Hypothetical: Bomb Threats and Getting Away With It/Them - WWYD?

So you have a few options in terms of the online method. Obviously a few would be

1) Email of some kind

2) Submission of a web form on a site under 'contact' etc..

3) Sites like faxzero which actually fax up to 3 PDFs per IP per day as long as you can click an email confirmation link.. temporary email sites may come in handy.

So you could explain a method which would be nearly foolproof in terms of not being traceable. I'll lay out some optional things to answer:

1) VPN and or TOR..

2) If Tor, do you use the tor browser and if so - do you put any additional addons (see below)

3) If VPN, which browser(s) and which addons?

4) MAC spoofing - Better to use say TMAC in WIndows or macchanger in a unix-based OS like Tails? I would think the latter.

5) ARP flush/DNS flush - useful?
5a) Disable ipv6 including tunneling? y/n and why (optional)

6) The wireless AP you use.. would your ISP's public hotspot be good enough if they give out free hour trials per every MAC detected?

7) The browser ad dons - do you block canvas fingerprinting or use something to spoof unique canvas fingerprints? Wouuld you use perhaps the FF 'privacy settings' addon set to the maximum possible security

8) Do you worry about either/or your browser's unique ID of any kind (user agent spoofing at the least, but I mean more the Chrome or Firefox unique user ID's assigned per account locally, not sure if those go out) / Things like CPUID.. or font counts, not sure how to block font count but probably disable flash/javascript etc?

10) Anything else I may not have thought of or you wish to add.

Remember, this is hypothetical and I'm not the FBI , so relax. Faul did it.

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10. Find old joomla or WordPress, or same with exploitable plugin. Make this random site submit bomb threat. Hop through other such sites.

11. Buy hosting. Get 'hacked' by tor. Submit bomb threat through hack. Notice hack and request an account wipe.

Oh, and: don't use a browser to submit bomb threats.

Spend a day learning how http works. Read the RFC. Study your browser's dev console and network tab. In the end, no need to get fancy, just use curl. If JS is needed, a headless browser may suffice.

12. find a site with a 'tell a friend' feature that allows you to send arbitrary text.

yfw some stupid pottery selling blog delivers your bomb threat

13. Use one of those free Quran delivery services. It's basically a bomb threat.

Use someone else's laptop, from a public wi-fi hotspot

send email with a remailer

RAT on some sandnigger's rig,

just do it from a public library lmao
wear a hoodie


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Any consensus reached?


Wear baseball cap+sunglasses, go to public library, use computer to submit bomb threat, leave.

TELNET to an SMTP server via I2P

You failed step 1: Not publicly talking about doing something illegal like a fucking retard.

It's the easiest thing ever.

1. Go into place with free wifi.
2. Don't act or dress like a sperg.
3. Use tails and send the bombthreat using one of the temporary email services on Tor (eg. guerilla mail: grrmailb3fxpjbwm.onion/)


1. Don't send a threat.
2. Just do it.
The more evidence you leave, the easier it is to catch you. Period. Even if you somehow manage to hide your all identifying information about you, there's a 130 year-old practice of combining psychology with statistics known as profiling, which means that the mere content of the letter itself is enough for the authorities to narrow down the list of suspects a respectable deal. In $CURRENTYEAR, it's difficult enough to sufficiently mask the physical evidence left on the bomb itself that giving out any amount of extra info is basically asking to slip on a banana peel in prison and hit your head 17 times on the concrete.

That said, the absolute surest way not to get caught it to not do it at all. Don't fucking bomb people, you edgy fuckwad.