Nigger the only difference was that the girls were naked.

Any modeling is exactly the same.
I say this to you as a photographer.

And there was NO people jailed for sexual abuse or rape after the agency was taken down. You can be sure that no one suffered or got abused because the production of the images.




Very Important

So it's okay to fap to nudism? Lsm is not that far from it really. It was different times back then. Why people nowadays should be punished so harshly for things that was not seen bad back then?

There is major difference with "actual cp" and something like lsm.


just make a board on its going to replace librechan/masterchan.

Is this a text only board?

Arguable, I may take that one back.

Yes! You may discuss anything you like, as long as it's legal, cp will be reported.

Kek, no thx m8


Yes. Nextchan is shit.

You said you wanted a pedo board…

this would even be allowed on Holla Forums, why should anyone go there?

make a board that allows images and people may consider going there

So, create one and enable images. Be sure to recruit moderators too!

Won't the global mods make it text only? That's what they said when they first opened.

lmao u got meh :p

kid friendly anons should move to

There was a time when child abuse a thing people laughed at on ibs. I miss those times.

Now everything is Holla Forumsitical, it just sucks

Are you against pedophiles?

Do they delete Instagram pics too like Holla Forums?


True pedos don't defend child abuse

Last time I checked, Endchan doesn't allow images of children at all, only lolicon. Has this changed?


Whatever m8