From 1 to 10,how racist are you ?

from 1 to 10,how racist are you ?
10 being the most

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Probably a 6 or 7 tbh


well racism isn't a white only ideology.

It depends on how you define the word.

sage for lack of definition

I am white. I abuse homeless nigger boys. I do enjoy fucking nigger bitches. Not sure how to rate myself

go read a fucking book if you don't know what racism meas you moron


7, live around lots of nigs.


about 6. i don't automatically assume the worst. but i have a healthy distrust of blacc males, in general. particularly young blacc males. they are not trustworthy.


Racism = power + privilege.

As a queer POC, I score a 0.

you know there's some magic letter replacement going on like in with the succ my dicc

i know that feel
except no girls has ever seen my pepe

that definition is pure bullshit. people with few privileges can also be racist. that SJW definition of racism is infuriating.

I honestly try to avoid blind racism, but since I grew up in Oakland I've grown an almost natural hatred of nigs and La Raza spics, but mostly nigs. I also don't like going to Asian restaurants because they almost never give friendly service.


Maybe a 2? I am pretty weary of every individual I meet regardless of sex, race, or religion. Most people are shit.

That being said, I do like racist jokes.

2 is probably way too low. everyone is racist to some degree. it's part of human nature. on the optimistic side you might only be like 4.


I would happily kill the men and take the women as concubines.

i want to put my dicc in that dicc

user, either you accept race as a reality or you don't. There is no 1-10

I don't hate anyone for something they didn't chose, but I do believe that the races should sticc o themselves. Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, etc. I also believe that North America is an exception because it was colonized by Europeans, making USA and Canada belong to whites. I'd say I'm like a 4-5.

Whoops, accidentally left that meme flag on

I hate niggers but I still judge individuals on an individual basis. That being said, it never surprises me when most blaccs I meet turn out to be worthless niggers.

Races are inherently different
Every race is entitled to a sovereign homeland
Not every country has to be a homeland (i.e. multicultural societies are allowed to exist).

I don't know what number you could put to that, but that's the gist of it.


imo it should be the homeland of whoever currently owns it Think Crimea and Russia or whoever created the nation Think USA and the Native Americans

I would say America should be one of those multiracial societies. Not necessarily that we should have loose border control, but that it would be pretty much the perfect candidate as "le nation of immigrants."

Personally I'm fine with America being multi-cultural but what I don't like is America allowing immigrants that contribute nothing to society in. No refugees of any time, only people who are smart and add something valuable to the talent pool.

I guess this might not make a lot of sense unless you understand that I want diversity in types of government. Every race should have it's ethnostates, dictatorships of all sorts should be on the world stage, democracies as well as republics and theocracies too. Maybe we should even have some Confucian style governments as well. I want a world where every type of government is allowed to exist without half the world pointing and screaming about how evil they are.

I'd rather have Canada be the multi-cultural one :^)

Oh yeah, sure. I'm all for that.
If I got to set immigration rules for the entire world, they would be these two:

I live in South Texas and I am surrounded by niggers and spics. I don't mind the spics because they can cook good Mexican food…niggers on the other hand will steal, rob, and remain worthless



About 2-3 because I can not stand spics whatsoever. Their accent is so heavy that I must ask them to repeat themselves 80% of the time. Plus its a very annoying accent to hear imo

Gas yourself.

He must live in the southwest

Blacc people bring us funny terminology, good chiccen, cornbread, etc. In general soul food is dank (albeit unhealthy as fucc) and they brought us rap music (which is my favorite genre alongside psychedelic rocc)

dgmw though, I do not like the rappers that sound like autists such as fetty wap and chris brown and shit. I listen to conscientious rap mostly. The kind of rap that focuses on social issues/life problems

I jam rap when I am cruising the hood for nigger trannies

books are for nerds.

nice channel though.


Checced. I like this post.

Ugh, be like this goy.

I'm probably somewhere between 6 and 7
I don't mind blaccs if they adopt white western ways and don't act like niggers, still don't like the look of them though they look disgusting.
Asians are pretty racist and tend to cause a lot of trouble, got a lot of Asians I know into Moon Man and Johnny Rebel. Arabs are the worst though, they piss me off.

i'm told that being white means you're racist, so i guess 10?

Half Asian/White here
Can confirm that nearly all White Happas are white ethnonationalists

Sand nigger Muslims are the scourge of the world. Them and their butt fuccing idol Muhammad need to be shit on.


Something like 3 probably? I can easily work with people of other races and will show them respect as long as I'm shown respect in return, but also believe that people's outward appearance can make certain characteristics more likely to occur and that different types of people should mix in controlled quantities. I also will laugh or have trouble not laughing at racist jokes.

laughing at racist jokes doesn't make you racist.
just like laughing at death jokes doesn't make you a murderer.

too bad race is subjective.

i wish i was that simple minded to see the world in binary. life would be much easier.

A real racist actually advocates unfair policies to minorities. The left has to create racists now. And what applies to one race doesn't apply to the other and so forth, so the left is actually racist, because they advocate for society to be unfair.

7 I suppose

The kind of rap that focuses on dogmatic opinions based upon stereotypes, hearsay, anecdotal evidence to horribly "prove" a point.

They use literally every single fallacy in the list

that kind of fallacy doesn't really hold outside of rightwing echo chambers.
2 wrong doesn't make one right.

if you think that the lefty are being discriminatory/racist call them on it.
becoming racist is basically validating their arguments.


racism would imply that the views i have are wrong so 1

i fuccing hate the rapefugees in EU and blacc lives matter terrorists

Solid 10.
14/88 Gas the Kikes Race War NOW!!!

I voted for trump and I'm white. So 11? Did I break it?

whats her name again quads???


I'm just waiting for the chance to kill niggers and arabs in such a way that I get away with it.

i reccon all races are different and each has its strengths and weaknesses. trying to sort out which race is objectively superior is a mug's game, so i leave it to Holla Forums.

Join the army lol, you'll get paid for it. Serve The God Emperor!!

Why not the red injuns, they still exist.


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You know there was a time when adult anime was filled with ugly, fat, monstrous douche bags NTRing and raping attractive girls.

But I guess they stopped being made in mass because they weren't selling. Everyone goes to regular /a/ for yuri. But mainly this is what happens when animu creators bandwagon; there are no clear choices and people, despite everything else, get tired of the same bullshit.

Finally, "shhhhhhhhhhhh…. let people enjoy things."

Ironic coming from Austrailia

Man giant women on small boys is great.

are you even trying?

does it have to pepakura? I have the one pictured at
but it's a pdf

Dont forget combat. They love complaining about the combat. Who knew games were pretty easy when played on the easiest difficulty.

I hate this meme

It would depending on how big of a print it is

This is very relatable. There have been a few times when I felt I was about to fit in for good and then people started making questions and I realised they were on to me.


The whores deserved it.

the ratings were excellent, nu-male



I'd say about a 2/10. I call about everyone a nigger. one time I called a blacc person a nigger without taking his skin color into account. then recognized "oh shit he's actually blacc".


I would never live in a predominantly blacc or Mexican neighborhood, and will feel uncomfortable in them, but I also have a Blacc Lives Matter shirt that I wear maybe once a week.

My issue is poverty and crime and not so much the people. It just so happens that more non-whites experience poverty and thus turn to crime than whites.

Shit, forgot to rate.

2 I guess.

kill yourself nigger lover