Wow, really makes you think

Wow, really makes you think

get out of here nigger

He's right you know.

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It's about the jackless Iphone, so it relates.

John Leibowitz was a jew but at least he was a funny jew.

How does this unfunny nigger still have a show?

Diversity is hilarious.

t. Wayne

no he wasn't

There are millions of small groups of cuck co-workers who hang out around the water cooler and regurgitate Daily Show jokes at each other. They started doing it when Leibowitz was the host and now that the host has changed these people are trapped in a sort of mutual destruction pact where if any one of them stops they'll say he stopped watching the (now desperately unfunny) show because Trevor Noah is a coon.
Most of them will be stuck like this for the rest of their lives and may even continue doing it at their retirement homes out of a sort of Stockholm syndrome.

the show tanked after obama took office.

Did this nigger just equate transfags to objects?

Having a jackless iphone is bad because it's against the warranty to modify the device, among other reasons.

Transgenderism and a jackless Iphone are apples and oranges.


Makes you think we should gas all the TV kikes

Shit thread, but saved the image. Thanks OP. I know this'll make some redditors momentarily confused and then enraged.

Seriously? You serious right now?


It really does, I used to be fine with them removing the headphone jack but now I will forever see the iphone for what it is: a filthy fucking tranny.

It's not nearly as stupid as doing unnecessary surgical changes to your body

too lazy to actually have a face but this is ridiculous.

the jacked off iphone

Removing something that works for the sake of change is stupid.

Makes me think that I am completely right to not watch television.

Ebin strawman. Can leftists ever make an argument without using logical fallacies?

Transgender people who go far enough to lose their thing aren't even part of the problem!

Nice strawman argument you outdated farming equipment.


It's pronounced """progressive"""