Is i2p a meme?

Why is the i2p deep web so boring?

Tor is much better

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Most of that is because you're not trusted enough yet, you need to route more traffic or you won't get good speeds.

So basically i2p is complete fucking shit. Yep it's a meme OP.

Yeah right.

Compared to the 60+ second load times of meme2p tor is blazing fast in comparison.

are you fucking retarded? 60 seconds? increase the bandwith limit fucktard. Also wait a bit after you start it up

soooo 1.5 megs of bandwith share are too much for you?

yep it's slow as fuck.
you have to use less jumps when you add resolver things to your address book.

there's really nothing interesting on it except maybe the tracker.


no i found most sites are dead and gone, and the ones that are up suck.


overall, 'deepweb' is boring af.

"almost instantly"
depending on the light of day and the alignment on the fucking planets, every user memenet suffers from this utter shit.

Any bandwith at all being required to be donated to the network just to be able to browse at a decent speed is bullshit especially when you have crippled upload bandwith like in the US where a lot of people are stuck with like 50 kbps upload speed. Then there's the fact I don't want to fucking forward ports and shit just to be able to browse at a decent pace. i2meme a shit

Has nothing to do with the bandwith limit, and everything to do with i2meme being shit. That was the first thing I checked. It was also up for over 3 hours and speed didn't improve one bit

i2meme suffers more than tor by far, and it isn't even close. Probably why no one uses it and every site on there is dead.

IDK fam, I thought the US was a country with decent net, here you can get 100mbps net for 20 dollars.
Then don't fucking use it. It doesn't make it a meme because it doesn't fit your shitty internet
you really are very autistic
I've never had a site load for more than 20 secs, most even load faster than tor. I don't know what you're doing wrong.

Why is the “Internet” so boring?

Learn how I2P works, dumb ass. There isn't any trust that limits tunnel throughput, there's just your local speed limits, list of nodes you can use to build your tunnels, and their limits and overall load.

Absolute bullshit, you don't even have to announce your node to others. RTFM.

The whole point of “distributed” is being independent of someone's desire to provide services, no matter how “free” they seem to be. Get a remote machine to run a client then, virtual servers are cheap as fuck.

Holla Forums level IT specialists.

Not just they can't do it, they think it's a technological problem.

As someone who used anonymous networks for almost a decade, I can only offer you to take a sip from this big glass of my semen.

Facebook generation is the worst. Honestly, why do you think your uneducated opinions should matter anything to anyone at all in this world? Do you post your idiocy to show off? It's not the right place to do that.

This, it's almost worthless unless you're looking for strictly illegal shit.

i2p is great for irc, mail and torrents. Unfortunately it's somewhat suffering from java bloat disease and isn't very stable especially when browsing eepSites that are i2p onions (router needs restart every few hours/days).

hmmm, weird. I've never needed to restart other than for updates or my shitty wifi card. It's always been very stable. Also i2pd exists.

How is transmission support on i2pd? I know they finally added it. Is it any better than i2psnark and does it work with the postman tracker?

ask on irc2p

the following made it a lot better for me:
- use i2pd
- prefer .b32.i2p links instead of .i2p which fail a lot.
- wait half a day at first for it to get fast

Calm down, i2p is just a meme. Nothing to have a colon catastrophe over


Vuze has plugin to share clearnet torrents in i2p's DHT. You can find them with btdigg.i2p or some other search tool.

FBI thread #35855424388

At what point does the OP ask everyone to do something illegal?