I'm at reinstalling my PC. I used OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 for like 3 Months and want a new Distro...

I'm at reinstalling my PC. I used OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 for like 3 Months and want a new Distro. Or maybe switch back to Winfagg.

Can someone help me out?

I thought of..
- Arch Linux
- OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 (Just a fresh install of it)
- Kubuntu
- Raw Debian install (Badass I know)

But I'm open for every other Distro that someone prefer. Mainly it's important for me that CsGo will run.

I kinda like Zorin OS. Kind of a weird one, but it looks nice.

install gentoo

Some flavor of Ubuntu

Ubuntu without Unity spyware. So GNOME, Mate, XFCE, etc.

Least likely to experience headaches with.

That is what i once want to do. But I think Ubuntu in generall is too much influenced by Canocial

I don't like Canonical either but Ubuntu is solid and is pretty much the default go-to for the most carefree gaming experience

Totally agree with that. Cause of that I think I continue using OpenSUSE, it's a good thing between both - Support, Privacy, Stability and Carefree Gaming on Steam.

gnome is comfy

If you have the patience, Arch can run really well. If not, go with one of the Ubuntu variants, just not the Unity variant.

Think so. Unity is fucked up.


You wrote it yourself. Just use Windows as you did before and have fun with it. Seriously onee-fam, it's hopeless to try to convince everyone from GNU/Linux if they aren't in the usergroup for this operating system.

don't go with a rolling release distro then. You're most likely to use the proprietary graphics drivers, and with bleeding edge rolling release distros, that means having to re-compile the fucking kernel modules most everytime linux or X gets an upgrade.

Though, if your main concern is a videogame in the first place, you might want to consider to just use windows

I never compile my kernel, and it's a lot easier to manage kernel updates with rolling release distro.

But all Valve gaymes run on Linux natively. I'm playing TF2 on my Arch install.

Kubuntu has a wallet feature, you'll need to join the botnet or enter an email address everytime you start your computer

But you can't get VAC Banned on a Linux Sys. Think that's why he wouldn't switch back to Linux lmao.

Go with Arch


Distrowatch.com choose your benefits

You fucking Redditors.



first off all, its a mistake to question this on 8ch, second, install gentoo

why did you start with opensuse?

It's a distro for old people, and if that's your case a recommend another distro for old people like debian.

If opensuse is for old people, does that mean arch is for babies?

Arch as more teenager vibe to it, I don't know if it's because of the fact that it isn't very good for server, or enterprise things in general.

But in the forums it feels like the users are younger and inexperience than let's say opensuse, debian or fedora.

I haven't met the first opensuse user that is not a programmer, something I definitely can't say about Arch.

OpenSUSE and Debian are for old People? How should i understand this? I use(d) OpenSUSE cause it's Stable, respect my Privacy and cause I can use it very well for the "everyday" use without struggle over "Linux Habbits". I think Arch and Gentoo are fun on messing with. But as a main Distro not really preferable.

Well, I'm not really programming. Expect some Perl Stuff. I'm more focused on Linux Sys Administration and stuff like that

Old people are tired of spending fucking ages getting their environment set up and stable and just want to do something without needing to fix a dozen things before they can get started. Young people are excited to fuck around with that shit because we're stupid and don't realise that it's boring as fuck.

I use Debian, but I really can't wait for it to update so I can get GCC6. Compiling C++ code with GCC4 takes way too long.

Okay, then I'm old when it gets on my main-sys. ;)
But I really like mess with Arch on my Laptop or 'non-important systems.

I only use mature distros for mature linux users such as myself.

light, beautiful designed, cheerfully

Arch Linux

it's pure shit.

Just get the source and compile.

Yeah, I really should, but I'm lazy and need to work around other peoples pre-compiled stuff, which is all done with GCC4.


thats the thing about debian i dont like, fucking ancient packages, debian is stable and good os i stand for that word, but its ancient, they are not updating nothing except firefox and some userland shit, and about kernel, they are just patching it, not upgrading, overall, almost all packages are just patched and not upgraded!

get out of here


How is Antergos any worse/different than Manjaro which gets shilled around here all the time?

Quick and dirty installs for noobs who just want to vidya?

Calculate Linux

OpenSuse isn't a bad choice AT ALL. I'd definitely prefer it over many others if I'm going to build a system for a casual user. Other than that maybe check out Slackware, Arch, and Mageia.

Mint, the most newbie-friendly distro of all. Simple, fine-looking, shit just werks.



Is there anything at all that Kali can do that Arch can't just by adding the Blackarch repository?

Ubuntu is THE distro for gaymen, don't use Unity though, it's bloated, less configurable, and it's got amazon botnet, use a DE spinoff like Xubuntu or Ubuntu MATE.

Also would you recommend openSUSE?

For gaming ubuntu is pretty much where it's at...

You can use NixOS, that has an immutable package manager so the soup of Steam will probably work well on it.

I already said this in this thread but just agreeing again. If you want ready to go packages more games have it for Ubuntu than for any other distro.

Go with some flavor of Xenial because it's an LTS (long term support release) and is recent.

A lot of people will recommend Mint instead but last time I tried it (six months ago) the kernel version was ancient as fuck and Mint has generally poor practices when it comes to backporting security fixes.

OP can use any distro he wants, but Ubuntu is the obvious choice if you care about the games and stability, and don't have some yearning to tinker