Real-Time Graphics in Pixar Film Production

Pixar open sources their real time display tool.

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wow sounds mad
shit man, and they're building it for Linux only? This is pretty major. Especially when you consider how a lack of professional software is what holds back many people from switching to Linux

I wonder what Holla Forums thinks of this... oh wait, zero replies on an hour-old thread. Meanwhile, the pointless systemd bickering is still going strong. Of course.

I have no idea what this means tbh (I'm not a video guy), but this is pretty cool news OP.

Linux is the de facto standard operating system for highly professional 3D animation. Disney and Dreamworks also use it as their main operating system for that. Before Linux took over everyone already used Unix-likes for it. It's not new or weird or major that they only bothered building it for Linux.

I hope this sees use in vidya animation, it looks like ti would be amazing for it.

It's not that there isn't professional software, it's that the software is typically *too* professional and only exists in-house, like with Pixar.

Sure, but that's in-house stuff. AFAIK there's never been much available for consumers

oh shit I should've read the other dude's reply before I replied

how did they deal with the screen-tearing in linux?

they used google

or a compositor with vsync support
or they changed the settings for their graphics drivers in xorg.conf
or maybe something else

What do they use to develop software like this in? VIM? Emacs? Are they using GTK3?

Have you considered that you've been letting memes fuck with your worldview and that Linux screentearing is actually not anything that doesn't happen to windows in the same amount?

I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't use VS on windows and then just cross-compiled. Either that or they use QtCreator.

Then what is the point of Linux by cross compiling? I would just stay on Windows at that point. I forgot about QtCreator being on Linux.

The point is VS.
Loads of professionals prefer to use VS for coding even if they use NIX for everything else.

I wish I didn't have the experience to believe you

They're using some apache license. Does that make it free software or only open source?

remove your head from your body

CinePaint is (or was for years) Linux only. But you know, movie studio almost in-house tools never get an publicity.

Both. Look up the open source definition. It's based on the Debian Free Software Guidelines. There is almost no software that's open source and not free software.

Awesome. That's very generous of them. I would have expected it on freebsd but this is even better for my own usage.

Linux has better drivers. Have you seen all the bloatware shit you have to deal with on windows for even simple things like USB mice/tablets?

Damn, finally some decent graphical software for linux, is it the kind I don't use.

Still good though. If this stuff attracts serious users to linux, more good software may follow.

Just hoping the current hordes of autist fanboys won't scare them away with their freakish behavior. "Normies" on their beloved OS and such. They'll probably flip.

This is nothing new, most high performance server-grade software runs on Linux only, or as advanced features as linux only ones.

It's the same logic as why most desktop software is Windows only, almost everyone uses Windows for desktop. Server software is mostly Linux only for the same reason.

If you need to make a cluster computer running more than 2TB of RAM and more than 6 GPUs in each of the machines, you can't use Windows.

404. Looking up "pixar display tool" pulled up no results on youtube either.

Maybe they changed their minds or something. works. works.

It's just that video.

Well this IS a chan after all