Feminism in Comp Sci

Should we have more women in Comp Sci, Holla Forums?
What do you think of feminist propaganda pushing women into our area to reach 50%?

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no. it's being used to push down wages by an alliance of marxists pushing their own agenda and greedy (((corporations))) unwilling to pay salaries commensurate with talent while compromising code quality by hiring based on gender rather than merit. in a lot of ways women in tech are just like streetshitters in tech. instead, let women reach their natural level in tech based on merit. which is something like 10% - 20% in industry irl.

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There were less women in tech positions or tech education because most of them can't or don't want to do computer science, so the ones you actually encounter were the good ones, because they were subject to the same scrutiny as men in education and workplace.

Exactly, that's my point. There is simply fewer females actually interested in Comp Sci. And reason why feminists are so baited to this is because it looks quite simple. If you observe programmer, you'd think that it's no different than secretary job, when in fact it's really stressful job.


There never was a real meritocracy.

As a Yuropoor, I agree. Female engineers I met in my career have been above-average. It's something that has been subtly discouraged for girls, so similarly to male nurses/teachers only those that really want it end up in the career. In contrast, a significant amount of men are in it because their parents pushed them into a "safe career" they had no interest in, and they're useless.

Probably helps that I work in embedded/electronics. Everyone has at least a bachelors degree in some numerate discipline (I've worked with all of CS, EE, IT, Maths, Physics). Miles away from Webdev.


Screw those cucks, what boring lifeless souls, if I was their boss I'd fire them for that alone, if for some reason I'd hired them in the first place.

Women are inferior beings made by god only to satisfy men's pleasures and as a biological cloning machine. Other than that, they are useless

Men only exist to die so that your cloning machines can keep doing their job.

I have seen some cases in Google hiring process where women is accepted with half the qualities of rejected men for the same internship.

As an old oldfag, I worked with a two women in the mid '90s who were pretty good. They were very rare, literally only worked with two that whole decade, but they could do things. Today there are a lot more women but every one of them is total shit and looking to tear everyone else down to make themselves look better, the kind of weasily corporate climbing that used to not exist in this field. If you banned women you'd massively improve productivity.

I'm not that guy, but I was also pretty clueless and had a "whatever" attitude towards girls for a long time. Probably if you pressed me hard enough I would've said they weren't meant for hard sciences, but I was open-minded and ready to give the benefit of the doubt.

Like that other user said though, all their years of stupid shit has had the ironic effect of me assuming they're incompetent (hint: they are)

It's retarded and just ends up fucking over the women who actually are competent, because now they get lumped in with the affirmative action hires who don't know shit.

It's not 50/50 because men and women, on average, are good at different things. There are women who fall outside the average and are genuinely good at comp sci, but those women can stand on their own and don't need feminism to hold their hand and protect them from the big bad men.

They should fuck off with this feminist Marxist propaganda speciality bullshit. If you can prove you're the right person for the job that you interview for and have the necessary education and experience then you should be considered for it. Your race, gender and other menial shit is irrelevant; I wouldn't give a fuck if you were a purple skinned cocksucker that prays to Poptarts. The Equal opportunity employment garbage should be done away with too; it's all garbage.


Is that real? The Q/A I mean.

Good question. The "Thank you all again." makes me think it's real.

Why don't feminists want to have 50% of women working also in garbage disposal, construction, bodyguards at sketchy places, or guards in afghanistan? How about working in the mines too? Come on women, let's be truly eqal


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in general women don't have the higher logic capabilities to perform well in most STEM. while CS is a bullshit field that might ostensibly offer more 'opportunities' to them, the real world of in the trenches systems dev is no place for a vagoo to be in the arena tbh.

So everyone on 4/Holla Forums is a woman?

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If you haven't noticed, we're pretty much everywhere and this is pretty much Holla Forumschan. No matter what you do, we only grow stronger.

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real question is
why are there so many CUCKS in tech
go to defcon and every "hacker" is carrying around a new macbook and loves hillery
all white hat hackers are cucks p much that is their job

Nah, I'd say opportunist. Think about it; you get to break someone's software AND get money for breaking it. Sounds to me like a fun job.


Kek and at the same time o dear God no. No wonder they are retarded.

I saw a girl with a cool project once. Turns out it was a girl with a dick. Good times. /s

The real question is, what are YOU going to do about it?

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Why would you shill your video here, Alexander?

More like you get to have a girlfriend and see her naked but not fuck her, Tyrone gets to though. White hats are cucks.

Sure, why not. As long as they get in through technical merit alone.

If she's interested, puts the effort in and behaves like a team player, welcome aboard.

this meme needs to die
the ones you meet are the ones realizing they can get into tech jobs without having to do anything because beta faggots will do everything just to get a whiff of that pussy

Female embedded software engineers seem to be quite rare. The office I'm in now, there has never been one on a staff varying from 5-15 in the last 15 years, since it was established. Not sure why, you need to put in effort to study electronics & software for a degree but it's not rocket science. Except when we're writing MISRA-C avionics code for an ESA space vehicle :-)

Web dev seems to be much more popular with female (& M2F) coders (most, albeit not all, don't really do engineering).

