Why do these "weeeeb deeeeev" faggots diss this dope site? Is kikezilla network paying them for it?

Why do these "weeeeb deeeeev" faggots diss this dope site? Is kikezilla network paying them for it?

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they got a pretty fat deal with google going on tbh

Traditionally, they pushed non-standard shit or presented outright lies which appear true to new developers because they don't know enough about the thing they're learning to understand that they're being fed bullshit.

It's like the Zed Shaw of webdev references.

I don't know if they've gotten any better since.

I've yet to see a single piece of false information on that site.

Whats wrong with Zed Shaw?

It used to be garbage. All sorts of non-standard mess. I don't know if it still is as everyone stopped using it years ago.

Its an alright site. Helped me ace a javascript test in school.

You're like 4 years behind the times.

I don't do much webshit, but it helped me learn the basics of making web pages so I like it alright. If it is still shit, are there better alternatives?

All I know is he wrote Learn Python/C The Hard Way, both of which are awful. When people were pointing out that his C "book" was shit he threw a tempter tantrum on his website how C itself is shit and he never finished the "book".

W3Schools is shit? Nobody ever told me. I've been using it for awhile an it's been going well for me. Is there a better alternative?

Wasn't "The Hard Way" supposed to be one of the best ones? I remember always seeing them recommended Holla Forums literature.


I guess experienced people skimmed the table of contents, concluded that it was good and then passed it as a recommendation without actually reading it. I tried to read his books and they wildly jump topics, use terms without introducing them properly and he's trying too hard to sound funny, clever or interesting. The whole "the hard way" thing comes of trying too hard on Shaw's part, like a nerd trying to impersonate a drill instructor and making an ass out of himself.

For people wanting to learn Python I would recommend the official language tutorial over LPTHW.

They offer certification courses now. You can pay them $95 to take a certification exam for a webdev language.

Dear God, no. The old R&K C book is better even though it's out of date. ...The Hard Way is a mess that tries to take author inexperience out on the language itself.

I didn't want to create a new thread, but is there some Free HTML/CSS reference out there? Not free as in "nothing to pay for", but Free as in "I can copy-paste the contents and upload it somewhere else", like Creative Commons. I want to make a reference that I can read in Vim and I don't want to go through the standard and write the reference myself if someone else has already done the work. I don't mind giving credit.

dude bootstrap lmao

Never mind, the Mozilla documentation is CC licensed. But I'm giving up on the idea, CSS is way too big to be maintainable for one man.



or more to the point

I'm using this instead:

w3schools just has the very basics which ain't enough for me to build anything worth showing