They still use FLAC

yeah go and use fucking FLAC and buy newest big expensive propertiary jewish slow HDD for $300
and your HDD will break in 2 years, just after warranty. I promise you.

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Good luck downloading anything in opus.


I'll give it 2/10, because some will fall for it.

you can download FLAC's and convert to opus. Or even [email protected]/* */ and convert it.

There is nothing wrong in one-time conversion from [email protected]/* */ to opus, you dumbass. I can bet money you won't be able to tell difference in 98/100 cases between:
a) CD -> FLAC -> OPUS
b) CD -> [email protected]/* */ (lame) -> OPUS

I bet you are the person who even buy that shit USB music cards and believe it makes your music better.

We only fall into your mother. Don't forget to buy the newest golden audio cable.

[citation needed]


majority of my library is still mp3.

FLAC is lossless, that's a different thing.
Look it up in a search engine, dumbass…

>Or even [email protected]/* */ and convert it
Go to the doctor.

Mc Fuckin' kill yourself, OP.


Why not midi?


Fucking for real. Or .mod files.

Jesus OP, how do you even breathe?

You clearly have no idea just what the difference is between a lossy and lossless format. I'd bet good money that you listen on PC speakers, or cheap headphones.

Even at 24bit/96KHz, FLAC is rarely more than 20MB per minute. It really is not bad on storage.

I have no idea why you peasants waste your time with shit like mp3, aac, m4a. Even the best quality that those formats offer sound shitty.

Are you all South Americans or Europoors or what? Do none of you posses a decent Hi-Fi setup? Is $60 for an extra 2TB of storage too much?

top pleb

Sure, none can ABX good lossy, but you can because reasons. I'm sorry to announce you that you fell for a meme; the one that lossless is for more that archiving.


There is no reason to use wav over flac. Also good luck finding anyone that encodes their shit to wav instead of flac. All the major pirate sites share in flac. The only other lossless formats you will find are ape, alac, and wavpack. Mostly flac and ape though.

You wish. $140 at the cheapest with tax.

stay pleb

Music is fucking nothing on space.

pleb detected

There is no reason to use flac over wav.

Maybe in cuckistan where you live, but I got exactly that a couple years ago. $60 for a good 2TB drive.

Not an argument

I see some 2TB drives right now on Amazon in the $50-$70 range. $49 if you're ok with refurbished.

Just use Spotifiy.

FLAC takes up less space and has better metadata.

Toppest of kek

Mine is mostly m4a.

But how does opus handle rotational velocidensity?

By transferring the electrons across platters using magnetospheric interference. It's usually handled in the first 16 bytes of the header file.

Having a smaller file means more bytes packed into a smaller location. Thus the degradation from the spinning platters is heavily reduced, almost to zero.

call me when the average phones music player is able to play opus files by default (read: never)

lossless is for idiots. you don't need lossless.
Imagine a image format like png but it makes very small errors in 4 pixels (instead of 200,200,200 you get 199,198,201). Would you use that new png, or would you prefer bmp?

go buy your golden amplifier for $20000

You don't have idea idiot and you wouldn't pass blind test between opus and flac

yeah goy go buy newest expensive israeli hard drive. consume, buy, expensive

and good luck fitting your few TeraByte drive into your portable music player

Opus take 7-8 times less space while being transparent

a 3d image format?

Opus is not lossless, so it isn't suitable for archiving and transcoding.

Top kek mate.

OMG How can you listen to that screeching, hissing and crackling mess!! It's so lossy, last time I listened to an 360 degrees MP3 all that was left of the music were the lead vocals.

If you actually believe this then you really should learn how computers work before posting here again.

Heard of RGB?

You don't need fucking archiving and transcoding. The point of music, at least for me, is to listen to it, not to archive it on VHS for aliens or to transcode it into FLAC2 to get 5% smaller file or to FLAC3 to get 8% smaller file.

You transcode it one time and keep it forever.

That's what FLACCERS believe. They pretend mp3 is like cassettes or VHS.

I don't buy CDs. And I didn't called pirates anything, but FLACCERS who need 3 times bigger disks because of stupid FLAC.

You are a narcissist and a moron.

And before you sperg....

Anyway enjoy your shit music in shit quality.

Hey, Nic, while you're here I just wanna tell you that your site is web 2.0 nonsense and someone should hit you with a design manual

But your technologies are amazing +1 upvote/like/comment share

What I do is use Rhythmbox to play and transcode music.

I use syncthing to sync the transcoded music to my phone.
First I mount the syncthing share via fuse.bindfs to /media/DEVICE

Then in the folder I create a file named '.is_audio_player':

My music is synced to my phone within seconds of transcode. Also works for podcasts.

also, the fstab entry:
/home/USER/sync/music /media/DEVICE fuse.bindfs defaults 0 0

Simply e/b/in.

What is wrong with your English? But besides that, I hope you're trying to bait because holy shit what you're saying is stupid.

With how cheap storage is now days you might as well listen to lossless music, you don't have to, but it doesn't hurt. Now you're ragging on people for listening to music on their phones or watching classic movies? Christ, who made you anybody to judge.

Then why are you repeatedly telling everybody else how they should be listening to music and that they're stupid for not wanting a format that degrades over time. Also if you actually work a decent job in a first world country you can easily afford a 4TB HDD to store music, videos, images, and programs on. My 2,000 song library in FLAC is only around 70GB's anyway. Also please stop trying to make "FLACCERS" a thing, you sound retarded.

Unrelated, but I get the impression you're colored. Are you Pajeet or Tyrone? I can't tell, either way work on your English please.


Not a concern.


lossy beats lossless


point me to where I can find a PMP that supports Opus files and has a storage size larger than 32GB and is still being sold

Daily reminder