Don't ever give in to the feminist/diversity propaganda. Our civilization has never been as inclusive as of now - maybe even excessively inclusive. Most of us men do anything for pussy and don't mind women's bullshit when we can get it (yeah, maybe that doesn't apply to fat feminists).

If bitches want to enter the STEM fields and achieve higher salaries, they can just drop the women studies and start studying maths, physics or biology. Easy, right?

Because men who can't get laid turn to computers at an early age when their brains are best at learning and learn everything about them whilst even a hambeast woman can get laid erry day and is distracted with this all through their teens. The result is women are locked out in a meritocracy, there's no way they can compete. They instead use what they learned in their teens and sleep their way in.

I dunno, a lot of the gender studies cult are getting paid way more than I am. Helping the Juden spread white genocide pays well. It should come with risk, but there's no serious pushback yet.


Oh that reminds me: Have you seen this shit?

They are now trying to co-opt STEM by adding a letter for "Art."

"What do you mean women don't move toward STEM degrees? There are plenty of women in STEAM!"


Seriously, tumblr, please leave.

So do I and they are too busy being the awesome rare unicorns they are to be bothered with gay feminist bullshit.

It's very simple: smart girls should not feel discourage because of her gender to study STEMs.

On average men are smarter than women, that's a fact. Yet the average person is dumb; smart people are a very occurrence and we have to encourage them to do smart things, regardless of how the look like.

And that's the problem with SJWs, they don't see the real point, it's all drama and hateful speech that leads to censorship, damage project and organizations (nodejs, rails, mozilla, to name a few), of course the ad revenue on their youtube channels or blogs turns it into a career, because we keep talking about them.

They are to feminism what ISIS is to Islam.

About six years ago I have taught programming to my younger sister with Python.
Later she left to do a web career in a hipster city, and she has since turned a neon hair feminist who teaches at grrrlz programming events in the company of numale hipsters, is constantly offended, and retweets gamergate LWs on the Internet.

Thankfully her cancer is contained to Python, but I feel guilty to have created a monster.
What should I do to redeem myself? abort the creature?
The least I can do is post here so that others may not repeat my terrible mistake.

found your problem

It may be the only way to save her from a fate worse than death.

Kloss may be shit at coding but I'm pretty sure that twitter pic is fake.

I wish you people would be forced into mental asylums again just like in the past.
I am so fucking sick of mentally ill people roaming around freely when you should be locked away.

Hear hear.

So in the future average hookers will have CS degree?

I approve of this.

If they are only hired because they are woman than it's obviously bad, but if they do a good job than why should they not get the job? People should get hired by skill.

how many women are there in tech today?
how many of them do a good job?
why are there so many women in tech who don't do a good job?
how did they get in?

you fucking cucks need to stop this

As I said, if they get hired for their skills than everything is okay. If they are hired for "equality" or because they sucked some dick than it's obviously bad. I don't see how this makes me a cuck.


As opposed to the NEET with no work experience whatsoever assuming that his baseless assertions matter.

Why are you talking about yourself like that?

Turning the tables around is funny, but not as funny as a real NEET who thinks his opinions on something he's never experienced are relevant.

They're almost exlusively in webdev doing the easy stuff even for webdev.

such as?

Like how easy it would have been for you to think up a few things.

idk, im not a webdev so i dont know what they do

CSS, "jquery experts", and similar.

(2nd pic is more subtle)

Trying to fit molex in sata?

Oh yeah, you can tell she knows what she is doing!

this is the kind of shit white hat "hackers" post daily
the homos pretty much run the tech industry

Those girls are supposed to look good. These stock pictures are generally not supposed to be realistic, you think the hacker wearing a ski mask is realistic?

If you don't wear a ski mask while hacking they can identify you through your webcam.
Are you new to this?

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user, it gets cold where I live. Some of us are just trying to keep warm.

worth a shot
it's a cycle of "major in women's studies > complain about lack of women in X".
but few women are willing to work in such fields.
women who do get into science fields, out of their OWN interest, work better anyway than women shoehorned in/convinced by a agenda.


The scene also needs to be coherent witch it isn't

And what do you think about the Jews and blacks in tech, user?

But user, What if the police show up and I need to make my escape by skiing?

Even if you get the rare woman that is just as good with computers as a male candidate, you'll still have to put up with worse work ethic, more workplace drama, more sick days...

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Women who are passionate about it sure. Most of the time they're attention whores trying to over compensate for their gender and obsessed with proving that "Girlz can code to ya know!!!!"

I've met a few legitimately good female coders, they dont run around trying to get an ego boost because of it though.