What would you do to improve the board quality of Holla Forums?

What would you do to improve the board quality of Holla Forums?

kill you

more furries

That's pretty rude, bro. I barely post.

More llamas in taxis

More raids and more Hitler.

More cyclicals

Put a captcha on every new thread (not every post). So therefore if some asshole decides to spam the catalog he'll have to fill out an annoying captcha everytime.

Less 4cucks.

Remove the santa hats, i can barely read some of this shit

Santa hats?

Ban all discussion of 3d.

Check out the board specific theme.

Ah right. Well I use Tomorrow for all boards. Not like he can't do the same and change themes.

more pedo threads, less moralfags

This tbh familia



Delete it.

Sometimes you have to destroy the village to save it.

I'm with banning the mods and letting the pedos back in. Things were much more interesting when the pedos were fighting with the antis. It's dull as dirt around here now. May be the reason why /b is slipping down the board list.

This tbh


More free speech.

People here ought to start obeying to my every command. Like they have to start ordering me pizzas or giving me tons of money for no reason. That would be awesome.

I´m against the pedos, but at least they keep the normies away.

What if I told you I am a normie and I cope with pedos just by hiding their threads?

poof your normieness

I have a Facebook account and I attentionwhore on imageboards

Normies status checks out

Delete it.

winrar sofar, amigo. more of you wouldn't be a bad thing. lurking is for faggits and sundry other petty criminals. join the ubermänner and shitpost Holla Forums into ignominy.


I meant delete the entire board, and not just delete the board quality, but either works.


Here, I removed one for you.

I don't know why he didn't do that either but he wasn't asking for a solution to his problem: I responded to you because you were asking what he was talking about.

I'd do your mom

Yeah, I think I saw one or two Santa hats also.
Luckily I found out it was a virus on my computer and I quickly deleted System 32. The problem seemed to resolve itself immediately. We shall see.

Ho ho ho motherfucker.

that'd lead to a flamewar over sloppy seconds, user. it would still be better than this.

Oh shit! The problem is back!
Luckily Trump will be the solution.


check your tenses, shitlib
Trump is the solution. ecomomy is kike territory and for the military, we need mad dog patton or is it macarthur. whichever is the most tremendously whatever. a very great thing. it's time potus played more golf. let's drain the swamp and make mexicans eat shit. no i will not go to bed melania.

And then there was Holla Forums.


Trump already is Making America Great Again!


This user has spoken the truth

I could leave.

Sieg heil

Based anons speak the truth
Dump the moralfaggotry and rulecuckery